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The TV anime “Kemono Jien” started in January 2021. It is a dark fantasy set in a fictional Japan where beings called monsters lurk in human society.

The protagonist is Natsuha, a boy who is half a monster. He takes up residence at a detective agency specializing in monsters, and as he encounters various incidents, he begins to realize the mysteries hidden within himself. With mystery, battle action, growth, friendship, and love, this is an in-depth look at a work full of charm!

|TV anime adaptation is a hot topic! Basic information about “Kemono Jihen”

Who is the author of “Kemono Jiten”? Who are the characters? What is the story? And who are the staff and voice actors of the anime? Let’s start with the basic information.

|Introduction of Kemono Jihen

Kemono jihen” is a manga serialized in “Jump Square (JUMP SQ.)”. There are currently 13 volumes in the series. The author is Aimoto Shou, who also has a serialized story in “Weekly Shonen Jump”. This will be his longest serialized work.

The TV anime will start in January 2021 on TOKYO MX and other stations. The opening theme song, “Kemonomichi,” sung by Daisuke Ono, a popular voice actor and artist, has also become a hot topic on SNS. The main character, Natsuha, is played by young female voice actress Natsumi Fujiwara. The main character, Natsuha, is played by a young female voice actress, Natsumi Fujiwara, who is surrounded by talented actors such as Natsuki Hanae, Ayumi Murase, and Junichi Suwabe.
With the start of the anime, the manga is also attracting a lot of attention.

|Synopsis of Kemono jihen

Natsuha is a 13-year-old boy living in a rural village with his aunt who runs an inn. Natsuha was born with a strong body odor, and because he is forced to work in the fields every day, covered in dirt and fertilizer, he is nicknamed “Muddy Boy” and scorned. Then Natsuha met a detective from Tokyo named Okijin. He is visiting the village to investigate the mystery of a series of livestock deaths, but for some reason he takes an interest in Natsuha and approaches her.

In fact, Natsuha is a half-demon born between a corpse demon (cooler) and a human. The Hidden God sees through this and encourages the depressed Natsuha, who realizes her true identity and thinks that she is the one who killed the livestock, and leads her to solve the case.

After solving the case, Okijin takes Natsuha out of the closed village. Natsuha arrives in Tokyo for the first time in her life and becomes Okijin’s assistant. She asks him to find her parents, who have been separated for 12 years.

|Characters from “Kemono Jihen

Kemono Jiken” is a series of half-demons and monsters, including Natsuha, a half-human demon, and Okijin, a raccoon monster. Let’s take a look at the main characters with their rich personalities.

■Kusaka Kahane

The main character of this work. His mother left him with his aunt when he was one year old, and he has been separated from his parents ever since. She does not know if she is alive or dead. However, on Natsuha’s chest is a pendant of “Meiketsuki” (stone of life) that her parents left behind. The “Meiketsuki,” which prevents the monster’s thirst and prevents it from impulsively attacking humans, is the key to the story.
Natsuha, who has inherited the blood of a “cooler,” which means that even if you kill her, she will not die, is also the owner of an amazing regenerative ability. Even if her head is cut off, she can regenerate the rest of her body within a short period of time, making her a great weapon in battle.
He also has a pure heart, as if he had just been born, because he grew up without the love of his parents or the common sense of the world. He is loved by those around him, but at the same time, he has a fear of killing others if necessary.

Inugami Kohachi

He is the head of the Hidden God Monster Consultation Office and took Natsuha under his wing.
According to him “A detective business that stands between people and monsters, providing advice, mediating fights, and even undertaking funeral services… or ‘monster shop.'”
He is a raccoon dog. His true nature is that of a baketanuki (a raccoon dog), and although he has an aloof personality, he is an excellent detective and is quite strong in fighting. He also has a wealth of knowledge about monsters. In addition to Natsuha, there are a number of other monsters and half-demons living together in the Hidden God’s office. They lead a lively life.

Shiki Tademaru

She is 14 years old, one year older than Natsuha. She is a half-demon born between a spider (arachne) and a human, and is a member of the Hidden God’s Detective Agency. She has the ability to manipulate bodily fluids such as sweat and saliva by turning them into spider silk.
He was traumatized by a frightening experience when he was a child, and is extremely fearful. As a result, he is very calm and cautious, which is far from being a child. At first, Natsuha is a bit of a jerk to him, but they eventually become close friends. The growth and friendship between Natsuha and Ori is a major attraction of this work. In the third volume, episodes related to his past are described.

■Akira Iwakiyama Yukisato Shirona no Gojuroko

Fifteen years old. He is a monster called Yukionoko. He is a boy who is born only once every 100 years in the village of Yuki, where there are only women, but he is almost a girl in terms of looks.
According to him “I want to be both cute and dependable! A boy with California rolls? Something like that.”He is a very strong man. He has the ability to freeze water, but at first he is not very strong and feels that he is a liability to everyone. However, there is a hidden reason for his lack of confidence. …… Akira’s past will also be depicted in the story.

Mihai Florescu

A “vampire” who is holed up in the back room of the Hidden God’s detective agency. He is addicted to Japanese online games and plays them almost every day, but his hacking skills are top-notch. His hacking skills are top-notch, and he supports Natsuha and the others’ activities with technology. Vampires are the most advanced race of monsters, immortal and half-immortal. Since they have a lot of time on their hands, they sometimes put Natsuha and her friends in a tight spot just for the fun of it. However, in the end, he is a dependable back-up.

