The “Demon Slayer”, “Yu-Gi-Oh”… Jump works are making a big leap forward! Amiami’s Figure Reservation Ranking for May 2021


Hobby store Amiami has announced the “Amiami Figure Reservation Ranking for May 2021”, which covers figures for which reservations were taken between May 1 and May 31, 2021.
In first place was “Rukappu Demon Slayer: Fumikawa Jitsuya Complete Figure”, followed by “POP UP PARADE Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Black Magician Girl Complete Figure” in second place and “Figuarts ZERO Neduko Hearth: Blood Demon Technique ‘Demon Slayer'” in third place.

The number one figure, “Rukappu: Demon Slayer- Saneya Fushikawa” is a figure from the “Rukappu” series, which was coined from the word “look up” and features a cute gesture of looking up at the figure.
When displayed on a desk in the “looking up and sitting down” pose, it’s easier to make eye contact with her than with regular figures. Her neck is poseable, allowing for a variety of expressions.

The second-ranked “POP UP PARADE Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Black Magician Girl Finished Figure” is from the “POP UP PARADE” series of affordable, easy-to-display figures that are 17-18cm tall. It’s a figure of the Black Magician Girl.
She’s been sculpted in a cute and dynamic pose, and can be displayed alongside Yami Yugi (sold separately) for even more fun!

The third-ranked figure, “Figuarts ZERO: Priestess Kusakado: Blood Demon Technique (Demon Slayer),” is a three-dimensional figure of Priestess Kusakado from the “Figuarts ZERO” figure series, which focuses on the modeling and coloring of non-moving figures to recreate the charm of the character.
The blood demon technique used by Priestess has been recreated with transparent effects and distinctive coloring, and the beauty of her fighting form has been expressed with the characteristic flames of her blood demon technique. The beauty of her fighting form has been expressed with the characteristic flames of the blood demon technique. The fluttering hair and undulating flame effects are also worthy of attention.

Following in 4th place was the Figuarts Zero: Sumijirou Kamon all concentrated “Demon Slayer”, and in 5th place was the Rukappu Onimitsune no Blade Ganroji Mitsuri Finished Figure.
Rounding out the top 10 were the POP UP PARADE To LOVEuru Darkness: Momo Beria Deviluke 1/7th Scale Finished Figure, the Gekigurui x x Saotome Meili 1/7th Scale Finished Figure, the Figuarts Zero Inosuke Zuihei: Beast’s Breath (Demon Slayer), the Doll’s Front Line M4 SOPMOD II Barroom Sweeper Ver. 1/7th Scale Finished Figure”, and “ACT MODE Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX Yukine Chris Movable Figure”.

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