Spring Anime “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” 1st Episode Slightly Showed PV, BD Animate Benefits Revealed


The second part of “Reincarnation: The Case of the Slime” will be broadcasted and distributed from July 2021. The third key visual has been released.

Also, a PV showing a bit of the first episode of “Tensura Nikki”, which will start airing sequentially from April 6th, has been released.

In addition, comments from the original authors and Yuji Ikuhara, the director of “Tensura Nikki”, have arrived for the start of the broadcast, so let’s take a look at them as well.

|Newly drawn by character designer Ryoma Ebata! The third key visual of “Tensura 2nd season” has been released!

|Introduction of TENSURA

The Jura Tempest Federation, a country founded by the protagonist Rimuru and the many demons who have come to adore him, is in the process of forming a gentle ideal of “a country where humans and demons can walk together” through agreements and trade with neighboring countries.

At the root of Rimuru is his “fondness for humans” due to the fact that he was a human slime. ……

However, in this world, there is a clear “hostility towards demons”.

When confronted with this unreasonable reality, Rimuru makes a choice. What does he not want to lose?

The long-awaited reincarnation entertainment for fans enters a stormy new chapter!

|Staff information

DirectorAtsushi Nakayama
Original workKawakami Yasuki, Fushise, Mitsuba, “Tensei shite tara slime de tatare” (serialized in Kodansha’s “Monthly Shonen Sirius”)
Series compositionKazuyuki Fudeyasu
Character DesignRyoma Ebata
Monster DesignTakahiro Kishida
Art DirectorAyumu Sato
Art DirectionTomoyasu Fujise and Masahiro Sato
Color DesignAsaki Saito
Director of PhotographySato Hiroshi
Graphic designerYuji Iohara
EditingYumi Jinguji
Sound DirectorHitoshi Akutagawa
MusicElements Garden
Animation Production8 bits

|CAST information

Lemur.Miho Okazaki
great sageMegumi Toyoguchi
BenimaruFurukawa Makoto
Shuna.Sayaka Senbongi
SoueiTakuya Eguchi
HakurouYoshitada Otsuka
RangaChikahiro Kobayashi
GobutaAsuka Tomari
RigurudoKanpei Yamamoto
GabiruJun Fukushima
GerudoTaro Yamaguchi
DiabloTakahiro Sakurai

■The 2nd season of “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” Episode 36 “The Unleashed One” Broadcast Information

TOKYO MX: Tuesday, March 30, 23:00- 
MBS: March 30 (Tue) 27:30~ 
TV Aichi: Tuesday, March 30, 26:05-       
TV Hokkaido: Tuesday, March 30, 25:35~
TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting: Tuesday, March 30, from 27:05
Tochigi Television: Tuesday, March 30, 24:00 
Gunma TV: March 30 (Tue) 24:30- 
AT-X: March 31 (Wed) 21:30~
TV U Fukushima: April 2 (Fri.) 25:55~
Animax: April 3 (Sat.) 21:00~

Please note that the broadcast date and time are subject to change without notice.

|Tensura Nikki” Episode 1 PV released! Comments from the original writers and director Yuji Ikuhara have also arrived!

Ahead of the broadcast of “Tensura Nikki”, which will begin on April 6th, we’ve released a “little PV” that shows off a little bit of the main footage from the first episode!

Also, we have received comments from the original author, Fushise, the original manga author, Shiba, and the director, Yuji Ikuhara!

■Comment by Mr. Fuse (based on the novel “Reincarnation: The Case of the Slime”)

I myself was really looking forward to seeing the anime adaptation of the Tenso Diary. I actually watched the first episode of Shirobako, and my impressions are that it was wonderfully done!

I was relieved to see that the timing of the episode changes, which I was worried about, was well paced and easy to understand.

I was relieved to see that the timing of the episode changes was well paced and easy to understand.

I hope you enjoy this version of “Tensura”, which has a different flavor from the main story!

■Comment by Dr. Shiba (Manga “Tensura Nikki: Reincarnation and the Slime That Was”) 

The anime “Tensura Nikki” is about to be aired.

In the four-frame manga I draw, many things are stripped away, simplified and expressed in four pictures, but in the anime, the spaces between the frames are filled, the characters move vividly, colors are added, voices are spoken, and background music and a nice song are added.

When I saw the finished product, which had been fleshed out by many people’s hands, even though the original was the same, it became much more enjoyable and worth seeing, and I myself made new discoveries, such as “I didn’t know this interpretation was possible,” “I didn’t know that’s what this was about,” and “Gabil’s song…”.

