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A spore-based manga about high school girls who aim to participate in a national baseball tournament.
The name of the manga is “Tamayomi”

It is set in a slightly parallel Japan where women’s baseball is very common. The story is set in a slightly parallel Japan where women’s baseball is very common, and depicts the passion of high school girls aiming to participate in the national high school baseball tournament.
I’ll introduce the charm of this work, which will be adapted into a TV anime in 2020 and is gaining momentum!

|The Story of TAMAYOMI

Takeda Yomi was a pitcher (ace) on the baseball team in junior high school, but the school was so weak that they lost in the first round every time.
On top of that, he was not allowed to throw his change ball, which was one of his strengths, as he wanted because the catcher could not catch it.
Still feeling depressed, Wing Chun entered high school and was reunited with his childhood friend, Tamaki Yamazaki.
Tamaki is a talented baseball player who once played as a regular catcher for a prestigious club team.
The two of them hit it off again after a game of catch! They join the baseball club of Shin-Koshigaya High School, which was on the verge of being closed down, and start running to participate in the national tournament!

|Animation to air in 2020.

An animation of “TAMAYOMI” has been aired on AT-X and other stations from April 2020.
The director is Toshiki Fukushima, who also directed the baseball anime series “MAJOR”.
The character design is by Koichi Kikuta, who was in charge of “Bless This Wonderful World! The character design is by Koichi Kikuta, who was in charge of “Bless This Wonderful World!
The animation production is by studio A-CAT.

The main character, Eishin Takeda, is voiced by Aria Futaba, who played the role of Eishin in “Aikatsu On Parade! and the voice actress for the main character, Takeda Eishin, is Maeda Kaori, who plays Futaba Aria in
The rest of the cast is a wonderful lineup!

|Character from TAMAYOMI.

The members of the baseball team in this game, “TAMAYOMI,” both teammates and opponents, are just adorable characters!
It’s hard to believe that they’re aiming for the national championship in baseball, but their fluffy atmosphere is so appealing. And they’re all dedicated, kind, good kids!
I’ll introduce you to all of the main characters of this adorable “TAMAYOMI”!

The Shin Koshigaya High School baseball team is starting over with just barely ten players (nine players plus a brain).
Some of the players are beginners, but each of them has their own strengths that can be utilized.
Depending on their growth, it is realistic to expect them to participate in the national tournament.


First year. Pitcher. Number 1.
When he was on the junior high school baseball team, he became the baseball team’s pitcher (ace) because he could “just get strikes”. After that, She trained alone and grew as a pitcher, but suffered from the difference in motivation between him and his teammates. He has yet to win an official game.
When he meets TAMAKI again in high school and she accepts his pitches, he remembers the fun of baseball.
she joins the baseball club, which is on the verge of being abolished, hoping to be with TAMAKI.


First year. Catcher. Number 2.
A childhood friend of Yomi’s. Reunited with yomi at Shin-Koshigaya High School.
In her second year of junior high school, she was a regular catcher for the Minamin Girls, a prestigious junior high school baseball club team.
In her second year of junior high school, she was the regular catcher for the Minamin Girls, a prestigious junior high school baseball club team.
Her ability is such that she can catch Wing Chun’s changeable pitches, which are difficult to catch, at first sight.
She leads the team as a wife who can make the most of her abilities.


First year. First baseman. Number 3.
The only left-handed hitter on the team. Hakata dialect.
Comes from a strong junior high school in Fukuoka Prefecture, which is considered to be the kingdom of baseball in the story.
He entered the school without knowing that the Shin Koshigaya High School baseball team was in a state of self-restraint.
He was unaware that the Shin Koshigaya High School baseball team had suspended its activities.

I’ll see you at the national tournament.

However, when he visited the baseball team, he was impressed by the members.
However, when she visits the baseball club and learns that the members are all talented, she decides to believe Yoshino and join the club.
She decides to join the club, believing in Yoshino, on the condition that they will aim for the national championship together.
From this point on, the Shin Koshigaya High School baseball club will push forward toward the specific goal of “participating in the national tournament.
Her ability as a player is very high, and she boasts the highest batting average on the team with her outstanding sense of hitting.
Together with Rei, the captain of the team, he is the keystone of the batting line, and is Shin Koshigaya’s “strongest hitter.
She is usually a quiet person, but when she sees a strong opponent, she immediately wants to challenge her to a fight.
In addition, she hates to lose, and ever since she saw a home-run hit when she was observing the game, she considers Shiragiku, a beginner, as her rival.


