This is the tool that Shima-Rin is using!


In the winter of 2018, “Laid-back Camp” was made into a TV anime that has contributed to the popularity of camping.
It’s an unusual anime about a high school girl, Shima Rin, Nadeshiko Kakamigahara, and their outdoor circle (Nokuru).
If you like camping, you’ve probably seen it.
It started with a high school girl, Rin, who packed her bicycle full of camping gear and went to a campsite to do a solo camping trip and set up her tent with her own hands.
When I saw her unrolling one famous brand of camping gear after another, I thought, “Oh!
“Oh! When I saw them spreading out the famous brand camping gear one after another, many of you must have thought, “Oh, this is really the same camping gear!
I’m sure many of you must have thought, “Oh, this is really the same camping equipment!

I’m sure you’re wondering about the camping gear that Rin was equipped with, right?

I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that you like.
The author, Mr. “Afro” Sasa’s descriptions of camping equipment, scenery, and campsites are so amazing that you could go on a pilgrimage to the holy land and see them all at the same time! It’s so amazing that it’s almost like going on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land!

So let’s take a look at Rin’s tools.

I’ve researched and introduced similar products, so if I’m wrong, please leave a comment in the comment box saying “This is not the same! If I’m wrong, please comment in the comment box that this is not the same thing…

|[Laid-back Camp] Shima Rin’s Camping Equipment


This is type 3 of Montbell’s (mont-bell) Mulan Light Tent series.
They are available from Type 1 to Type 9, and Type 3 is a moulin light tent for 2 to 3 people.
However, they are currently sold out due to Rin’s popularity …

This is a standard model with a long history among Montbell’s tents.
As the name suggests, it can be set up quickly and easily, even by moonlight, and it is waterproof and breathable.
Although it weighs only 3.6kg, this tent has a spacious living space with a wide design inside the tent.
The tent is designed for 2 to 3 people, so it is a great tent for solo camping because you can put your luggage in it.

I love my grandfather for giving me such a nice tent as a gift.

Next is the chair that Rin-chan is sitting on so comfortably.
The logo is clearly visible, so it was easy to understand.

This is a Mayfly chair from ALITE.
Comfortable chair with excellent stability of the seat.
The height of the seat is 5.1cm, which is a perfect height to spend a relaxing time.
If you remove the front legs, you can also use it as a rocking chair, making it a two-in-one chair.
It is also very lightweight at 635g.
Since Rin-chan travels by bicycle at first, it also helps to lighten the load!
Unfortunately, this color is also sold out due to Rin’s popularity.
Unfortunately, this color seems to be sold out due to Rin’s popularity, but other colors are still available.

■Sleeping bags
Next is the sleeping bag!
As for the sleeping bag, there are many predictions on the Internet, but I think it is probably the “Deuter Starcatcher”.

Deuter Starcatcher-10
Lin likes to go solo camping in the fall and winter when there’s no one around.
The Doister Starcatcher-10 can withstand temperatures down to minus 10 degrees Celsius, even in the extreme cold of midwinter.
It’s a mummy-shaped sleeping bag with a zipper on the side for when you need to use your phone or something!
The zipper can also be opened and closed from the feet, so you can put your feet up while wearing it!
You can also open and close the zipper from the feet, so you can put your feet up while wearing it. As the name Starcatcher implies, you may want to get into this sleeping bag and gaze at the stars.

Next is an inflatable mat.

This is an inflatable mat that Rin is inflating with her mouth.
After all, sleeping comfort is important!
I think it’s the Ithaca Comfylite Mattress 180.
I think that’s it.
There are three types of mattresses available: 120 for half-body, 165 for short, and 180 for full-body.
It is 32mm thick, so it is very comfortable and has excellent insulation.
It weighs only 660 grams, so it is perfect for Rin who travels by bicycle.

Lanterns hanging from tents

This is the lantern that I carried and also used when I first met Nadeshiko-chan♪
It is!
It was interesting to encounter Nadeshiko-chan in the middle of the night.
I’m sure you’ll love it.
It is a lantern that can change its color tone to white, daylight, and warm colors.
It is also bright enough with 380 lumens.
The design is not so cute for girls to use, but…
The lamp has a lighting time of 14 hours.

