C95 Digest ~Day 1~

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| C95 has started!!

As it starts to get chilly outside most people would want to stay home and stay tucked in their beds…..but starting this day, a big battle for the otaku has just started!! Welcome to Comiket95 (C95)!! Even though it is like super cold the heat in side their heart won’t stop them!! And the event itself was awesome!! Nazuna will be your guide!! Okay then, take it from here Nazuna!!

Okay then lets start with the digest shall we!!

| Digest

Lining up in front of the entrance
First it all started by lining up to the entrance!! It was crowded but the temptation kept me excited!!
At the Island booth
Today’s main event was the booths from cosplayers!! After arriving inside the event hall I went straight to buy my favorite cosplayers merchandise!! It was awesome!!
Company Booth 1
Company Booth 2
Company Booth 3
Company Booth 4
Company booths were also as exciting as the Island circles held by the cosplayers!! I wasn’t particularly planning on buying anything here so I didn’t purchase anything but still, it was exciting just taking a look at them!!
Outside at the cosplay area
Outside was still cold but it was really exciting looking at many cosplayers!! This is what outside looked liked!!
Purchased items of cosplayer “Shizuku Honami”
This is what I got for today!! A cosplay book and a ROM of the cosplayer “Shizuku Honami”!! I’m already happy for day 1 and I can’t imagine how much I’ll be excited for tomorrow when I get more merchandises!!

| Is this it??

This is just the start of C95 and maybe some of you have felt “is this all for today??”. Although for todays digest, it was just a tour of how the event was and what it’s like inside the event hall, starting from tomorrow, there will be more cosplayers outside cosplaying so for the 2nd and 3rd digest article, there will surely be more information on how the event was!! Isn’t that right Nazuna??

Yep!! Tomorrow will be more exciting!! I’ll make sure that I’ll include more cosplayer info and stuffs in my next article!! I hope you’ll enjoy it!! And if you also enjoyed this one, then share this to your friends and spread the excitement of this awesome event C95!!
Okay then, I’ll see you again tomorrow!! See ya!!

Watching the photos & the form how you ”comment” them are faboulous. I can get the emotion of be there but without beeing there!
Good luck tomorrow & on 31!!


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