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|13,Dec 2020 Weekly Best Cosplayers

Here are some of the cosplayers that Nazuna thought were great this week

しらゆきマジカルミライ東京全通 @Snow_White__y


◆椿なぎさ @nagisa_cos01


I wonder if “GAL” is a culture that is really unique to Japan. Is there such a thing as “GAL” in your country? If “GAL” is there, I would love to know. Please leave me a comments down below♪

とうかカフェラテ飲みたい @Aoi_Tohka

Kantai Collection SHIGURE

◆九重はる新刊連載中 @Haruru_muni


◆宮本彩希 @saki_miyamoto

推しが武道館言ってくれたら死ぬ/If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan、I Would Die

◆アリアArya @arya_cos

Fate/stay night  Altria Pendragon

Too beautiful! I’m at a loss for words!

◆天音ありぃ@DM返信お待ちください @allie_cos

The Rising of the Shield Hero/Raphtalia

◆かえで(´ω` ⊃ )12月12.13a!/20TFT/リク撮19.25.26.27日 @raimu22118

Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-/Rem

KAWAII-----♡With Christmas coming up, the character Santa cosplay is kind a different from the usual cosplay and has a special seasonal feel to it.

◆小柔SeeU @seeu_cosplay

Final Fantasy/Tifa

It’s really amazing how faithfully the world of the game is reproduced! I thought it was CG, not cosplay. Definitely the top prize of the week. If you guys have any recommendations for cosplayers, let me know! Whose cosplay will we see next week? With Christmas coming up, I’d like to see a lot of characters dressed up as Santa Claus or something.

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