The Fruit of Gurizaia: A magnificent and profound story! Grisaia Series Feature


This is a special feature on the TV anime series “Grisaia (Grisaia’s Fruit/Grisaia’s Labyrinth/Grisaia’s Paradise)”. For those who have not seen Grisaia yet, or for those who know the name but have never seen it, here is an overview of the series, as well as a list of must-see highlights and viewing points for beginners, so please check it out.

|What is “Grisaia (Grisaia’s Fruit/Grisaia’s Labyrinth/Grisaia’s Paradise)”?

◆A story of five girls with “reasons” who grow up through their “past.

One of the most appealing and unique elements of the Grisaia series is that each of the five girls in the series has a “past. This background makes the magnificent story even more profound. In addition, each of the girls in the story has an individuality that leaves a strong impression on the audience, and there are elements that make people like them regardless of gender.

The story’s protagonist, Yuji Kazami, and the girls’ gradual growth through their respective “pasts” is truly something to behold. You will be fascinated by the unique world view and the deep and colorful story.

◆An epic story involving inherited debt and the world

One boy returns the “favor” he received to the five girls, and the five girls return the favor to the one boy. While there are many elements included in the story that continues to be spun, there are also descriptions that make your heart beat faster as you see the feelings in each moment.

The beginning and the process of the grand story that unfolds, and the fact that everything we have done up to now has had a meaning, can be felt from the story in general.
Here is a story that once you see it, you won’t be able to take your eyes off it until the end.

◆Based on a PC novel game.

The “Grisaia” series trilogy is based on the PC novel game by Frontwing, and the story is more in-depth than the anime, giving you a different sense of immersion.

The story is more in-depth than the anime, giving you a different sense of immersion in the story, and the various developments with each of the five girls are challenging.
If you’re interested in this game, why not check it out?

|The key to watching “Grisaia

◆The background of the girls in “There is a reason.

The past of the five girls enrolled in Mihama Academy is a deep and heavy one.

One girl is guilty of disobedience. One girl is punished for surviving. The past that is told is not a vivid one, but because of this background, the psychological descriptions and scenes that are glimpsed in their daily lives feel precious.

◆The “existence” of the protagonist, Yuji Kazami

Yuji Kazami, the key player and protagonist of the Grisaia series, transfers to Mihama Academy, where five girls with “reasons” are enrolled. Throughout the story, his own mysteries and background are gradually revealed, and at the same time, he has a great impact on the five girls. It seems that his “past” has a great influence on him, but…

What he himself hopes and wishes for at the end of the story that awaits him, we can’t take our eyes off from beginning to end.

◆A school life that is far from “normal” and different from the rest.

The main character, who wishes to attend a normal school, attends a school that is different from any other.

In the story, you can see the slightly unusual interactions between the girls with strong personalities and the main character, who is no match for them. In addition, there are serious developments that involve the school itself, as well as comedic and slightly unusual daily life and clearly unusual school life that unfolds in the story.

|Characters in “Grisaia

Grisaia” Profile of Mihama Academy’s main characters

Yuji Kazami CV Takahiro Sakurai
A transfer student who came to Mihama Academy as an invited foreign student.
He lost his older sister in an accident when he was young, and his parents are both bereaved.
He has a very calm personality, and is known for his unworldly behavior.

Yuji Kazami’s charm is this.
He has a poker face and is known for his sarcastic jokes. He has a coolness that even boys would fall in love with, but he also has a kindness behind it.
She has a strong personality that makes her unflappable no matter what happens in her first meeting or in her daily life, but when it comes down to it, she is someone you can rely on.
However, in the third episode of the anime “Grisaia no Kajitsu”, her coolness…

Yumiko Sakaki CV Ryoko Tanaka
Daughter of the president of Mihama Academy.
She is extremely attached to her time and space, and extremely averse to having them disrupted.
She has a strong sense of caution toward others, and sometimes goes to extreme lengths to eliminate them.

Yumiko Sakaki’s charm is this.
She has a very unsociable and difficult personality, and while she is beautiful and a young lady, she also has many “lovable elements” such as not being able to cook and not being good at sports, and she also has a very cute side.
As the story progresses, her dourness melts away like ice, which has “tremendous destructive power” and Yumiko’s charm overflows. Yes, once you’re in love with her…

Amane Suo  CV Hiroko Taguchi
An older sister who takes good care of others, Amane is a strong person who is adored by the younger generation.
She also has an eye-catching figure.
Her cooking skills are noteworthy, and she takes care of Yuji in any way she can.

The charm of Amane Suo is this.
Suo Amane is the kind of girl that boys would fall in love with because of her outstanding style, caring and cheerful personality, and strong family skills. Her sexiness that she sometimes shows in the story is very tantalizing, and the Kyoto dialect that she uses when she gets excited or loses her cool is even better.
In the third episode of the anime “Grisaia no Kajitsu”, the older sister with a strong sisterly personality is…

Michiru Matsushima (CV Kaori Mizuhashi)
A girl who even dyes her hair blonde to play the role of a tsundere.
She thinks she is doing a perfect job, but everyone around her knows she is just acting.
For some reason, she always carries around a bottle of rum.

