“ODD TAXI” Original TV Anime Airs April 2021


It was announced on January 15th, that an original anime production, ODD TAXI will be premiering on TV Tokyo this Spring. Of course, every year in December, JUMP has its own festival. This makes the spring season prime for anime based on manga, and other sources. It’s definitely nice to see not only a completely original anime but a mysterious one as well. Let’s talk about what this anime could be about since there is not much information. First, watch the teaser below!

  • When will this anime air?
    • April 2021
  • Where will this anime air?
    • TV Tokyo & AT-X (for now…)
  • Cast
    • check down below!

|Watch The Teaser For ODD TAXI

ODD TAXI will have an interesting feeling to viewers if it stays with this teaser’s atmosphere. The voice we hear is the taxi driver Odogawa, probably speaking to one of his customers.

“Are you really happy? You can run away anytime you know.”

“You are here by choice… Now where to?”

When Odogawa isn’t driving, he spends his time listening to comedy shows. He doesn’t really have someone he can call a friend. Other than Goriki the doctor and Kakibana, his high school classmate. Driving a Taxi through a freaky city with animal-people, Odogawa usually encounters ‘interesting’ customers to say the least. One day, he stumbles upon a missing girl’s case. Will he uncover the crime of this city? Find out!

[speech_bubble type=”drop” subtype=”R1″ icon=”smile.png” name=”Nazuna”]I personally love the 90’s style hiphop track in this teaser. This totally captured the vibe of this city and anime![/speech_bubble]

| Introducing The Cast

OdogawaNatsuki Hanae
ShirakawaRiho Iida
GorikiRyohei Kimura
KakibanaKappei Yamaguchi
Rui NikaidoSuzuko Mimori
Shiho ShimuraMoeka Koizumi
Yuki MitsuyaMatatsu Murakami
AnimationP.I.C.S. × OLM

For more details…
[speech_bubble type=”drop” subtype=”L1″ icon=”smile.png” name=”Nazuna”]OLM animated pokemon back in 1997 and did most of the movies! The trailer showed 3D-type animation so it will cool to see what the anime will look like!
And yes, the 3 music artists are from HipHop Label SUMMIT, Inc. So that’s why it’s so good![/speech_bubble]

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