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Black Clover” is a shonen manga series that is easy to read for people of all ages, and it has what is called the “royal road” of shonen manga scattered throughout. I will introduce five such “shonen manga archetypes” that appear in Black Clover.

|If you like shonen manga, you’ve seen this story before.

Black Clover” is a fantasy action manga by Hiroki Tabata, serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” (published by Shueisha). It is the story of the main character, Asta, who goes on a great adventure with his magic knight friends to become the “Magic Emperor,” the pinnacle of mages.

 As of March 2021, the total number of copies sold is over 12 million. In addition, a movie adaptation has been announced, and this work is showing great excitement.

 In such “Black Clover”, the so-called “classic” development and setting that is often seen in “Jump” works often appears. Here are five “shonen manga archetypes” that people of all ages can enjoy reading, and that also appear in “Black Clover”.

A failed hero and his genius rival

The protagonist of “Black Clover”, Asta, is an orphan who was abandoned in the church of Haaj Village, the farthest village in the Clover Kingdom. He was abandoned in a church in the village of Haaj, the farthest village of the Clover Kingdom, and is a dropout with no magical powers. However, he dreams of becoming a magical emperor and spends his days in training, eventually acquiring “anti-magic,” a power he can only have because he has no magical powers.

 Asta’s rival is Yuno, an orphan who was abandoned in a church in the village of Haji. Juno is the complete opposite of Asta, quiet and gentle, and is a genius who was chosen to be a part of the legendary Four Leaf Grimoire, the same as the first Magical Emperor, despite being a commoner.

This setting of the main character and his rival is said to be very similar to Naruto and Sasuke in Naruto, and the “Jump-like setting” of “he’s working hard too, so let’s not lose” is what makes it easy to read.

Battles and spirits based on the motif of the four elements

The characters in the game use books called grimoires to fight their enemies, and these grimoires have four attributes. The four attributes are fire, wind, water, and earth. Each of these is converted into magic according to its attribute, and a variety of magic is unleashed.

 In addition, in works that use the four elements as a setting, the four major spirits are sure to appear. Currently, the fire spirit Salamander, the wind spirit Sylph, and the water spirit Undine are appearing in the story, and fans are wondering if the earth spirit will also appear later on.

Add to that the “Black Clover”-like elements of the relationship between the main character and the demons, the wide variety of magic, and the fascinating way battles are depicted, and you have a “typical” yet compelling setting.

The friends who gather around the protagonist are all troublemakers.

The main character is a member of the magical knight order “Black Bull”. It’s a shonen manga where the amount of damage is greater than the merit, and it’s a magical knight order made up of misfits. The knight order is full of unique characters, such as those who were born into noble families but couldn’t handle magic well and were kicked out of their homes, witches who drink too much, sissy-cons, and womanizers.

 Unlike characters who have just succeeded, these characters have personalities that you can relate to, and that may be what makes them so sympathetic.

He was defeated by an enemy who was too strong for him, and he had to train.

One of the essential developments in battle manga is the training scene of the main characters. In “Black Clover,” the protagonists are defeated by an enemy character with greater power, and then they train to become stronger and fight again.

 The power and skills acquired through training are all things that make you want to say “Unite” or “Valkyrie Dress” (feathered armor of the Sea God Warrior Maiden). In “Black Clover”, when a new technique is introduced, it is often drawn on the last page of the series, and then dragged out to the next week. This deliberate structure is one of the points that make me want to watch it.

Heroines fall in love with heroes.

In “Black Clover”, the hero Asta falls in love with Noel Silva, another member of the Black Bull.

In “Black Clover”, the hero Asta falls in love with Noel Silva, another member of the Black Bull. In addition, Noel’s cousin Mimosa Vermillion is also in love with Asta, and their love story is one of the most interesting developments in Black Clover.

In addition to the above-mentioned settings, “Black Clover” contains many other “typical shonen manga” developments, such as the main character’s transformation like in “Dragon Ball” and the development of enemy characters who become friends after battles. Perhaps the reason for the popularity of “Black Clover” is that it is a work that all shonen manga lovers can relate to.

Black Clover, which seems to be a collection of Jump’s highways, reads like, oh! This is just like that manga! It’s very fun to discover things like that.

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