■Lantern Stand
This is a lantern stand, a hook to hang a lantern.

This is the Snow Peak Pile Driver.
This is a lantern stand that has received many reviews for its excellent stability.
It has no legs because it is used by driving it into the ground.
This is a great way to save space and avoid tripping.

This is the table where Lynne keeps her delicious coffee and single burner ♪

“Captain Stagg Aluminum Low Table.
Rin-chan always puts it beside her and uses it, doesn’t she?
It’s a very compact low table that weighs only 700g.
The table is compact but has a load capacity of 30kg, so you can put a single burner on it and cook with it.
It’s light and sturdy, so it’s a must for campers who travel by bike or bicycle!

■Single burner
Next is the single burner.

“SOTO Micro Regulator Stove Wind Master
This is the single burner that Lin-chan used to heat up one-pot pasta and steamed buns.
It’s a single burner that’s cold and wind resistant.
It is a single burner that is strong in the cold and wind.
It may cost a little more because it’s designed for OD cans, but OD cans are more stylish at the campsite!

This cooker was very useful for boiling water for coffee and making one-pot pasta.

“Coleman Packaway Solo Cooker Set.
It features a red handle.
The red one point stands out for Instagram!
It was very useful for boiling water and cooking!
It’s made of aluminum, it’s lightweight, and it’s non-stick, so it’s a very cost effective product.

■Hot sandwich maker
This is the hot sandwich maker that Rin-chan was heating up her buns in.
They looked so good!

The Atsuatsu Hot Sand Maker.
You can use it to make hot sandwiches for breakfast, or use it as a skillet!
The scene where Rin cooks a bun she bought at a convenience store with butter is very impressive.
I’m sure there are many people who saw that scene and wanted to get a hot sandwich maker.

This is the mug that Rin-chan used to drink coffee out of every time she enjoyed it.

I don’t know where the product is from as there is no logo or anything.
To be honest, a 100-yen mug will do just fine!
If you’re a Yuru Camp fan, you’ll be happy to know that there are Yuru Camp mugs available.
These are mugs of Rin-chan and Nadeshiko-chan!

■Water bottle
This is the water bottle that I took with me to fill with water needed to make Rin’s favorite curry noodles.

Cup noodles eaten while camping are very tasty because of the external correction.
A very stylish water bottle is the
Clean Canteen Insulated Classic Bottle
This is a very stylish water bottle.
I used to wear it on the back of my backpack when I rode my bike.
It comes in 10 different colors and is very colorful and stylish.
You can use it to keep warm or cold, so you can fill it with hot drinks in the cold winter months and cold drinks in the hot summer months.

You said it was a hassle, but you seemed to be enjoying chopping wood.

“Shirakaba 180MM Natural Spirit.
I remember Rin-chan chopping wood with an evil look on her face saying, “I’m going to turn all of you into rust for my sword.
The pine cones were cute too!
It’s cool to see a girl chopping wood with a machete, like she’s used to camping!

Fire pit
This is the compact fire pit where I did yakiniku with Nadeshiko

The first time she opened the package was so cute♪
It looked like a delicious barbecue at the lakeside with Nadeshiko!
“Laugh’s Compact Fire Grill B-6-kun
I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that I’m not the only one who’s interested in this.
It was called a metal money box (lol).
When folded, it becomes very compact and is recommended for solo campers who want to build a fire.
It also weighs only 500 grams, which is super light, so it’s great for Rin-chan who travels by bicycle!

Laid-back Camp” is an outdoor manga serialized in “Manga Time Kirara Forward” (Houbunsha). Set in Yamanashi Prefecture, it is a popular work that loosely depicts high school girls camping and going about their daily lives. Based on the original author Afro’s own outdoor experiences and interviews, the camping know-how and the beauty of Yamanashi’s nature have become popular and continue to expand the fan base.

This is the camping equipment used by Rin-chan in the anime of Yuru-Can△! If you’re a fan of Yuru Camp, you’re going to want the same thing. The sleeping bag is for winter use, so it might be too hot in the summer…

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