Tamashii Features 2020 ~Why not check your favorite Gundam figures??~


As an anime fan, most of you might have purchased or thought about purchasing an anime figure. We all share the joy of decorating our rooms, desk, and perhaps furniture with figures to feel more close to our favorite characters from our favorite animes.
If you are a huge fan of anime figures, then I’ve got great news for you!

“Tamashii Features 2020” is an event where you get to check out the latest and up-coming figures from all sorts of anime. (well, it really depends on what are coming out though)
As a fan of anime, you might find all sorts of exciting figures where they pose in a glassed case waiting for you to take a shot of them. The sweetest part of this event is that not only you get to check out anime figures but also figures of non-anime characters are displayed in this event such as Marvel, DC, Star Wars, etc.
In this event, you have 2 objections. One, to check out the current figures that are on sale (which is awesome) and Two, take a peek at the upcoming figures that’ll be on the market. (which is also awesome and you get to only check this out in this event!!)
Now, I’ll be posting the upcoming figures that will be on the market that was displayed at the event with its price and the estimated date that’ll be shipped after the purchase!

Here in this article, I’ll first be showing all of the Gundam products that are going to be on the market soon with its estimated shipping date!! This is going to be the first series of this article so if you’re interested in other figures that were on display, feel free to check out my other articles that’ll come out soon!!

|Upcoming Figures

|That covers it all!!

Well that covers it all for this Gundam series! Did you find something you’d like to purchase? I’ve left a link so that you could also check deeper into as well so feel free to go dive in!!
I hope I was able to entertain you through this article and made you though you’d like to check out the figure for yourself! (if not, I’ll need to work on more on how to excite you so lol)
Thanks for checking this article and I hope to see you again on my next article!!
Oh and don’t worry, I’ll be writing more about this event so there’ll be more figure info for you to check out!! lol

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