“Jujutsu Kaisen” Will Have A Fair at Animate


It was announced on December 1st that the popular TV anime Jujutsu Kaisen is going to have a fair at animate next year all over Japan. This fair will be exciting for fans of the series because of all the goods and shopping. Not only that, they will open what’s called an “only store” where they have art exhibits and collab cafes where the cafe is filled with Jujutsu Kaisen goodies. Some of the goods will include related magazines, CDs, character goods, acrylic stands, and more!

If you are not close to a store don’t worry. Animate has an online shop as well. So you can fill your cart and heart with any goods.

I love it when they open a collab cafe! Even if it’s for a limited time. I usually get to drink something of that theme, and the food is also decorated with or inspired by that anime!

|Dates and Places for Each Fair

<Jujutsu Kaisen Anime Fair>
Animate store all over Japan, Animate online shop
January 27th ~ March 1st

<Only Shop>
Animate Tennoji
January 27th ~ February 14th

Animate Shibuya
February 19th ~ March 1st

Animate Sendai
March 6th ~ March 21st

<Animate Cafe>
Animate cafe Ikebukuro Sangoten [3rd Store] (top)
Animate cafe Nagoya Nigoten [2nd Store] (bottom)
January 27th ~ March 1st
Need a Web Reservation
Reservation URL:https://cafeentry.animate.co.jp/customers/login

For more information visit… the official Jujutus Kaisen website!
about the fair

|What’s Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen is originally a Sonen Jump Manga written by Gege Akutani. In a world of Japanese Sorcerers who use magic or Jujutsu, they have built schools to teach young students. Negative emotions are the fuel for a sorcerer. Moreover, these emotions can be attached to things as well. Many Generations ago, sorcerers fought an evil entity, Ryomen Sukuna. Sukuna was defeated. But will that stay?
Our main character Yuji, in an act to protect one girl, gulps down a cursed finger, which just happens to be, one of Sukuna’s fingers. Normally, a human would die due to the evil curse. Luckily Yuji survived and has merged with the curse. What will he do with his newly obtained power?

The source material itself has much influence from Naruto and Bleach. Even the teacher in the magic school looks like Kakashi from Naruto!

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