4 healing gourmet comics to read when you are tired: “Gohobi Gohan”, “Advertising Company, Men’s Dormitory Okazu-kun”


The rainy season is approaching and we tend to feel depressed. If you are feeling a little tired from your daily efforts, how about reading some manga to relax your mind?

Here are some healing gourmet manga that will give you a breath of fresh air, but will also make you hungry.

Reward yourself for your hard work with “Gohobi Gohan.

Once a week, Sakiko Ikeda, an office worker, enjoys a “Gohobi Gohan” to pamper herself to the fullest. Coming to Tokyo from the countryside, she usually prepares a gorgeous meal to soothe herself after a long day at work (but sometimes it’s a little lonely before payday). Sometimes I make it myself, sometimes I go to a restaurant I’ve been thinking about, and it varies from time to time. But there is one thing that motivates me, “I’m going to eat that this week! I’m going to eat that this week!” Just having one thing that motivates me changes my motivation to work.

 Also, not only Sakiko, but the people around her have their own “Gohobi Gohan” as well. The dining table is a clear reflection of values and hobbies. It might be interesting to try to find a character whose dining table is similar to your own.

Delicious and warm food soothes the soul “Okazu-kun in the men’s dormitory at an advertising company

Advertising Company, Okazu-kun in the Men’s Dormitory” is currently being serialized on Pixiv Comic (the final installment has been published, and an extra chapter is currently being updated).

Four ad men who live in a men’s dormitory happen to bring a dish to share for dinner every Friday. Although they belong to the same company, they work in different departments: sales, marketing, production, and accounting. Sometimes they confide their worries to each other, sometimes they discuss their projects and get unexpected ideas, and it is not only a delicious meal but also a chance to relax from their busy work.

In some cases, the food is a cure-all for their worries, as the dishes are made to reflect the problems they are facing at the time. It is clear that food nourishes not only the body, but also the mind. Of course, the dishes all look delicious. There are also recipes at the end of the book, so you may want to try out the dishes you like.

Cooking strengthens the bond between two sisters.

Sachi and Ayari suddenly find themselves as sisters after their parents remarry. However, their parents are on a business trip overseas and they are forced to live together. Although they are the same age, they have opposite personalities, but Ayari loves to cook and Sachi loves to eat, and they grow closer through cooking.

It is heartwarming to see how their friendship grows closer with each episode as they eat together. It also teaches us that “cooking for someone else” is delicious. Occasionally, ingredients that would not appear in an average household are used as the main ingredients (foie gras, raw wood for ham, etc.), but Sachi’s facial expressions when she eats them are so rich that it makes the reader smile.

Deaimon” is a story of bonds that unfolds in a Japanese sweets shop.

The main character, Kazu Noh, ran away from his family’s Japanese sweets shop in Kyoto to become a band member. Ten years later, however, Kazu is informed that his father has been hospitalized, and he decides to take over the store. When she returns to her parents’ home, she finds a 10-year-old girl, Kazuka Yukihira, as her successor.

Kazumi, who tends to be easily influenced, and Ichika, who is a strong person, gradually grow closer and strengthen their bond in the wagashi shop. Kazu has a childish streak, but it is for this reason that it is somewhat amusing to see how she unravels Ichika’s mind as she tries to force herself to become an adult.

[speech_bubble type=”drop” subtype=”L1″ icon=”surprise.png” name=”Nazuna”] When you are low on energy, eating is the most powerful thing you can do. But when you are even less energetic, you may not even know what you want to eat. That’s when manga comes in. Read a soothing manga, stimulate your appetite, and find something to eat. It may seem like a casual thing, but I think it can be a source of energy to do your best again tomorrow. [/speech_bubble]

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