“Laid-Back Camp” is super interesting! |Let’s read this cute camping manga about high school girls at home!


Recently, I’ve been staying at home on my days off and reading manga that I haven’t been able to digest.

The manga “Laid-Back Camp” ・・・・・・

It’s really soothing. !!!!!

The high school girls enjoying camping is cute and really soothing.

This manga has inspired me to buy a lot of camping gear.

When I think of camping, I have an image of it as a pastime for old men.

It was hard for me to start camping because I had the impression that I would have to buy expensive equipment and wear a dorky windbreaker for mountain climbing.

But seeing my friends loosely enjoying camping, I can feel a new way to enjoy it while being relaxed!

I want to be relaxed and healed by manga! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be relaxed and healed by manga!

|Synopsis of Laid-Back Camp.

Rin” is a high school girl who likes to enjoy camping alone.

One day, while camping by herself, she meets Nadeshiko, who is almost lost.

Nadeshiko had just transferred to Motosu High School, the same school as Rin.

Nadeshiko became interested in the outdoors after this encounter, and joined the “Outdoor Activity Circle”.

The members of the circle started going camping together every week.

Nadeshiko becomes more and more fascinated with camping.

Meanwhile, Rin rejects Nadeshiko’s invitation and continues to enjoy camping by herself.

|Why Laid-Back Camp is so fun

A very carefully drawn time stream focused on camping!

The members of the “Outdoor Activity Circle” truly enjoy camping.

I could make a fire.
The food is delicious!
The stars are beautiful!

It gives me a warm feeling to see how they are happy and sad about each and every thing.

This manga focuses on camping and depicts the flow of time in an unhurried and relaxed way.

This is the best part of camping, I think, and it fully expresses the beauty of being at one with nature in a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

By not having too many unnecessary stories, the “goodness of camping” can be conveyed straightforwardly.

It is a work that makes readers and viewers want to try camping.

■All sorts of camping!

In the story, various parties go out to various places and enjoy various camping activities.

Whether it is Lynn’s solo camping, twin camping with Lynn and Nadeshiko, or camping with the members of the outdoor activity circle, all of them have their own merits and charms.

The way they are thinking about where to go camping next makes me smile.

■I love the loosely drawn human figures.

Lin, who likes to camp solo, spends most of her time at the check-out counter in the library at school and rarely seems to be with her friends.

Nadeshiko, on the other hand, is the type of person who doesn’t shy away from people, and she quickly joins the “outdoor club” at her new high school.

She quickly joins the outdoor club at her new high school. Because of her sociable personality, she quickly becomes friends with Chiaki Ogaki and Aoi Inuyama, and they start going camping every week.

Nadeshiko invites Lin to join the “outdoor circle” as a way of thanking her for her help, but Lin immediately refuses.

Nadeshiko continues to invite her to camp with her, but Lynn continues to refuse.

As time goes by, however, Rin begins to care about Nadeshiko, buys her souvenirs from her solo camping trip, and asks her to go camping with her.

The way Rin and Nadeshiko gradually get to know each other is like watching a romance in a shoujo manga, and it is very heartwarming.

■Good thing there’ a lot to learn about camping!

All of the camping dishes are easy, delicious, and stylish.

Some of the dishes can be made not only for camping but also for everyday use, and can be used as a recipe book.

Also, since the book is set in an actual campsite, if you find a campsite you like, you can actually go there.

Information such as what the cooking area looks like, what kind of scenery you can see, how cold it is, etc. is very helpful.

And many “Laid-Back Camp” fans make pilgrimages to holy places.

The camping equipment is depicted in such a way that although the product names and brands are not mentioned, a little research will tell you where they are from, and you can actually buy and use the same products as the characters.

The fashion points are also very high, with cute, natural camping coordinates for women that you will want to copy.

■The main characters are adorable!

・Main character 1: Rin Shima

The main character has a trademark bun hairstyle.

He believes in solo camping, assembling a tent by himself with his own hands, reading books, and enjoying a quiet solo camping experience. After an encounter with Nadeshiko, he begins to experience camping with friends and to think about enjoying cooking.

・Main character 2: Nadeshiko Kakamigahara

The other main character of the film.

After being rescued by Lin, she becomes interested in camping.

He joins a wildlife club and goes camping with the club members, and becomes completely absorbed in the charm of camping.

・Chiaki Ogaki

Aoi is the head of the outdoor activity circle, with her trademark glasses.

Before meeting the two main characters, the outdoor activity circle had just started up and Aoi and I were the only two members in the club.

With only a few members, the club had little money to spend on activities, and so far, the club’s activities had been limited to reading outdoor magazines and making bonfires in the schoolyard.

When Nadeshiko joined the club, we started full-scale activities, aiming to be promoted from a club to a department.

・Aoi Inuyama

A member of a wildlife club with a trademark triangular eyebrow.

He is the only one who has a calm personality among the members who tend to act first.

He is the only one who has a calm personality among the members who tend to act fast, and acts as a brake by telling off the other members who go ahead with their actions.

However, every time he is dragged along, they end up making mistakes together.

It is very good to learn the right knowledge about camping and also to actually enjoy the place. Anyway, I want you to read the first volume without thinking about it.

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