“Manga Award 2021” Nominated 10 Works Announced “Oshi no Ko”, “Kaiju No. 8”, “SPY x FAMILY”, etc.


The results of the first selection of the “Manga Award 2021”, in which manga enthusiasts from various fields, mainly bookstore staff, select “the most interesting manga at this moment”, were announced by the award executive committee, and 10 nominated works were announced.

The award was founded in 2008 and is the 14th time this year. Among the works for which a new book was published in the last year (January 1st to December 31st, 2020), works with a maximum of 8 volumes are selected. One of the judges selected “5 works that I would definitely recommend to people” and nominated the top 10 works (including the same ranking). In the first selection, 95 judges voted for 216 works.

In the future, the judges will read all the nominated works, perform the second selection, select the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, total them by the point system, and select one work for the “Manga Award”. The results of the grand prize will be announced from mid to late March.

Many of the award-winning and nominated works have been made into dramas and movies. The 1st Grand Prize “Gaku” (Shinichi Ishizuka, Shogakukan) in 2008 was made into a movie starring Shun Oguri, and the 3rd “Thermae Romae” (Mari Yamazaki) was also made into a movie starring Hiroshi Abe. In addition, the 2012 Grand Prize “Silver Spoon” (Hiromu Arakawa) was animated in the late-night anime frame “Noitamina” of Fuji TV and made into a live-action movie starring Sexy Zone Kento Nakajima, and the 2017 Grand Prize “Hibiki- How to Become a Novelist” (Mitsuharu Yanamoto) was made into a movie starring Yurina Hirate.

“Manga Award 2021” nominated work

Oshi no KoAkasaka Aka, Mengo Yokoyari
Women’s Garden Star”Yama Wayama
Kaiju No. 8Naoya Matsumoto
Go to karaoke!Wayama Yama
Kowloon Generic RomanceJun Mayuzuki
SPY x FAMILYTatsuya Endo
Funeral FreerenKanehito Yamada, Abetsukasa
Chi. ―About the movement of the earthUotoyo
Water flows toward the seaTajima Islands
The edge of metamorphoseKaori Tsuruya

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