Laid-Back Camp’s rice cookers and other products from DRESS


The fishing and outdoor brand “DRESS” will be releasing outdoor goods in collaboration with the popular anime “Laid-Back Camp”.

Specially designed mestins (aluminum rice containers) and utility semi-hard cases will be available in June and August, respectively.

The original release is posted below.

■The latest in the popular anime “Laid-Back Camp” merchandise is the long-awaited campers’ mestine, released in collaboration with the fishing and outdoor brand “DRESS”. More related products are scheduled to be released in the future!

DRESS (President; Yoshiichiro Yasui, Higashi Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture) will release outdoor goods in collaboration with the popular anime “Laid-Back Camp.

One of the indispensable goods for camping, the Mestin (aluminum rice bowl) is now available in two sizes, M and L.

 For the M size, two versions of the popular characters Shima Rin and Kakamigahara Nadeshiko will be available, and for the L size, two versions of the Nokuru Gathering and Pine Cones will be available, all with different designs.

|Scheduled for release in June 2021

[Yuru-Can△ x DRESS Mestin M size Shima Rin ver./Kakamigahara Nadeshiko ver.

・[Yuru-Can△ x DRESS Messin L size Nokuru Gathering ver./Matsubokkuri ver.

This is a lightweight, compact rice container (mestin) made of aluminum.
The high thermal conductivity of aluminum allows heat to spread throughout, making it possible to cook rice deliciously even with an alcohol burner or solid fuel. It can also be used as a pot!
It can also be used as a cooking pot.

●Aluminum rice bowls with handles are lightweight, easy to carry, and convenient for storing small items.
M and L sizes stackable!

M size / Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (excluding tax) 3,200 yen each (preliminary price)
M size / Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (tax not included) 3,200 yen each

|Scheduled for release in August 2021

Laid-Back Camp x DRESS Utility Semi-Hard Case M] [Rin Shima ver./Nadeshiko Kakamigahara ver.

The Utility Semi-Hard Case is a durable, shock-absorbent case that can be used to store condiments, lanterns, and other items, and is scheduled to be released in August 2021.

 The “Utility Semi-Hard Case” will be available in August 2021.

A semi-hard case for storing, organizing, and transporting camping gear, seasonings, and other outdoor goods!
The case is made of lightweight EVA material with excellent shock absorption and water resistance. The sides of the case are cushioned to gently protect stored items from impact.
The sides are cushioned to gently protect your belongings from shocks, and there is a mesh pocket on the back of the lid to store small items. There are two movable dividers inside. The dividers can be repositioned freely using the hook and loop fasteners.
The lid has a double zipper for smooth opening and closing, and is fully open for easy access.
It has a handle for easy carrying.

Scheduled for release in August 2021.
Suggested retail price (excluding tax): 3,800 yen each (preliminary price)

|Store Information

All famous outdoor stores in Japan
Nationwide famous fishing tackle stores
Osaka Campal
Naturum and other online stores
DRESS official shopping site

|What is [DRESS]?

Since its inception in 2007, DRESS has developed superior quality custom handles, fish grips, apparel and accessories to meet the demands of anglers.

 In 2009, DRESS received the Good Design Award for its fish grips “Glasper”.

 DRESS has been actively collaborating with various Japanese contents, and released fishing tackle in collaboration with Ultraman and Ultraseven in 2013, and with Evangelion in 2017.

 In 2020, we will be releasing fishing tackle in collaboration with ONE PIECE, and we have been proposing a new style of fishing as an outdoor activity.

 In the future, DRESS will continue to propose fishing and outdoor products that show the pride of Japanese craftsmanship in planning, development, production, and inspection.

Click here for DRESS official website

|What if you didn’t live in Japan?

No problem! You too can get your hands on those items by using our proxy service called NerzExpress.
For more information, please see the following article.

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