Anime “The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement” Episode 1 Synopsis and Scene Cuts Released


The TV anime “The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement” (original work: Nakaba Suzuki / Kodansha “Weekly Shonen Magazine”) will be aired on Wednesdays from January 13th, starting at 5:55 pm on TV Tokyo / midnight on BS Teletos after a special pre-show on January 6th, 2021.

The synopsis and scene cuts for the first episode “From Purgatory” have arrived.

Ban has been wandering around Purgatory for hundreds of years in search of Meliodas. Meanwhile, in the real world, Estarossa, who has taken in the three commandments, has gone out of control and taken Elizabeth away. …… The final chapter of the series is about to begin!

|Scene Cut

|Episode 1 Synopsis

In the miasma of Purgatory, Ban continues his search for Meliodas, despite the passage of hundreds of years.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Estarossa, who has taken in the three commandments and run amok, takes Elizabeth away, and King, Delirious, Salieri, Talmiel, Gausel, and Hawk follow her. They arrive at the Sky Performing Arts Center. There, a gigantic Estarossa is crying out her love for Elizabeth.

In the Dark Realm, Ludosiel, Merlin, and the rest of the group face Zeldris, Chandler, and Cusack.

|About “The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement”

TV animation “The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement” will start airing on January 13, 2021.

|Broadcast Information

Airing from January 6, 2021 (the first episode is a pre-production special)
・Every Wednesday from 5:55 p.m. on TV Tokyo / from 0:30 a.m. on BS Telenet
Distributed by Netflix and others!

For the list of distribution services, please visit the official website

*The broadcast date and time are subject to change due to programming reasons.


This is a story from ancient times, when the world of humans and non-humans had not yet been divided.

A holy war between the Stigma of Light, led by Ludosiel, and the demon tribe intensifies, involving all of Britannia.

Estarossa, who had taken in the three commandments, went out of control and took Elizabeth with her.
The King, Gossel, Hawk, Sariel, and Tarmiel follow her to the ruins of the Sky Theater.

Meanwhile, at Camelot Castle, Meliodas, who has decided to become the new Demon King, continues to steadily take in the precepts in the cocoon of the Dark Realm.

To save Meliodas’s soul, Ban throws himself into Purgatory and wanders through the miasma that no normal person can survive.

The true identity of Estarossa is revealed.
Gausel’s spell is about to be broken.
What will be the destination of the many intertwined thoughts?

Who is the true enemy? What is the one who must be defeated?

“Meliodas and Elizabeth have been traveling for 3,000 years, defying the fate of eternal life and eternal reincarnation.
What will be the end of their journey?


MeliodasKaji Hiroki
ElizabethAmamiya Sora
HawkMisaki Kuno
DianeAoi Yuuki
BanJun Fukuyama
KingYuichiro Umehara
GauselYuhei Takagi
EscanorTomokazu Sugita
Bartola LionesRintaro Nishi
MargaretNana Mizuki
GilthunderMamoru Miyano
HauserRyohei Kimura
GriamorTakahiro Sakurai
DreyfusKatsuyuki Konishi
HendricksenYuya Uchida
ZeldrisKaji Hiroki
EstarossaHiroki Higashiji
DeliriousAyayo Takagaki
ChandlerMasahide Fuji
CusackJoji Nakata
LudosielAkira Ishida
SarielShun Horie
TarmielSatoshi Tsuruoka
ElaineKotori Koiwai
Arthur PendragonKokuryu Sachi

|Staff Information

Original StoryHisashi Suzuki (Kodansha “Weekly Shonen Magazine”)
DirectorSusumu Nishizawa
Series CompositionRintaro Ikeda
Animation Character SettingRie Nishino
Sub Animation Character SettingMaho Aoki
Art director/settingYasutoshi Kawai
Prop settingKei Anshoku
Color designHaruko Nobori
Director of PhotographyKoji Aoki
EditingMegumi Uchida
Sound DirectorChikako Yokota
MusicHiroyuki Sawano/KOHTA YAMAMOTO/Takashi Wada
Animation ProductionStudio DEEN
Animation Production CooperationMarvy Jack
Production“The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement” Production Committee

[speech_bubble type=”drop” subtype=”L1″ icon=”zzz.png” name=”Nazuna”] The final chapter of the Seven Deadly Sins series has begun. We can’t miss how this long series will end. It will also be available on Netflix, so don’t worry if you can’t watch it in real time. [/speech_bubble]

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