2nd Season of “The Quintessential Quintuplets” Airs January 7th


With the announcement of many anime next year in 2021, let’s add The quintessential quintuplets (Gotobun no Hanayome) to the list. They just announced when it will premiere and a nice PV for us to watch.

|Anime Info

  • The Quintessential Quintuplets (Gotobun no Hanayome) will air a new season on January 7th
  • The show will air on these stations.
    • TBS ( January 7th 2021 25:28 )
    • BS11 ( January 8th 2021 23:30 )
  • The show will stream on these sites
    • GYAO! ( January 8th 2021 6:00 )
    • Hulu ( January 8th 12:00 )
    • ABEMA ( January 8th 12:00 )
    • and others…
Although Netflix is not listed yet, Netflix has season 1. So I’m positive they will add the new season to it.
Are you excited as I am? The song in the viedo is sung by all of the sisters! How cute!!

| What’s The Quintessential Quintuplets About?

The Quintessential Quintuplets is a manga published by shukan shonen magazine written by Haruba Negi. The series follows a high school student Futaro Uesugi , who is very smart and academically gifted. The Nakano family moves into town with their quintuplet daughters all with different personalities. Conveniently they aren’t academically talented as Futaro. So Futaro is hired as the quintuplet’s private tutor. At first, the sisters aren’t comfortable with Futaro in their apartment and teaching them, but over time they start to develop a trusting relationship. Futaro will have to raise the grades of all the sisters. In the meantime, we are given a flashforward image of Futaro’s future. In the image, we see Futaro marrying somebody. Could it be one of the quintuplet sisters? Let’s find out!

| Actors and Their Roles

Matsuoka YoshitsuguUesugi FutaroVery smart and determined to raise the scores of the Nakano sisters.
Hanazawa KanaNakano IchikaEldest of the sisters. Has a devil-ish personality but takes care of everyone.
Taketatsu AyanaNakano NinoStrong-willed and competitive. At first she sees Futaro as an enemy.
Ito MikuNakano MikuQuiet and shy, but when she trusts someone she will be honest and passionate.
Sakura AyaneNakano YotsubaOptimistic and loves to help someone. Wants to be there for everyone.
Miyase InoriNakano ItsukiVery serious and gentle, but doesn’t want to study at all.
The voice actors for the sisters are some serious A-list actors!
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