Learn Japanese from famous anime quotes! Selection Vol.1


Here is a corner where you can learn Japanese through famous anime quotes!! For those who are interested in Japanese or willing to learn Japanese, this is just the place for you!! Here Nazuna will teach you not only you get to learn Japanese vocabularies but also points of using the quotes so that when you come visit Japan you’ll have less problems!!
It’s quite simple how this works!!

1. anime name
2. character name
3. quote (English)
4. quote (Japanese)
5. Furigana
6. vocabulary information
7. One point advice from Nazuna

Nazuna will be your guide so enjoy your stay here while learning Japanese through famous anime quotes!!

Okay guys are you ready t learn some new Japanese?? If you already know some of these, then just use these for reviewing your knowledge!! Alright then, let’s move on to the main dish!!

| Japanese Quotes

No.1 New Game – Aoba Suzukaze

today = 今日(kyou)
today, for the day = 一日(ichinichi)
do my best = 頑張る(ganbaru)

【Nazuna point!】 がんばるぞぃ!(ganbaru zoi) : This is not an official way of saying “I’ll do my best!” so be careful when using this in Japan! “Ganbaru” is the official way to say it!

No.2 Evangelion – Rei Ayanami

you = あなた(anata)
won’t die = 死なない(shinanai)
protect = 守る(mamoru)

【Nazuna point!】守るもの(mamorumono) : もの (mono) is more likely used by the meaning “thing” however in this case it means “because”! Remember, not all means “thing” in Japanese!

No.3 Fate/Stay Night – Saber

【Nazuna point!】問おう(to-ou) : This phrase is not used in modern Japanese that much now. This was more used in the Sengoku, Edo era where samurais used in their daily language. Still it is cool so many people use this but you can’t use this in serious situations so be careful!

No.4 Attack on Titan – Eren “駆逐してやる!! この世から…一匹残らず!!”

exterminate, drive out = 駆逐(kuchiku)
this world = この世(konoyo)

【Nazuna point!】駆逐 (kuchiku) : Although this means “exterminate”, I translated this as “drive them out” because technically, there’s no situation of using “Kuchiku” here in Japan!

No.5 Sakura-sou no pet na kanojo – Mashiro Shiina

you = あなた(anata)
color = 色(iro)
what = 何(nani)

【Nazuna point!】If you want to ask something here in japan, usually you use the word “nani = 何” somewhere in the sentence! For example, if you want to ask “What do you want for lunch?” the question you’ll ask is “お昼(ひる)は何(なに)食(た)べたいですか?”

How was it?? Did you learn something new?? If you did, then I’m glad that I was able to help you!!
This is just the first 5 anime quotes from my tweets but there’s more so don’t worry!
Thanks for checking out and I’ll be coming up with more of this “Learn Japanese from anime quotes!”!! See ya!!
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