Introducing the model locations in Yamagata Prefecture that appeared in the Laid-back Camp Part3


A new kind of girls’ story about the outdoors and girls. The animation depicts the loose outdoor experiences and daily lives of high school girls in Yamanashi Prefecture, along with the beautiful nature of Yamanashi.

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|What is Laid-back Camp

Laid-back Camp” is an outdoor manga serialized in “Manga Time Kirara Forward” (Houbunsha). Set in Yamanashi Prefecture, it is a popular work that loosely depicts high school girls camping and going about their daily lives. Based on the original author Afro’s own outdoor experiences and interviews, the camping know-how and the beauty of Yamanashi’s nature have become popular and continue to expand the fan base.

|Story of Laid-back Camp

Nadeshiko Kakamigahara, a high school girl who has moved from Shizuoka to Yamanashi, rides her bicycle to Lake Motosu to see “Mt. When Nadeshiko almost falls asleep and gets lost on her intended day trip, she is rescued by Shima Rin, a high school girl who was camping alone. Nadeshiko is rescued by Shima Rin, a high school girl who was camping alone. Her encounter with Rin leads her to fall in love with camping…

If you want to see more details about the story and the characters, please read the following articles.

|Introduction to model sites in Yamanashi Prefecture

After each episode of “Laid-back Camp” airs, we’ll introduce the holy places (model places) in Yamanashi Prefecture where the show takes place, as well as tourist information in the surrounding areas!

In this Part 2, I will introduce the locations that appeared in episodes 7 to 9 of the anime Laid-back Camp.

|“Laid-back Camp” The model location that appeared in Episode seven.


Nadeshiko and Rin’s Yakiniku Camping Place
This is a quiet campground on Shibire Lake, a small mountain lake 850 meters above sea level and 1.2 km in circumference.

The entire area from the parking lot to the lakeside is privately owned by the campground.

It is said that at three o’clock in the morning
“There is a legend that the ghost of a bull demon
There is a legend…
“It may or may not exist.
Nadeshiko: “Please, don’t come out tonight. Please don’t come out tonight. Huh~…
Rin: “What stone monument are you worshipping at? I can’t read …….

|Sightseeing spots around the episode 7 broadcast

Mitama no Yu
Hot springs often appear in Laid-back Camp. Ichikawa Misato Town, where Lake Shibire is located, also has the best day trip hot springs.
At night, you can enjoy the glittering night view, and during the day, you can enjoy the cityscape of the Kofu Basin.
On the other side of the hill is the Miharashi-no-oka, which offers a panorama of the Southern Alps and the mountains of Okutama.
Mitama-no-yu, a healing hot spring with this spectacular view below.
The clear brown hot spring water, which contains natural organic matter dissolved from ancient plants, is a high-quality alkaline simple hot spring with eight benefits.
There are also a variety of facilities for dining, shopping for local products, and small parties.
The “carrot dressing” is particularly popular. We have many repeat customers!
There are also many events at Mitama no Yu! These events are held in conjunction with the harvest season of local ingredients.
In June, there will be a “Sweet Daughter Harvest Festival,” so be sure to try the sweet and tasty sorghum!
In December, the “Otsuka Carrot Harvest Festival” will be held, and once you try it, you’ll be hooked!

|Food and drink information related to the broadcast of Episode7.

Does the model location, Suimei Sou, have a mysterious and extremely delicious BBQ?

Scene from episode 6
Chiaki: “I heard that there is a mysterious and extremely delicious BBQ on the terrace of the administration building.
Well, is there a mysterious and delicious BBQ? Please go to Suimei-so and check it out.

|“Laid-back Camp” The model location that appeared in Episode8.

Former Lower Elementary and Junior High School – JR Kai Tokoha Station

The route that Nadeshiko and her friends take to get to and from Motosu High School and JR Kai Tokoha Station.
Chiaki and Aoi are working hard on their Nokuru activities even before the test.
They talk about the next camping trip, and when the test period is over, the three members of Nokuru head out to an outdoor goods store…!

