Online VR event from “TAMASHII NATIONS” for upcoming Comic-con@Home2020


|Online Comic-con BABY!!

We all know how much COVID-19 is having an impact on numerous events and sadly one of the victims of this is Comic-con held in San Diego. However, here’s good news. Instead of holding this event outside, the event itself will be held online and available for everyone bringing the excitement to all of us through the internet.
Now, as said in the title, TAMASHII NATIONS will also be participating in this event through VR showing the venue itself so we all can feel the atmosphere of actually attending the event. In this article, I will be introducing what TAMASHII NATIONS TOKYO has to offer through their own event TAMASHII NATIONS.

Virtual Event starts at 6 pm 17th July (PST)
Pre-orders are available at 6 pm 16th July (PST) prior to the event!!
Check for further information:

Prepare to be amazed for what TAMASHII NATIONS got for this event!!

|GODZILLA (2019)

The ultimate form of Godzilla with beam effect will surely grasp a lot of Godzilla fans!! Just imagine having this in your room!! Awesome isn’t it??


OMG, looks just like the original GOKU form the anime!! Exclusive it is!!

Wow, I haven’t seen much of ANDROID 17 figures in the past so this will totally spice up my display case with ANDROID 18!!

Another awesome figure of ANDROID 18 has came out!! Can’t wait to place this with ANDROID 17 by 18s side!!

The facial expression is perfect bringing back memories from the anime/manga!! Well engineered!!

This might be the coolest Broly figure I’ve seen!! I can even already hear his footsteps as well! lol

Alright, needless to say, I’m definitely getting all seven stages of this.

|Already excited??

Here are all the items that TAMASHII NATIONS will be offering at the event. Found something you like? No worries, pre-orders are available starting 16th July 6 pm (PST) and the event itself will start on the 17th July 6 pm (PST).
I hope I was able to entertain you through this article and hyped for the event!! I’ll leave the TAMASHII NATIONS booth URL so that you get to see them for yourself as well!!
Thanks for checking this article and I hope to see you again in my next article!!

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