“Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-” This is a must-see for beginners!


We will explain the highlights of the popular anime “Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-” in an easy-to-understand manner even for beginners.

This article contains information about Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-! spoilers!!

|What is Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

◆A reclusive boy is suddenly summoned to another world.

On his way home from shopping at a convenience store, the protagonist of this story, Natsuki Subaru, is a reclusive high school student who is suddenly summoned to another world. The main character, Natsuki Subaru, is a reclusive high school student who has been summoned to another world.

However, Subaru has been given only one ability. That ability is the ability to rewind back to a certain point in the past by dying.

Despite his game-like life in another world, Subaru’s ability to revert to death leads him down a fierce path of repeated pain and despair.

◆There is also an element of mystery, which is novel for an otherworldly story.

Subaru, who has the ability to “return to death,” uses this ability to make choices about his destiny in order to avoid losing the people he cares about.

In the process, there are also elements of mystery, such as “who”, “how”, and “why” is killing him, and what should he do to avoid the death of the people he is supposed to protect, so even though this is an otherworldly summoning story, you can enjoy the development that reminds you of a mystery novel.

◆A life in a different world, colored by friends with rich personalities

In the other world where Subaru is reincarnated, there are various races other than humans coexisting, and many unique friends add flowers to Subaru’s other world life.

However, some of them are biased and have their own ideas and values, and Subaru is at the mercy of them.

◆A beautiful girl suddenly appears in front of Subaru’s eyes.

CV: Takahashi Rie
Emilia is a beautiful half-elf girl with silver hair and dark blue eyes, just like the “Jealous Witch” who almost destroyed the world. She has a good-natured and caring personality, but for some reason, she refuses to admit it honestly. She is accompanied by Puck, a spirit in the form of a small cat.

◆A maid at the court where Subaru is taken care of.

CV: Inori Minase
A maid girl who handles all the chores at the Rosewall mansion. Her ability to keep the mansion functioning is what keeps it going. She is a survivor of the demon tribe, which is particularly powerful among subhumans, and respects her twin sister, Ram.

|The first nine volumes of the original work were broadcast as the first season of the anime.

In the original work, the first nine volumes correspond to the first season of the TV anime.

The novel is still being serialized, and the 23rd volume, which was released on September 25, 2020, is the latest edition. (*as of September 2020) Other short stories and comicalizations have also been released, so please check them out if you are interested.

|The key to watching “Re:ZERO”

◆Subaru’s feelings change every time he fights against despair.

He repeatedly returns to death with pain and suffering, and each time he does, Subaru’s desperate thoughts and actions gradually change his feelings.

It is no exaggeration to say that the way the reclusive boy overcomes his many despairs and becomes an adult in order to protect the people he cares about is the best part of this work.

◆The enemy characters are also fascinating and memorable.

Many of the enemy characters in Re:ZERO have one or two quirks, and even though they are enemies, they are fascinating characters.

The unpredictable development of how Subaru, who has no strong offensive magic, will use death and return to fight them off is truly a must-see.

|The now famous divine song, OP/ED is also a must see!

Redo/Konomi Suzuki” and “STYX HELIX/MYTH & ROID” are now famous as divine songs for the opening and ending of Re:ZERO.

Both songs were written against the background of the Re:ZERO story, and from the beginning to the end of the 0:00 seconds, they play an important role in shaping the Re:ZERO anime.

◆Opening song

Title Redo
Artist Konomi Suzuki
Price 1,300 yen + tax
Specifications Newly drawn anime illustration jacket

◆ending song

Artist MYTH & ROID
Price: 1,200 yen (plus tax)

|OVAs and extras that are essential to the story of “Re:ZERO”

In addition to the series, Re:ZERO works have been developed in a wide range of ways, such as the OVA “Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World: Hyouketsu no Kizuna” which is greatly related to the main story, and the spin-off “Re:ZERO -Starting Rest Time” which has cute mini characters to heal you.

|In 2020, the first episode of the second season of “Re:ZERO” was aired in the Autumn Anime.

The first episode of the second season will be aired in the fall of 2020, and the second episode will be aired in the winter of 2021.

In the second season, even stronger enemies will stand in front of Subaru and his friends, and the battle will continue to intensify. In the second season, even more powerful enemies will stand in front of Subaru and the battle will continue to intensify, and that person you didn’t expect will also stand in front of Subaru as an enemy, and Subaru’s fate will become even more fierce.

|Video streaming service where you can watch the first season of “Re:ZERO”.

The first season of Re:ZEROis being distributed by the following video distribution services, some of which offer a free trial of the first episode, so if you’re interested in watching it after reading this article, please do so!

ABEMA /d-anime store/ niconico
GYAO! /Hikari TV /Fuji Television On Demand
Bandai Channel /Hulu /J:COM On Demand
TELASA/ U-NEXT /Unlimited Anime

Rakuten TV/ DMM.com /Video Market
HAPPY! Movie /Full Plus /Crank In! Video

|Staff information.

Original StoryTatsuhei Nagatsuki
Original Character DesignShinichiro Otsuka
DirectorMasaharu Watanabe
Series compositionMasahiro Yokoya
Character Design and Chief Animation DirectorKyuta Sakai
Prop DesignNoritaka Suzuki, Goichi Iwahata
Art DirectorSaaya Kinjo (Bihou)
Art DirectorYoshito Takamine (Bihou)
Color DesignIzumi Sakamoto
Director of PhotographyKentaro Minegishi(T2studio)
3D DirectorMasaru Karube(T2studio)
EditingHitomi Sudo (REAL-T)
Sound DirectorHitoshi Akedagawa
Sound EffectsTomoji Furuya (Swara Productions)
MusicKenichiro Suehiro
Music ProductionKADOKAWA
Animation ProductionWHITE FOX
ProductionRe: Zero to Start Another World Production Committee

|Cast information.

Subaru NatsukiTatsuhei Nagatsuki
EmiliaTakahashi Rie
PuckUchiyama Yumi
RemInori Minase
RamMurakawa Rie
BeatriceSatomi Arai
Roswar L. MazarsTakehito Koyasu
Reinhardt Van AstreaYuichi Nakamura
FeltChinatsu Akasaki
Krusch KarstenYuka Iguchi
Felix ArgyleYui Horie
Wilhelm Van AstraeaKenyu Horiuchi
Anastasia HouchinKana Ueda
Julius EucliusTakuya Eguchi
Priscilla BarielYukari Tamura
AldebaranKeiji Fujiwara
Elsa GranhilteMamiko Noto
Petelgeuse RomanicontiMatsuoka Yoshitsugu

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