Before the test, while the students are leaving school, Aoi heads to the Nokuru club room.

Nadeshiko: “Akichan, I found a strange car!
Nadeshiko: “Light truck wanker. Wanko! I’ll never forget you! by Tsunayoshi.
Rin: “Oh. You can see the 3D view of the map around here too.
Rin’s mother: “Wow, I wonder when they came to take pictures.
Rin: “Oh.

JR Kofe Tokiwa Station
The station used by the members of the Wild Circle to commute to Motosu High School.
It is about 600 meters from the site of the former Lower Elementary and Middle Schools, and is less than a 10-minute walk.

JR Minobu Station and Shonin Street in front of Minobu Station

The three members of the wild circle get off at Minobu Station on their way home from school and head for an outdoor goods store.
(The model location of the outdoor goods store “Caribou” does not actually exist in Minobu Town.
(The model location of the outdoor goods store “Caribou” does not exist in Minobu Town.) Along the 600-meter-long road in front of Minobu Station, there is a row of pure Japanese-style houses with namako walls, Japanese tiles, and white, black, and brown colors.
If you are coming to Shonin-dori Shopping Street by car, please be sure to use the parking lot.

Nadeshiko: “Minobu manju! “Is that a Minobu specialty?
Chiaki: “Three, please.
Aoi: “I’ll have three too.
Nadeshiko: “Then I’ll have 10 from …… please.
Chiaki and Aoi: “I’ll eat.
Chiaki: “Minobu manjuu is not as famous as other specialties, even though it’s delicious.
Aoi: “Hey, maybe if we write a song about it, it will become popular.
Nadeshiko: “Minoubu manjuu.
Chiaki: “That’s Hotaru no Hikari.

|Sightseeing spots around the episode 8 broadcast

Minobusan Ropeway

Minobusan Kuonji Temple is known as the head temple of the Nichiren sect of Buddhism, and is crowded with worshippers throughout the year.
The weeping cherry trees in the temple precincts are also famous, and are truly magnificent when in full bloom. The area around the temple has been selected as one of the 100 best cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan, and is one of the most famous cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan.
The weeping cherry tree at Minobusan Kuonji Temple is 400 years old and is one of the top 10 weeping cherry trees in Japan, and the way the cherry blossoms hang down to the ground is very impressive.
If you take the Minobusan Ropeway, which appears in the fifth volume of the original story of “Yuru Camp,” you will see the Okunoin Shikyaku at the top, where you can see the World Heritage Site Mt. You can fully enjoy the spectacular panorama.
During the cherry blossom season, the road to Kuonji Temple is very congested, so depending on traffic conditions (congestion), the road may be one-way.
For more information, please visit the website of Minobucho Minobusan Tourist Association.

|Food and drink information related to the broadcast of Episode 8.

Eishodo’s “Minobu Manjuu

The “Minobu Manjuu” that Nokuru was eating cost 65 yen each.

Even if you eat three of them like the Nokuru members, you still won’t be able to stop eating them.
Why don’t you buy 10 of them for now like Nadeshiko did?
Please come to Minobu Town and buy some. Minobu Manjyu can be purchased at several stores such as Minobu-yama and in front of Minobu Station.

|“Laid-back Camp” The model location that appeared in Episode9.

Minobu Town – Yashogami Pass, Minami Alps City

The route to the “Cross over My Corpse Camp
Rin invites Nadeshiko to go camping during her exam break, but Nadeshiko catches a cold at the wrong time. Rin decides to go to Kamiina in Nagano alone, but the sudden excursion without a sightseeing plan turns into a series of happenings.

Rin: “What⁉︎ Did you get over your cold⁉︎
Nadeshiko: “Yeah. But I was told to stay home and sleep today.
Rin: “No, of course not.” “I’m on my way to a campground in Kamiina.
Nadeshiko: “Kamiina?
Rin: “It’s in the southern part of Nagano Prefecture.
Nadeshiko “Huh?
Rin: “I’ll send you a picture, so you can sleep quietly.
Nadeshiko: “Yes.