First year. Second baseman. Number 4.
She is from Minami Sagami Junior High School, which has participated in prefectural tournaments. A reliable and experienced player.
She has been teammates with Ryo since their junior high school days.
She is a solid player who likes to play carefully. He loves sweets and is a fashionista, and he and Ryo, who have opposite tastes and personalities, argue constantly, but they play well together in games and seem to be very close in private.


Sophomore. Third baseman / pitcher. Number 5.
She and Rei have worked together to protect the club.
She is a good friend to Rei, with whom she has spent difficult times, and a very kind senior to the first-year students.
At the training camp, while everyone else was having dinner, she was practicing on her own.
Yoshino saw her potential and she started practicing as a pitcher.
By the way, although she was struck out, she was able to hit Wing Chun’s changing ball with the bat at first sight.
She’s a girl with a sober attitude. Her current goal is to be the fourth pitcher.


First year. Rookie. Number 6.
A graduate of Minami Sagami Junior High School, where he has participated in prefectural tournaments. A reliable and experienced player.
She and Violet have been teammates since their junior high school days.
An aggressive player who likes to make flashy plays. She is a good-natured mood-maker, and she and Violet, who have opposite tastes and personalities, argue constantly.


First year. Left fielder / pitcher. Number 7.
Twin sister of Yoshino. Has no experience in baseball.
She joined the baseball club by chance after witnessing Wing Chun and Tamahime play catch.
She is not as much of a baseball fanatic as Yoshino, but she has a lot of experience watching baseball games due to her twin sister’s influence. She is also good at “imitating baseball players” because she has been repeatedly asked to do so by her sister.
According to Breathless.

I’ve been used as a toy by Yoshino since I was a child…

Rei, the captain of the team, also looks up to her, saying that her “form is just like that” and that “if I train hard enough, I’ll soon surpass myself.
Although she is a novice pitcher, she has started training as a pitcher just like Risa, and the first game of the prefectural qualifying tournament between Risa and breath will be a highlight!


Sophomore. Center fielder. Number 8.
She endured a lot of discipline during the baseball club activities, and after the club was forced to refrain from its activities due to a scandal, he continued to stay on the team despite the people around her.
She has contributed to the survival of the club by maintaining the grounds and taking care of the equipment until new members join the club.
She had planned to leave the club after the new members joined, but as a result of her game with Wing-deep, She became the leader of the new team.
She is the most powerful player on the team, and according to Yoshino’s data, he is a great center fielder with a triple threat of running and defense. In his first at bat, She has a good sense of hitting, as She can hit Wing Chun’s changing ball back to center field.


First year. Right fielder. Number 9.
Daughter of a kendo player. Has no experience in baseball.
She won the national kendo championship, obeying her parents’ advice that she could play baseball if she won first place in kendo.
She followed her parents’ advice and won the national kendo championship.
After winning the national Kendo tournament, she joined the baseball team, which she had always wanted to join, and seems to be having a lot of fun.
Although he has no experience and is still developing,
She is the only power hitter on the team. He has a powerful swing derived from kendo (?) and the ability to hit long balls to the outfield even if he doesn’t catch them.
She is considered a rival by Nozomi, who is an average hitter, but Shiragiku herself doesn’t know much about her .


First year. Manager. Enthusiastic baseball fan.
Since he didn’t know about the rarity,she seems to be limited to schools that participated in the national tournament and in Saitama Prefecture or in the Kanto area, but he seems to have most of the data in his mind as long as the player was active in junior high school baseball.
She also demonstrates her skills in sports medicine, such as understanding the characteristics of players based on the state of their palms and the way their muscles are attached throughout their body.
Not only does he support the players behind the scenes, he is also a manager, strategist, and commander who contributes to the team in terms of tactics with her vast knowledge and information.
Although it was Nozomi’s comments that directly triggered the team’s goal of becoming a national team, it was Yoshino’s presence that greatly influenced Nozomi’s decision to join the baseball team.


Teacher at Shin-Koshigaya High School. Advisor (supervisor).
A beautiful and kind home economics teacher.
In fact, she was an alumna of the Shin Koshigaya High School baseball team when it was one of the top four teams in Saitama.
She actively organizes practice games with the strongest schools, and demonstrates her devilish coaching skills and connections by knocking out pitches at a speed that first-year students can’t easily keep up with.
However, even though she consults with him, she leaves the construction and tactics of the game to Yoshino.
She seems to be an excellent coach, supporting the students where they are lacking, but not being too forward.
At the training camp, she was so overwhelmed that she received a massage from Yoshino after practice.

|Going to delve into the charms of “TAMAYOMI”!

