The soccer manga “DAYS” serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine”, thanks to the support for the series over the years, all 24 episodes of the TV anime “DAYS” will be sequentially distributed for free on Bonbon TV, Gekisaka, and Full☆Anime TV on Youtube.

We hope you will take this opportunity to experience the anime that has been airing since July 2016 and has gained great popularity.

|Channel Information

Bonbon TV


Full☆Anime TV

You can watch it on these channels until January 30.

|Free distribution of illustration data

Thank You High School Soccer: “DAYS” Final Project to Return the Favor
DAYS is giving back to the readers/fans who have supported the DAYS over the years.

The illustrations selected by the author, Yasuda-sensei, are now being offered free of charge in six parts: “In-High Edition”, “Championship Metropolitan Qualifying Edition”, “Championship National Tournament Edition (First)”, “Championship National Tournament Edition (Second)”, “Championship National Tournament Edition (Final)”, and “Color Edition”.

After you download the image data from the official Weekly Shonen Magazine website, you can use the image data, except for commercial use.

For example, you can use it as the cover of a booklet to report on your club’s activities, as a flyer to be distributed in schools, or as a recruitment flyer for new club members.

Free of charge: December 25, 2020 – January 31, 2021

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|What’s “DAYS” about

DAYS” is a Japanese manga by Takeshi Yasuda. It has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine (Kodansha) since the 21st and 22nd issues in 2013. It is a soccer manga by Takeshi Yasuda, who has serialized bicycle road races and track and field events. The story depicts the main character (a beginner) who joins a prestigious soccer school, and is recognized as a friend by his teammates there, and grows up .

The book’s obi features recommendations from Yuji Terashima, author of the baseball manga “Diamond A”, for the first volume, and Takeshi Hinata, author of the basketball manga “Ahiru no Sora”, for the second volume.

In 2015, it was nominated for the 39th Kodansha Manga Award, Juvenile Division and won the 40th Kodansha Manga Award, Juvenile Division As of October 2020, it has sold over 10 million copies.

A TV anime adaptation was announced in January 2016 and aired from July to December of the same year. The novelization “DAYS 1 Encounter” (written by Ishizaki Yoji) was published by Aoi Tori Bunko on March 10, 2017.

| Introduction

Days follows the struggles of Tsukushi Tsukamoto, a shy, clumsy and bullied teenager about to start high school.

He decides to get into Seiseki High School so he can be with his neighbour and childhood friend Sayuri Tachibana, who is one year his senior. Just as he is bullied after visiting Sayuri at her work, Tsukushi is saved by Jin Kazama, who scares away the bullies by attacking them with nunchucks, and declares himself to be a vagrant and lost in town.

Jin then asks Tsukushi if he likes football and asks him to join him the same night for a futsal match as his team is one player short. Tsukushi surprises Jin by showing up after running almost ten miles under the heavy rain and without one shoe, after another run-in with his bullies. Short, young and clumsy, Tsukushi plays incredibly bad but keeps running throughout the whole match despite having injured his foot, showing such an effort that it motivates his other teammates. After a final sprint, Tsukushi manages to score the decisive goal, smashing his head against the pole by doing it.

He finds out later that Jin will also be a freshman at Seiseki, and decides to join the football club to play with him, unknowing that the football club in Seiseki is nationwide famous and looked after by students from all the country.

He manages to make it to the team despite being incredibly frail, weak and clumsy thanks to his continuous efforts and amazing perseverance, and further he shows incredible ability in motivating the rest of the team to work as hard as possible.

|Staff information

Original StoryYasuda Takeshi
Director/Series CompositionUda Kounosuke
Assistant DirectorSakai Munehisa
Character DesignNakazawa Kazuto
Chief Animation DirectorNiinuma Daisuke, Nishimura Rie
Art DirectorKinoshita Ryoka
Art DirectionToshitaka Amada
Color DesignChikako Kamada
Director of PhotographyKIM BOO CHEOL, Fujita Satoshi
CG DirectorKazutoshi Kawada
EditingHiroshi Okuda
Sound DirectorMima Masafumi, Nakajima Satohiko
MusicYorihiro Ike
Music ProductionPONY CANYON
Music ProducerMiwa Yasushi, Yokoo Yusuke
ProducerRyosuke Tsuboi, Kensuke Tateishi, Chiyo Kawazoe, Tetsuya Endo, Hiroshi Kamei, Fumitaka Kitazawa, Katsunori Naruke, Tomoyuki Owada, Yoko Tanaka, Gota Aijima
Animation ProducerManabu Otsuka
Animation ProductionMAPPA

|Cast infomation

Tsukushi Tsukamoto

Voiced by: Takuto Yoshinaga

He is a high school freshman who plays as forward for Seiseki High School. Although quite clumsy at the start, Tsukushi shows amazing perseverance and effort which allow him to become a fundamental part of the team. Tsukushi lost his dad as a child and lives with his mom, who is paralyzed and has to use a wheelchair.

Jin Kazama

Voiced by: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

He is a freshman in Seiseki High School, like Tsukushi, and like him he also plays as a forward. Unlike Tsukushi, though, Jin is considered a genius footballer, tall, good-looking, eccentric, and incredibly popular and extroverted. He also appears aloof and somewhat unmotivated before meeting Tsukushi. Jin is fond of dressing up, and rarely follows the rules, which he can manage to do thanks to his genius. He is also a devoted fan of Bruce Lee. Whenever Tsukushi is in need of a handkerchief, Jin often gives him a pair of female panties to use.

Since his talent at football made him difficult to handle, his mom decided to enroll him in boarding school from a very young age. His talent also put him in conflict with his teammates, often, which eventually led to him quitting his middle school team and considering retiring from football. His random encounter with Tsukushi rekindles his passion for it, though. Jin starts as a forward, but as the story progresses he becomes more versatile and starts playing more as a midfielder.

Hisahito Mizuki

Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa

He is the star and captain of Seiseki’s soccer team. Like Tsukushi, he started high school as a completely soccer novice and was a terrible player as a freshman but became an amazing player thanks to extraordinary effort. Now in his final year, he will be joining the Kashima professional football club after graduation. He isn’t very bright, and has a terrible sense of direction, and is also fond of using neologisms to explain his goals and convey his meaning about plays to the exasperation of most of his team mates. Mizuki is also well known for being an extremely physical forward, which has earned him the nickname of “the monster” or “the beast.” He’s also one of “Tokyo’s big three,” the nickname that distinguishes the top players in the region.

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