An annual festival presented by the BANDAI SPIRITS collectors division, “TAMASHII NATION” a soul figure festival gathering more than 500 latest figures is held online this year.
In this event, all sorts of genres such as the Kamen Rider series, Ultraman series, Dragon Ball series, and other hero and robot action figures are being exhibited.
Not just only kids but mainly for adults, this event will bring you the joy and love towards all action figures fans from all over the world. Come see what TAMASHII NATION 2020 has got to offer for this year.

|Event Information

2020 November 6 (Fri.) 10:00 ~ November 8 (Sun.) 23:59

Check out the Image Movie of the event from above and see what they got to offer for this event.

[Recommended Environment]

■ PC
OS: Windows 7 or above
Browser: Microsoft Edge/Google Chrome/Mozilla FireFox
*The latest version

OS: 10.12 or above
Safari/Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox
*The latest version

■ Smartphone
iOS: 10 or more
Mobile Safari/Google Chrome
*The latest version

Android 5.1 or above
Standard browser/Google Chrome
*The latest version

Seems like with the latest versions of each device, you’ll be able to check out the event! Make sure to check your version on your device before attending this event!

|Special Event Details

[VR Venue]

In this corner, you’ll be able to experience the event hall through VR taking you to an exotic world of figure exhibition. For this year, TAMASHII NATION is here to bring you with 2 venues, the “ROBOT EXHIBITIONS” and the “FIGURE EXHIBITIONS”.

WOW, you get to see both exhibitions this year?! I know I’m definitely having a great time checking both exhibitions!

[Exclusive Items]

Starting with the famous and trending Kimetsu no Yaiba, followed with Kamen Rider series, Ultraman series, Gundam series, and so on, there are many commemorative products for this year’s event. Special event commemorative products will be available until 23:00 on Monday, November 9th. Limited time sale. Check the image below for the genre they’ve got to offer.

Not only the two above but they also have more to offer so don’t forget to check out the whole package from the homepage!!

|Are you excited?

Make sure to check out the entire event itself since there are other features that weren’t introduced in this article. However, if you are new to this event, perhaps checking out the VR venue would be a great start to build up your excitement and drive all the way through the limited event products and some other special features they have for this event. If you are a fan of any anime that is taking place in this event, then there is no way you won’t have a bad time here. To all the otaku from around the world, I truly hope you’ll have a blast and find something that you’ll like.
If you find this event interesting or actually checked it out and had a great time, please remember to tweet about this from the icon below and share the great news with your friends.

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