My Hero Accademia Exhibition Privilege Booklets Comes Out As Amerian Comic Style! ~Deku & Bakugo, Endeavor & Hawks~


On the 25th, the audio guide and goods information of the first original drawing exhibition “My Hero Academia Exhibition DRAWING SMASH” of the popular manga “My Hero Academia” (commonly known as Hiroaka) was released. From noon on the same day, advance ticket lottery acceptance for the first three days of the opening from April 23 to 25 will start.

Visitor benefits will be decided to be the “Special Leaf” of the American comics taste, which contains the popular episodes of the original in color. The first half (distributed from April 23 to May 23) is the recorded episode 120 “Three People” depicting Deku Midoriya & Katsuki Bakugo, and the second half (May 24 to June 27). (Distributed on the day) is a 24-page booklet in the recorded episode 186 “Endeavor & Hawks” depicting Endeavor & Hawks.

An audio guide that allows you to enjoy the original painting exhibition, even more, will be on sale. The audio guide, which completely re-records the character voices of the voice actors in the anime series, will allow you to enjoy the exhibition with popular characters and will be a special content that can only be heard at the venue. The guide will feature a total of 6 characters, including Almight, Deku Midoriya, and Katsuki Bakugo, and the price is 850 yen.

Some of the original goods released in advance are collection can badges (24 types in total), Hiroaka cans (15 types in total), fertilized egg mascot collection (10 types in total), and many other goods will be sold.

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