From “The Demon Girl Next Door” Comes A Figure Of “Shadow Mistress Yuko” In A Swimsuit!

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“Do your best, Shamiko !! Sometimes you need a rest !!” Shadow Mistress Yuko (commonly known as Shamiko) from the anime “The Demon Girl Next Door” has been decided to produce the second season of the TV anime celebrating by coming out as a three-dimensional figure in a swimsuit!

The illustration drawn by the original author, Izumo Ito, is faithfully reproduced. The cute frilled swimsuit is a demon purple reminiscent of a crisis management form. The point is that the back is slightly shifted downward to bring out the tail. The degree of biting into the buttocks is also exquisite.

Her blushing expression that looks embarrassing and happy is also a great point to watch in this product. The mouth of the double teeth is very cute.

The dedicated pedestal is a clear part specification that imaged the waterside, and parts that imaged the sign are arranged. The design is consistent with the upcoming “Chiyoda Momo Swimsuit ver.” (Sold separately), so don’t forget to purchase it and decorate it together!

Product Information

SpecificationsPainted finished product figure
SizeApproximately 193 mm (including pedestal)
MaterialPVC (non-phthalic acid), ABS
Price13,750 yen (tax included)
Prototype productionKitsutefu
PublisherMedicos Entertainment Co., Ltd.

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