The life-sized RX-78 in action at Yokohama! -GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA-


In the year 2009, I had the thought of building an 18m real life-sized Gundam.
“For what?”
This was the most voice I’ve received from a lot of people.
And finally, when the machine itself showed its presence at Shiohama Park, the number of guests who paid a visit was overwhelming.
“For What?”
We have a mission to provide surprises and excitement.
Surprise and excitement are emotions that occur without even thinking about the reason.
Why were you surprised?
Why were you impressed?
These are what you think about it later.
I didn’t think that “existing” would bring such rich emotions.
And the realization of the statue gave birth to a new dream.
“I want to see it move”
Instead of repeating “what you can do”, but to challenge the “unknown”.
There are still many things we currently can’t do now.
“For what?”
We just want to keep trying for the “surprises” and “emotions”.
Any sort of emotion is fine.
May something be born in your heart.

– GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE Representative Director Yasuo Miyagawa –

This event is the symbol that will be marked in GUNDAM history as “The day all of us GUNDAM fans dreams came true “. Come check out what this event is all about where I explain how you can have a blast when you come to visit this event! Even though this event is held during a certain period of time, I can definitely guarantee you that you’re going to have an awesome time of your life at this event as a GUNDAM fan!

|Event Inforamtion?

◼︎Date : 2020/12/19 ~ 2022/03/31
◼︎Price : Adult (¥1,650) / Child (¥1,100)
*GUNDAM-DOCK TOWER will cost an additional price of ¥3,300 

[speech_bubble type=”drop” subtype=”L1″ icon=”littlesmile.png” name=”Nazuna”]So this means if you’re planning on seeing the RX-78 up-close on the DOCK, you’ll need ¥4,950 in total! [/speech_bubble]


At GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA, there are many points where you can enjoy the moving Gundam from below, from the front, while eating, relaxing, and up close.
In addition, there are plenty of spots for men and women of all ages to enjoy, such as cafes, shops, and exhibition halls where you can enjoy learning about the mechanism of moving Gundam.
Here you’ll be introduced to various ways to enjoy GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA.

◼︎ Take a commemorative photo of the original product/moving Gundam!

Here you can enjoy seeing the actual 8m life-sized RX-78 right in front of you! There’s no way you can hold that temptation of taking a selfie with the RX-78 in the background! All the parts of the GUNDAM are so real, you can check the machine out for hours to see how the limbs are connected and the glowing parts that appear in certain places!

◼︎ Enjoy the original menu!

With unique foods and beverages, this cafe gives its best shot by providing you one of the best foods they can offer by collaborating with the local gourmet restaurants. Not only the foods are good but also the items you can get through purchasing certain things are permanently yours! One of the items that I personally think that’ll be popular among fans would be the 2 pictures shown in the last in the gallery! Want one? Then what are you waiting for!!

◼︎ Check out the Original Items!

All sorts of limited items were lined up at the shop waiting for you to be picked up. Gunplas, accessories, foods, and even t-shirts were on the list! If there’s one thing for sure, that is this shop will definitely draw out your desire to purchase every limited item they can offer at the shop!

◼︎ Check out the Moving GUNDAM up close!

With the bayside of Yokohama in the background, this was an extraordinary experience I had when climbing the GUNDAM DOCK. Not only the view was stunning but also seeing the RX-78 up-close was a great opportunity to check out the details of the suite. This was an experience that you’ll never forget.

◼︎ Other exciting points to check out!

Not only are the cafe and shops are exciting to wander around but also there are some items that are exciting to check outside! This vending machine is also a great example since the machine is all covered in GUNDAM based rapping! Not only this but there’s a gacha-pon area where you can enjoy getting the limited mini-sized gunplas!

|Personal thoughts about this event!

Wow, I cannot give you even the slightest example of how I felt about this event but if I were to give an example, it’ll probably be like the feeling of going to an epic and famous amusement park times a hundred!!
As a GUNDAM fan, I got to experience not only the event original goods/Gunplas but I also got to see my dream GUNDAM, a life-sized RX-78 up close!
If you are interested in the event and want more details, go check out the website below!

[speech_bubble type=”drop” subtype=”L1″ icon=”smile.png” name=”Nazuna”]If you’re a GUNDAM fan then this is an event you definitely want to visit! Come experience the overwhelming excitement that you’ve never felt! [/speech_bubble]

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