Fate HF × Lawson collaboration!!


Happy new year guys!

Started from this month on the 8th, there’s a collaboration of Lawson and the hot topic “Fate Stay/Night Heaven’s Feel” and of course this is only here in Japan!! Let’s see what the events got to offer!!

I’m stoked about this collaboration because I can buy some limited items!! Alright, let me introduce the limited items that are out!!

|Alter-man(steamed bean-paste bun)

Steam bean-paste bun is called “ann man” here in Japan!! I guess you are familiar with “anko” right?? Yep, its the bun of that!! And in this event, the bun is the shape of the character in the film “Saber Alter” so that’s why it’s called the “Alter-man”!!

|Limited clear file

Aren’t they cool?? Buy purchasing 3 snacks you’ll get to get one!! Well in my case, I’ve already got all though!! LOL

|Glass and jell-o

A jello inside a glass cup!! This is quite popular in Japanese events like this one!! Both designs are awesome and I really want both!! Gotta go get them!!


OMG they are just soooo adorable!! And look at Rider!! She’s holding a Karaage-kun in her hands!! Isn’t that just sooo cute??
This is Karaage-kun!! It’s a mini fried chicken only sold at Lawson!! It’s quite good!!
Isn’t she just so adorable?? I want this soo much!!

|Clear file sets

Here are 4 types of clear files!! The illustration of the characters are unbelievably cool and all I need to collect is Riders file!! Can’t wait!!

|Calendars for 2019

Ah a calendar for this year!! I’d like to keep this on my work desk to keep me motivated at all times!!

|That’s all!!

As the year just started off with the big film of Fate, I guess this year will be as enjoyable as last year with “Fate”!! If you’re in Japan, then take the chance and go to Lawson and find these items!!
What?? You’re not in Japan?? Then don’t worry I got you covered!! Contact me on my forum and I’ll get the items for you and send them to you by air mail!!
Contact me here https://nerz.jp/forums/forum/otaku-item-request/
Alright then, I’ll see you on my next article!!
See ya!!
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