Rin: “Road Closed Now
“Winter road closures in the mountains: ……
“Oh no, we’re going back the way …… came?
Oh, we’re out of …… range. ……
Rin: “Huh. …… I’m glad I have a vending machine ……
“Going out on a cold day to warm up with a warm drink: ……
I wonder if this is another form of match pumping: ……
Rin: “…… We’re going to climb up from here: ……
Tea lady: “Well, we’ll be on our way.
Friend: “See you later!
Rin: “Take care of your climbing.
The tea lady said, “That’s right. Please take this with you. It gets quite cold at night. Houjicha is said to be effective in warming the body.
Rin: “Thank you very much! Thank you very much! …… Is it fun to travel in a haphazard way?

Tsujitoge (Nagano Prefecture)
This is a stopover on the way to Lynn’s “Camp Over My Dead Body”.

Nadeshiko: “Where are you, Rin?
Rin: “I’m here.
Nadeshiko: “Where are you?
“Where? Where is it?
Rin: “It’s called Suwa Pass, south of Suwa Lake.
Nadeshiko: “Wow, that’s a nice place with a great view.
The teahouse on the pass is closed for the winter, so I couldn’t take a picture from the same angle.

Kouzenji Temple (Nagano Prefecture)

Rin: “So this is Kwangzenji, the doggie temple. ……
Rin: “It’s huge. It’s not bad to come to a place like this once in a while.
Rin: “So, where’s the …… enshrined doggie?

Komakusa no Yu(Nagano Prefecture,)

Rin: “I wonder if that’s Komagatake. ……
Some people climb that thing. ……
It’s amazing.
Nadeshiko: “But …… seems to be taking it pretty easy, is …… okay? Rin-chan.

|Sightseeing spots around the episode 9 broadcast

Minami-Alps City in Yamanashi Prefecture is full of delicious fruit fields.
Among them, the city boasts the largest production of plums in Japan. (Yamanashi Prefecture is the largest producer of peaches, plums, and grapes in Japan.
The best time to see the flowers is in mid-March. When the flowers are in full bloom, the satoyama of Alps City is completely white with plum blossoms. It is a fantastic sight.
After the blossoms have fallen, the harvesting of plums begins in mid-June and continues until “Guiyang”, the most popular harvest in August.
The Kiiyo was born in 1996 and is characterized by its larger fruit than other varieties, with a good balance of sourness and sweetness, and is recognized by Guinness as the world’s heaviest plum.
Why don’t you come to Minami-Alps City and enjoy the pretty flowers and delicious fruits of the plum tree? Best time to visit: mid-March to late March

◎Ashiyasu Hot Spring Resort is located in the vicinity of the Yashogami Pass. Be sure to visit there to warm up your cold body.

|Food and drink information related to the broadcast of Episode9.

The “Hoto” that Chiaki made for Nadeshiko’s family looked delicious. Even Lord Takeda Shingen appeared!

The local cuisine of Yamanashi is Houtou!
Houtou is a dish of wide noodles made of kneaded wheat flour, simmered with vegetables in a miso-based broth, and has been made at home in Yamanashi Prefecture for a long time.
The key to the taste is the miso-flavored soup and the pumpkin, which is indispensable for Hoto. When the pumpkin melts into the fragrant miso-flavored soup, it becomes mildly sweet and indescribably delicious. This deeply flavored soup is unique to Hoto! It is a true taste of the local area.
The flat and thick noodles are firm and chewy even after being cooked! It is also very satisfying to eat. There are plenty of vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, carrots, leeks, and mushrooms to satisfy your appetite.
Since it is served in an iron pot, it is hot all the way through. By the time you finish eating it, you will be sweating, and it will warm you up to the core even in the cold winter.
Even within Yamanashi Prefecture, the taste of Houtou varies from region to region and from restaurant to restaurant, depending on the flavor of the miso, the way the broth is prepared, and the choice of ingredients.
April 10th is “Houtou Day”, let’s all eat Houtou!

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