Yoko Inari

A woman who is a fox monster, but also an inspector of the Metropolitan Police Department. In fact, through the fox’s illusion, she has stolen the minds of all the personnel of the Metropolitan Police Department and manipulates them as her puppets. She is selfish and ruthless, and when she gets hysterical, she shows her cruelty by devouring everyone around her.
At first he cooperates with Okijin, but they come into conflict over Natsuha’s “life stone”. He attacks them using the detectives of the Special Investigation Division, all of whom are monsters.


A 14-year-old girl who is a fox monster working for Iio. She is a 14 year old girl who respects Iio and is cold-hearted enough to carry out any orders he gives her, but when she meets Natsuha, her heart begins to change. As the story progresses, her inner cuteness comes out more and more, making her one of the most moe characters in this work.


A fox monster who is the leader of the special division detectives Iio is working with. He looks like a cute boy, but when he sees Natsuha and Ori interacting with each other.
“Hmmm… this hot friendship is making me want to tear it apart…”
He is also a very devious person. He doesn’t seem to follow Iio wholeheartedly either, and is one of the key people in this work. He has the ability to ignite, and seems to be quite strong in physical combat.

|A lot of people are hooked! The charm of “Kemono Jihen

Currently, there are 13 volumes of “Kemono Jihen” in print. From the many charms of this work, here are a few representative examples.

■The fun of a mystery being solved.

Natsuha is taken to Tokyo by the Hidden God to work as a detective’s assistant. Kaibutsu Jiken” starts off as a mystery, with Natsuha solving cases brought to him by the Hidden God. Natsuha’s first case in Tokyo is that of a Nekomata who scares human men. The client is a man who has fallen in love with a Nekomata. Other cases include the strange death of a worker in the river flowing under Shibuya, and an undercover investigation into a factory controlled by a monster called Kanomba, where Natsuha’s activities as a detective specializing in monsters are depicted.

■A major mystery that continues to plague the story: stones.

Natsuha’s parents gave her the “life stone” and she carries it with her. The mystery hidden in the stone will continue to pervade the entire work “Kaibutsu Jihen”. In fact, it becomes clear that there are many other stones like the “life stone” that contain the power of monsters, and the story soon becomes more like a battle between the Hidden God, Natsuha’s side and Iio’s side for the “XX stone”. The detectives of the Special Investigation Division play a major role in this battle. Each detective is a monster with powerful powers, and their fierce battle against Natsuha and his team is depicted in the story.

■Inspirational Quotes

From the age of one to thirteen, Natsuha was raised by his aunt in the countryside, where he was never allowed to live a human life. Growing up with no knowledge of humanity or common sense, he is reborn with a new guardian named Okijin and friends like Ori and Akira. There are many wise words in the dialogues of Oshigami, who leads Natsuha to the right path, and Natsuha, who hits the truth because of his pure and simple heart.

You haven’t been abandoned.

This is the first kind line that Okijin says to Natsuha. His words pierce the lonely heart of Natsuha, who has lived her life by suppressing her emotions.

You have someone you care about, but you don’t care about someone who has someone they care about?

In the recent volumes, there are many great lines from Natsuha, who has revived her human-like mind. This is a line from volume 11. This is a line from volume 11, in which she says to the person who thinks that it doesn’t matter how badly others have to suffer for the sake of her precious partner.

■Great scenes with careful drawing.

There are many scenes in this work that are worth seeing even as a single picture, carefully drawn by Mr. Aimoto. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Part 1: Depiction of monsters

When reading “Kemono Jiken”, this scene is probably the first thing that takes your breath away. The horror and strangeness of a monster, an existence that is neither human nor animal, is depicted with great power.

Part 2: Battle Action

The battle scenes between Natsuha and the monsters are really worth watching! Especially when the direct confrontation with the detectives of the Special Investigation Division starts, the battle action gets heated up at once.

Part 3: Character psychology

The characters’ joys, sorrows, and emotions are also skillfully drawn. It is no exaggeration to say that Kon has the most emotional ups and downs of all the characters, but he is full of cute expressions. In the third volume, she smiles with a big smile in front of ice cream, but then she cries when she remembers Iio, whom she has been separated from.

|Highlights of the TV animation “Kemono Jihen

The TV anime “Kaibutsu Jihen” started in January 2021. We’ll introduce the highlights as well!

The pictures are delicate and beautiful. All the characters are adorable and I feel like a guardian when I read them. While there are some heartwarming scenes, the world view is becoming more and more interesting. I’m looking forward to the future development.

I think I’m going to have a new favorite soon! I was trying not to be friends with him, but he even offered me a pizza and we became friends… Natsuha, his obedience is both cute and a little sad.

It’s fun to read because the tempo of the story is good and interesting as it progresses without falling off from the first volume. I recommend it.

I saw the anime and was curious.
I read the first volume and was curious about the rest.
I even bought the latest volume!
It’s a wonderful work that makes you fall in love with every character!

[speech_bubble type=”drop” subtype=”L1″ icon=”surprise.png” name=”Nazuna”] As the story progresses, “Kemono Jiken” is now taking place in various parts of Japan, where battles and mysteries are being solved. Each volume delves deeper into the inner lives and pasts of the characters, and the boys, including Natsuha, Ori, and Akira, are growing up. As each mystery is revealed, the next one emerges, and we can’t wait for the next installment. If you learned about this work from the anime adaptation, you’re definitely missing out if you don’t read the manga! [/speech_bubble]

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