Motorbike Anime “Super Cub” Aired This April Along With New Visual!


The light novel “Super Cub” from “Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko” will be made into a TV animation that will be aired this April. Along with the information disclosure, the teaser visual, the first PV, and the main cast were also announced.

The story center on a Japanese high school girl in Yamanashi, Koguma. Without any parents, friends, or hobbies, her daily life is left empty at all times. Then one day, Koguma gets a used Honda motorcycle “Super Cub”. As she takes her first ride to school, she confronts obstacles such as running out of gas, hitting detours, this has built a small spark of adventure in her life. This is a story of a little girl opening up her own world with her Super Cup, venturing into the new life of friendship and her own daily life.

Main Cast

KogumaYuki Yomichi
ReikoAyaka Nanase
Shii EniwaNatsumi Hioka

Main Staff

Original トネ・コーケン (Tone Koken)
DirectorToshiro Fujii
Supervising/Writing Series ScriptsToshizo Nemoto
Character DesignsTōru Imanishi
Music ComposeTomohisa Ishikawa/ZAQ
Color DesignMineyo Oonishi
Art DirectorNobuhito Sue
Art SettingShūhei Tada
Board WorkAtsushi Yokoyama
3DCGStudio KAI
3DCG Production CooperationTypeZERO
2D Design, Special EffectsChiptune
Director of PhotographyShigeki Asakawa
EditingAkari Saitō
Music ProductionBandai Namco Arts
[speech_bubble type=”drop” subtype=”L1″ icon=”smile.png” name=”Nazuna”]The story of this novel seems really good since it’s a combination of life and adventure! I can’t wait to see this anime![/speech_bubble]

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