Now that I’ve introduced you to the fascinating characters in “TAMAYOMI”, I’d like to introduce you to the charm of the story they weave!
There are two main attractions of “TAMAYOMI”.

■Healing x Sports! A new, different style!

First of all, the characters in this story are all cute high school girls with a warm and friendly atmosphere.
The members of the club are so gentle and fluffy that they might have been able to connect with each other even without baseball.
However, in the end, they are all in the baseball club because they “want to play baseball! But in the end, they are all members who came to the baseball club with the desire to play baseball.
Although their reasons and backgrounds are different, their passion for baseball is the same.
They practice hard while inspiring each other to achieve the goal of participating in the national tournament, and the scenes where they clash with each other with all their might, even in practice games, are serious games! It’s truly “sporen”!

The atmosphere of the cute, loose, and fluffy characters and the passionate baseball team make for a unique baseball manga.
Don’t underestimate its cuteness, and you’ll definitely be moved by its inner passion!

The personalities of the players and the development of the game make it a baseball manga worth watching!

The appeal of this manga is not only that it is a “spore-based” manga, but also that it is a “real baseball manga” that depicts the actual baseball scene and its training process.
The aforementioned cute characters with rich personalities have their own individuality and characteristics, which blossom in various baseball scenes.
As a team, they learn how to make the best use of each other’s personalities as they practice together, and the story depicts the process of their steady growth.
The scenes of the baseball games are also fascinating and powerfully drawn.
The scenes of baseball games are also very powerful and attractive, with a series of realistic cuts that make you feel as if you are actually watching the game.
In addition, there is a monologue that explains the development of the game at key points, making it a work that can be fully enjoyed as a full-fledged baseball manga!

|Three of the best games from the first six volumes of “TAMAYOMI”!

There are many great games that you can’t take your eyes off of, from official games to practice games to confrontations between teammates.
We’ve selected three of the best games from volumes 1 through 6 based on our own judgment and prejudice! It’s hot!

Yana University Kawagoe game, 7th inning, “Nozomi vs. Asakura”.

The first game for the new Shin Koshigaya. It was a practice game, but it would be a heated and serious game.
In the last inning, we were behind by one run. Breathuki persevered and barely got on base, and connected with the team’s strongest hitter, Nozomi.
In addition to his nationally ranked fastball, Asakura has also acquired a breaking ball. Will Reki’s hitting work?
Reki is a man who wants to compete with his strongest opponent, and of course, Asakura is full of motivation. The best.

■Shin-Koshigaya team practice “Nozomi vs.

Free batting in a real game format.
Whenever I saw Wing Chun’s changing pitches, I would say, “Throw to me too! “Let’s play! and “Let’s play! She was so excited to have her long-awaited match!
They never play against each other in a game, so what will be the result of “Reki, the strongest hitter” versus “Wing Chun’s magic ball”? I’m too curious. It’s exciting.

Against Lianyukan, bottom of the 7th inning “Nakada vs. Yomi

The third qualifying round of the Saitama Prefecture Tournament. It’s finally an official game.
If we lose, it’s the end of the tournament. The results of months or even years of hard work will be tested. There is a weight to it, after all…. Even those who are watching the game put a lot of effort into it.

Now it was time for the final round of the tournament. The back-and-forth battle continues, and the outcome of the game will be decided by the game between these two.
Against the number four of the four, the best slugger in the nation, Nakata, the battery of Wing Chun and Tamahime chooses to “play”.

Wing Chun fights well against a powerful school that is overwhelmingly disadvantaged in the preliminary rankings, and grows even more during the game.
Tamahime sees a slight chance to win in Wing Chun’s pitching.

If it doesn’t work out, let’s just go away.

The climax of the battle of Lianyukan! How will it end? I cry.

[speech_bubble type=”drop” subtype=”L1″ icon=”surprise.png” name=”Nazuna”] Well, I’ve introduced the highlights and charms of the manga “TAMAYOMI”! How did you like it? TAMAYOMI” is a manga that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, with a perfect balance of sporty youth, authentic baseball scenes, and lighthearted, exciting yuri. It’s great to discover new things about a genre you never knew existed! How about taking the opportunity of the anime adaptation to check out the original manga as well, as it has a lot of charm condensed into this work? [/speech_bubble]

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