Learn Japanese from Famous Anime Quotes ~Jujutsu Kaisen~


Here in this article, you’ll learn some of the popular quotes spoken from the anime which brings out the humor from each character that is picked up.
Not only the introduction of each quote but as my original content, I’ll be explaining the meaning of the quotes that are in Japanese so that you can understand what kind of Japanese is used and enhance your knowledge of the language! Hope you enjoy it!

■ Quote Index
Yuji Itadori「それでも俺が殺した命の中に涙はあったんだなって・・・それだけ」
Megumi Fushiguro「俺は正義の味方ヒーローじゃない、呪術師なんだ」
Nobara Kugisaki「懸けられるわ 私が私であるためだもの」
Satoru Gojo「大丈夫、僕、最強だから」
Aoi Todo「女の趣味がつまらん奴はソイツ自身もつまらん」
Nobara Kugisaki「テメェの人生は仕事かよ」
Satoru Gojo「死ぬ時は独りだよ」
Yuji Itadori「生き様で後悔したくない」

| Yuji Itadori「それでも俺が殺した命の中に涙はあったんだなって・・・それだけ」

A dialogue with Kugisaki where after defeating the second and third sons of the Kusōzu three brothers.
When the third son died, Yuji, who saw the second son weeping, became aware that he had “killed” rather than “purified.”

Quote: 「それでも俺が殺した命の中に涙はあったんだなって・・・それだけ」
Translation: “Still, there were tears in the life I’ve killed … that’s all.”

◼︎Japanese Words
それでも (Soredemo): Still
殺す (Korosu): Kill
命 (Inochi): Life
涙 (Namida): Tears
それだけ (Soredake): That’s it/ That’s all/ That much

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| Megumi Fushiguro「俺は正義の味方ヒーローじゃない、呪術師なんだ」

Quote: 「俺は正義の味方ヒーローじゃない、呪術師なんだ」
Translation: “I’m not a hero of justice, I’m a Jujutsu-shi. (witch doctor)”

◼︎Japanese Words
正義 (Seigi): Justice
じゃない (Janai): Not
呪術師 (Jujutsu-shi): Witch Doctor/ Shaman

| Nobara Kugisaki「懸けられるわ 私が私であるためだもの」

This is the answer to the question to her who completed her first mission as a Jujutsu-shi.
This was a great line from her saying, “It’s only if you have a belief that you can take your life if you want to protect it no matter what.”
This line could probably be one of her first lines that created fans of her till this day.

Quote: 「懸けられるわ 私が私であるためだもの」
Translation: “I can bet on it since this is something for me to be myself”

◼︎Japanese Words
懸ける(Kakeru): Bet
私 (Watashi): I/ Me

| Satoru Gojo「大丈夫、僕、最強だから」

This line was said right before he was going to deal with the hidden inn inside Yuji for 10 seconds.
Gojo might be the only character who can easily and smoothly use the word “Strongest” at a persuasive level.

Quote: 「大丈夫、僕、最強だから」
Translation: “Don’t Worry, I’m the strongest.”

◼︎Japanese Words
大丈夫 (Daijoubu): Don’t worry
最強 (Saikyo): Strongest

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| Aoi Todo「女の趣味がつまらん奴はソイツ自身もつまらん」

A line unique to Todo that concludes that it is impossible to understand a person whose doesn’t match the taste of woman.
Todo may be looking for a person who can reach the same height as himself, according to the taste of the woman.

Quote: 「女の趣味がつまらん奴はソイツ自身もつまらん」
Translation: “A guy with no tastes in a woman is defined as a boring man”

◼︎Japanese Words
女 (Onna): Woman/ Lady
趣味 (Shumi): Hobby/ Taste
奴/そいつ (Yatsu/ Soitsu): Him/ Her (usually defines a person)
つまらない (Tsumaranai): Boring/ Bore

| Nobara Kugisaki「テメェの人生は仕事かよ」

A counterargument to Nishinomiya that “a female Jujutsushi is required to be perfect”.
A line where Kugisaki rebuttals by asking “Is there any reason to be so perfect”.
And concluding this by her thoughts of “My life belongs to nobody else by me” just brings out her charismatic side.

Quote: 「テメェの人生は仕事かよ」
Translation: “Is your life all about work?”

◼︎Japanese Words
テメェ (Temee): You (Same meaning as お前 (Omae))
人生 (Jinsei): Life
仕事 (Shigoto): Work/ Job

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|Satoru Gojo「死ぬ時は独りだよ」

A line from Gojo when practicing Fushiguro.
The message here is that no matter how long you spend with someone, you will be alone when you die.
From this, Fushiguro learned how to get serious in a fight.

Quote: 「死ぬ時は独りだよ」
Translation: “You’re alone when you die.”

◼︎Japanese Words
死ぬ (Shinu): Death/ Die
独り (Hitori): Alone

| Yuji Itadori「生き様で後悔したくない」

I can regret my actions.
But I don’t want to regret it in my own way of life.
You can tell this is Yuji’s motto through out the entire series.

Quote: 「生き様で後悔したくない」
Translation: “I don’t want to regret the way I lived”

◼︎Japanese Words
生き様 (Ikizama/ Ikisama): Way of living
後悔 (Koukai): Regret
したくない (Shitakunai): Don’t want to~ (A deny of the word したい (Shitai))
したい (Shitai): Want to do~

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| That’s all for now!

I hope you’ve enjoyed going through some famous and popular lines along with translation! Japanese may be a bit difficult, but most words are used frequently, therefore, if you’ve learned some words from this article, I bet you can understand some words that are said in the anime and comics!
Let me know if you want more details in translation so that I can keep on improving this content and you can enjoy both, the quotes and the translations!
Thanks for reading this till the end and I hope I’ll see you again on my next article!

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