The “Tensura Diary” is a daily life of Rimuru and his friends that took place during the story of “The Case of the Slime Who Was Reborn”.

The same goes for the anime, and I hope you enjoy it as a break from the main story. I hope you enjoy it as a break from the main story. However, the temperature will be quite different from the second season of the anime currently airing, so please take care not to catch a cold.

■Comment from Director Yuji Ikuhara (Director of the TV animation “Tensha Shitara Slime de tatara Tensra Nikki”)

What would your life be like if you lived with the characters from “Reincarnation: The Case of the Slime”?

What would your life be like if you lived with the characters of “Reincarnation and the Slime”? With the aim of creating such a work, I was entrusted with the works of Fushise and Shiba-sensei.

In the world of Tensura, we laugh, we are surprised, and sometimes we are moved. I hope you enjoy these days of theirs with the lightness that only a spin-off can provide.

|Tensura Nikki” Blu-ray 1: Risa Takai’s newly-drawn storage box image and newly-drawn illustrations for store purchase privileges!

Blu-ray① (Special Limited Edition)
On sale June 25, 2021!

BCXA-1613 / 19,800 yen (including tax) / 6 episodes
147min (approx. 142min + approx. 5min of special features) / Linear PCM (Stereo) / AVC / BD50G / 16:9

Blu-ray Special Limited Edition Privilege
・Enclosed bonus
・Newly recorded special CD
・Special booklet
Audio bonus
・Audio commentary
Video privileges
・PV (Vol.1)
・CM (advertisement, Blu-ray announcement)
・Storage box with newly drawn character design by Risa Takai
・Digital jacket drawn by the original manga creator.

DVD will be released at the same time!

[DVD1] BCBA-5045 / 5,940 yen (w/tax) / 3 episodes
(Pre)69min / Dolby Digital (Stereo) / Single Sided Single Layer / 16:9 (Squeeze) / Vista Size

Audio extras
・Audio commentary

Production of the Special Limited Edition may be discontinued without notice. 
Blu-ray: 2 volumes / (2) will be released in August, each volume contains 6 episodes, price: 19,800 yen including tax
DVD 4 volumes / each volume will be released once a month, each volume contains 3 episodes, price including tax: 5,940 yen  
Rental DVD will be released at the same time as the sales DVD / 4 volumes

|Newly drawn illustrations for store purchase privileges

・Blu-ray all volume purchase privilege
 Original B2 tapestry (Rimuru, Shuna)

|TV animation “Tensha Shitara Slime ni tatte Tenzura Nikki” summary

The popular four-frame spin-off comic “Tensura Diary,” which has sold over 500,000 copies, is the first TV anime in the Tensura spin-off series!

I’ve got a precious piece of paper, so I’ve decided to write about my past in the form of a diary. I got a precious piece of paper, so I decided to write about my past in the form of a diary, starting with, let’s see… ‘I was a slime when I reincarnated. From there, my adventures–adventures…?

A “slime life” reincarnation entertainment that abundantly depicts the daily lives of the mischievous and humorous Rimuru and his Tempest friends!

The TV anime “Reincarnated and Found a Slime” is an entertainment about a protagonist who is reincarnated as a slime in a different world, and uses his acquired skills, wisdom, and courage to increase his friends.

The original comic “Tenseishita Tara Slime Daitatta” (serialized in Kodansha’s “Monthly Shonen Sirius” / manga: Yasuki Kawakami, original story: Fushise, original character design: Mitsuba) is a comicalization of the popular novel of the same title by Fushise, which has surpassed 700 million PV (page views) on the novel submission site “Shosetsuka ni Narou”. The total number of copies sold of the series, including comics, novels, and spin-offs, has exceeded 24 million copies (as of February 2021).

The “Tensura” series’ TV anime “Tensura shite tara slime de tatara 2nd season” and the “Tensura” spin-off comic “Tensura shite tara slime de tatara Tensura diary”, which is the first TV anime adaptation of the series, have been airing for nine consecutive months since January 2021.

Tensura” portal site
Official Twitter (@ten_sura_anime)
Official Instagram

(C)Yasuki Kawakami, Fushise, Kodansha / Tensura Production Committee
(C)Shiba, Fushise, Kodansha / Tensura Diary Production Committee

[speech_bubble type=”drop” subtype=”L1″ icon=”surprise.png” name=”Nazuna”] The patterns in the Tenzura diary are very cute and soothing. It’s also available on Netflix, so it’s easy to watch. [/speech_bubble]

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