Learn Japanese from Famous Anime Quotes ~Jujutsu Kaisen vol.2~


Here in this article, you’ll learn some of the popular quotes spoken from the anime which brings out the humor from each character that is picked up.
Not only the introduction of each quote but as my original content, I’ll be explaining the meaning of the quotes that are in Japanese so that you can understand what kind of Japanese is used and enhance your knowledge of the language! Hope you enjoy it!

■ Quote Index
Yuji Itadori
-「言われなくても認めさせてやっからさ もうちょい待っててよ」
– 「強くなりたい 「最強」を教えてくれ」
– 「ベラベラとよく喋るな 遺言か?」
– 「賢い奴はあまり自分のことを賢いって言わん」
Megumi Fushiguro
-「できるかじゃねぇ やるんだよ!」
-「私情です なんとかしてください」
-「俺も強くなる すぐに追い越すぞ」
Nobara Kugisaki
-「はぁ? じゃねぇよ ペッパー君でももうちょいまともなレスポンスするわよ あぁ そういやそっちのメンバーにもいたわねペッパー君」
-「そっか じゃあ共犯ね私達」

| Yuji Itadori

Quote: 「言われなくても認めさせてやっからさ もうちょい待っててよ」
Translation: “I’ll make you admit it, so hold on for a while “

◼︎Japanese Words
言う (Iu): Say
言われなくても (Iwarenakutemo): Without saying
認める (Mitomeru): Admit
~させる (~Saseru): Let you ~
待つ (Matsu): Wait

Quote: 「強くなりたい 「最強」を教えてくれ」
Translation: “I want to be stronger, teach me your “Strongest” to me.”

◼︎Japanese Words
強い (Tsuyoi): Power/Powerful
最強 (Saikyou): Strongest
教える (Oshieru): Teach

Quote: 「ベラベラとよく喋るな 遺言か?」
Translation: “Gosh you talk a lot, are those your final words?”

◼︎Japanese Words
ベラベラ(BeraBera): Blah Blah~~
喋る (Shaberu): Talk
遺言 (Igon): Final words before death

Quote: 「賢い奴はあまり自分のことを賢いって言わん」
Translation: “Smart people often won’t call themselves “smart” ya know?”

◼︎Japanese Words
賢い (Kashikoi): Smart
自分 (Jibun): Yourself

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| Megumi Fushiguro

Quote: 「できるかじゃねぇ やるんだよ!」
Translation: “It’s not whether if you can do it, just do it!”

◼︎Japanese Words
できる (Dekiru): Capable of doing~/Possible to do~
じゃねぇ (Janee): Not ~ (in this case, this comes after “Dekiru” so the meaning will be the opposite meaning of “Dekiru”)
やる (Yaru): Do ~

Quote: 「命は懸けても捨てる気はありません!」
Translation: “Even I bet my life on it, I have no plans on giving it up!”

◼︎Japanese Words
命(Inochi): Life
懸ける(Kakeru): Bet (In this case, this Kanji will be used when betting your “life”. By using a different Kanji, the meaning will change to betting your “Money” and others.)
捨てる (Suteru): Throw away, trash, give up

Quote: 「私情です なんとかしてください」
Translation: “It’s personal, do something about it”

◼︎Japanese Words
私情 (Shijou): Personal feeling
なんとかして (Nanntoka Shite): Do something about~

Quote: 「俺も強くなる すぐに追い越すぞ」
Translation: “I’ll become stronger, I’ll surpass you sooner or later”

◼︎Japanese Words
すぐに (Suguni): Soon
追い越す(Oikosu): Surpass

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| Nobara Kugisaki

Quote: 「はぁ? じゃねぇよ ペッパー君でももうちょいまともなレスポンスするわよ あぁ そういやそっちのメンバーにもいたわねペッパー君」
Translation: ” “Huh?” is not the word I’m looking for. Even “Pepper” could respond better than that. Oh, I almost forgot you also had a “Pepper” on y our team as well.”

◼︎Japanese Words
まともな (Matomona): A better~
そういや~ (Souiya): Oh, by the way, ~
そっち (Socchi): Your side, That side, Over there

Quote: 「我慢比べしよっか♡」
Translation: “Let’s compare who can take this more♡”

◼︎Japanese Words
我慢 (Gaman): Patience
比べ (Kurabe): Compare
しよう (Shiyou): Let’s do~~

Quote: 「田舎が嫌で東京に住みたかったから!!」
Translation: “I didn’t like the countryside and wanted to live in Tokyo, that’s why!! “

◼︎Japanese Words
田舎 (Inaka): Countryside
嫌 (Iya): Hate, Dislike
住む(Sumu): Live

Quote: 「そっか じゃあ共犯ね私達」
Translation: “Oh, then I guess we’re in this together.”

◼︎Japanese Words
そっか (Sokka): Oh, I see
じゃあ (Jaa): Then ~
共犯 (Kyouhan): Accomplice
私達 (Watashitachi): We, Us

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| That’s all for now!

I hope you’ve enjoyed going through some famous and popular lines along with translation! Japanese may be a bit difficult, but most words are used frequently, therefore, if you’ve learned some words from this article, I bet you can understand some words that are said in the anime and comics!
Let me know if you want more details in translation so that I can keep on improving this content and you can enjoy both, the quotes and the translations!
Thanks for reading this till the end and I hope I’ll see you again in my next article!

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