This is the charm of Michiru Matsushima
Michiru Matsushima is an active and cheerful girl with blonde hair and twin-teeth. She is a cute girl who is perfect for Although she makes a lot of effort to achieve her goal, in the story, she is treated poorly and has a clumsy attitude. However, the good thing about Michiru is that she has a different kind of cuteness that other characters don’t have.

Makina Irisu CV Tomoe Tamiyasu
A girl who is shy and takes a little time to open up to others.
Once she gets used to him, she starts to miss Yuji, calling him ‘big brother’.
She is a regular visitor to Amane’s room and takes care of her in any way she can.

The charm of Irisu Makina is This.
Makina Irisu is a cute little sister who calls Yuji “big brother” and is taken care of by Amane. However, she has a bad mouth, such as when she speaks out of turn. She has talents that you wouldn’t expect from her appearance and behavior, and has a charm that you wouldn’t expect from her innocent personality.
And her favorite “Tuna Man” is impressive.

Sachi Komine (CV Ai Shimizu)
An unusual girl who usually wears a maid’s uniform.
She is also a member of the class committee, and will do anything anyone asks of her.
Her problem is that she can’t take a joke and takes everything seriously.
This is a quote from the official website.

What is the appeal of Sachi Komine?
Sachi Komine is a man of many talents: she is the class president, has excellent results in everything she does, is smart, athletic, and does all the housework. She is also the head of the committee and has excellent results in everything she does.
Also, the part of her that doesn’t show her “feelings” too much is an attractive part.
There is a legendary scene in the story where she expresses herself in various ways by speaking only “I’m going to kill you”…

People related to Mihama Private School

Chizuru Tachibana CV Natsumi Yanase
Relationship Mihama Academy, Headmaster
The headmaster of Mihama Academy, which Yuji and his friends attend.
She and Yuji are old acquaintances, and she says that she owes him her life.
Because of his young appearance, he is not always treated as a teacher by the students.

Yuria Harudera CV Erika Narumi
Relationship Yuji Kazami’s adoptive parent/boss.
Half German, half Italian. She is currently a naturalized citizen of Japan.
Those who are close to her call her JB, short for her maiden name, Julia Bardera, as a phase. She is Yuji’s adoptive parent and boss.

|List of “Grisaia” series

◆The Fruits of Grisaia

The beginning of an epic story about five girls and a boy.

Each of the five girls at Mihama Academy has a past with a reason, and we can see how they are affected by the main character, Yuji Kazami, and how they grow up. The story is deep, and the everyday scenes and serious developments are captivating.

◆The Labyrinth of Grisaia

A story that approaches the past of the protagonist, Yuji Kazami.

The story is about the “past” of the mysterious protagonist, Yuji Kazami, from his upbringing to the present. You can also learn what shaped the man Yuji Kazami, and it is an important part of Grisaia.

The Paradise of Grisaia

This is the end point of the anime Grisaia series and the whole epic story.

Through “Fruits” and “Labyrinth,” all the answers and consequences will unfold, including what the girls have gained and what consequences await Yuji Kazami.
What is the fate that Yuji Kazami has chosen, and what are the answers that the five girls will give?

|Difference from Grisaia: Phantom Trigger THE ANIMATION

The TV anime “Grisaia no Kajitsu/Labyrinth/Paradise” and “Grisaia: Phantom Trigger THE ANIMATION” are completely different.

The story of Phantom Trigger takes place several years after the anime series, and the main characters from the anime series do not appear. There are also clear differences such as the existence of Mihama Academy and the characters who appear in the game fighting on the front lines.

|Video streaming service where you can watch “Grisaia”.

FOD U-NEXT d-anime store Unlimited Anime
HAPPY Movie Amazon Prime Nico Nico Channel RakutenTV
Video Market Movie Full Plus TSUTAYA TV

|Staff information.

Original StoryFront Wing
Series CompositionHideyuki Kurata
Character Design
Chief Animation Director
Akio Watanabe
Chief Animation DirectorMitsutaka Echigo/Kei Kenichiro
CGI DirectorMasato Takahashi(Eight Bit Rocket)
Color DesignSaaya Kinjo (Bihou)
Art DirectorYoshito Takamine (Bihou)
Color DesignTomomi Murakami
Art DirectorKazuhiro Inoue
Art SettingYoshinori Shiozawa
Prop DesignShigeyuki Kolesawashi
Animal Prop DesignHiroaki Motogi
Director of PhotographyYuya Kumazawa (Eight Bit Rocket)
EditorMutumi Takemiya
Sound DirectorHitoshi Akedagawa (Magic Capsule)
Animation ProductionWHITE FOX
MusicElements Garden
Animation ProductionEightbit

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