Rem From “Re: Zero” Appears In Namco All Over Japan In A Cute Pajama Costume!

From “Re: Zero”, Rem’s original prize figure “Re: Zero -Relax time- Rem” will be available online from January 15th (Friday) at amusement facilities “namco” nationwide. It is appearing in the crane mall “Torumo”.

“Relax time” is a new series that captures more natural and cute moments based on the concept of “off-shot”, with a rough appearance that makes you feel a sense of life and a fleeting expression that makes you feel unexpected. It has become a hot product.
In addition, campaigns are being held from January 15th (Friday) to February 14th (Sunday) at the amusement facilities “namco” and the net crane mall “Torumo” nationwide. For further details, check the link at the bottom of the page!

Product Information

SizeApproximately 20 cm
Banpresto Navi
Campaign Special Site

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