LoveLive! School Idol Festival ALL STARS Special Live Broadcast Announcement!


LoveLive! The school idol festival ALL STARS has decided to broadcast a special live program featuring two members!


Chiemi Tanaka (role of Rina Tennoji)

Shu Uchida (role of Mia Taylor)


January 18 (Monday) 20: 00-

Live-Stream Location

BANDAI Channel:
YouTube LIVE:
Periscope: Love Live! Series official Twitter (@LoveLive_staff)

Send Letters To Members!

The best part of this show is that you get to send comments before the show (during shows in cases) and the commentator might just pick out your message and read it out for you in front of the audience! Send a message and hope for your comment to be read and maybe, you’ll receive some kind of answer from the commentator!

Get your applications from here: Nijigasaki Official Site/ School Idol Festival All-Stars Official Site
Send your comments here:

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