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As the title “Kanojo mo Kanojo” suggests, there are a number of potential girlfriends in this story. The main two heroines are Saki and Nagisa, who Naoya has a crush on, but there are also other shadowy women who want to get to know Naoya. …… Of course, in addition to the heroines, there are also their families, sisters, and other unusual and quirky characters. So this time, I’m going to introduce the popular characters in this work in a ranking format!

|No. 6 Naoya Mukai

The one I chose for the sixth place is Naoya, the main character of ……, and the one I decided to choose for the last place from the beginning! (laughs) He’s very serious and insensitive, but he’s also got a lot of good qualities! In the manga, he is portrayed as a serious, insensitive, but good person. In the real world, if I were to ask him to double-cross me because I’m serious about the two of them, I’d be in trouble. In the real world, you’d be in a lot of trouble if you asked for it. This is a character that is likely to receive more scorn from female viewers than male viewers.

She is a natural womanizer who likes more than just her two girlfriends.

In the beginning, there were only two girls who liked Naoya, Saki and Nagisa, but as time went by, the number of them increased. Both of them know that Naoya is two-timing them, and they both like him. …… At first, they hide their feelings for a reason, but as the story goes on, both Milica and Shibano become bolder in their actions. But as the story progresses, both Milica and Shibano become more daring in their actions. In the beginning, he hides his feelings for a reason, but as the episodes go on, both Milica and Shibano become more and more daring in their actions. Naoya continues to refuse Milica’s attacks, but I’m sure there are many people who thought, “I can’t allow myself to go out with two beautiful girls like this and have them confess their feelings for me and secretly think about me.

Naoya’s voice actor is Junya Enoki.

He has a straightforward personality that doesn’t lie and is in a sense heartfelt. However, in reality, Naoya is indecisive and his senses are out of whack. …… The main character who is a bit (quite) eccentric is played by Junya Enoki. In the last couple of years, Junya Enoki has been playing more and more major characters, and in 2021, he has already played more than 10 major characters in anime. Which character is the most impressive depends on your taste, but personally, I was impressed by the role of Pannacotta Hugo in JoJo Part 5. Other famous characters include Eugene Toratane from the popular “Jujutsu Kaisen” and Julius from “Spider Desu Desu Desu Wa? and Julius from “What’s Up, Spider?

|No. 5 Risa Hoshizaki

I chose Risa Hoshizaki, the younger sister of Milica, for fifth place. She has a very similar face and hair style to her older sister, Milica, and looks like a smaller version of Milica (in many ways). Unlike her sister, who unfortunately has her breasts instead of her head, Risa’s lack of breasts means that her head is well fed. She knows that she is cute, and even Naoya fell for her in no time with her cute gestures and actions. She looks like a child, but if you just look at what’s inside, it’s hard to tell who’s older. Although she is disgusted by her sister’s eccentricities, she is also like a parent who takes care of her because she doesn’t know what her sister will do if left alone.

Like her sister, she is a popular me-tuber with over 10,000 registered users.

Her older sister, Milica (Rika), is a popular me-tuber with 50,000 registered users, and Risa is also a me-tuber under the name “Risa Pong. While Milica attracts viewers with her breasts, Risa attracts more than 10,000 subscribers with her cuteness and skill at playing games. In addition, she has been contacted by Naoya via DM through her channel and has already exchanged lines with him, so she can be contacted at any time, even before Mirika.

No announcement on Risa’s voice actor. Is there a possibility that she will not appear?

Risa is a cute little sister who seems to be in high demand in this work, but she doesn’t appear in the original story until episode 39. However, she will not appear in the original story until episode 39. Since there are only a few characters in the manga to begin with, I would like to see her appear in the story, but as of one month before the start of the anime, no voice actors have been announced, so she may not have a chance to appear in the anime due to the quota. Risa sometimes appears in small roles even after her first appearance, so she is a character I would really like to see in the anime. ……

|No. 4 Kiryu Shino

I chose Shino, Saki’s best friend, for the fourth place. Although they themselves are somewhat comfortable with the two-timing lifestyle, Shibano is always 100% against the two-timing lifestyle. The reason is that “it would make my best friend Saki sad,” but in reality ……. Shibano transferred to a new school in junior high school and at first she hated Saki and tried to avoid her, but after being followed around so persistently, she broke down and before she knew it, they were friends. Although they are best friends, he thinks Saki is an idiot and watches over her like a guardian, keeping a close eye on her dangerous behavior. She is a kind and good-hearted girl at heart, but because she always takes Saki’s side, she sometimes comes down hard on her two-timing partner Nagisa, who is also her rival.

■Shino also likes Naoya for some reason.

He is the top student in his grade, has common sense, and is a man of common sense who was adamantly opposed to the two-timing relationship. She is a sensible person who was adamantly opposed to the two-timing relationship. It was thought that Shino would be a character who would look at things objectively from a distance, give advice and try to stop the two-timing relationship. …… But in the end, it was discovered that Shino also likes Naoya… …. And it’s not just a story of yesterday and today, we saw Naoya confessing to Saki right after she entered the high school, and it seems that she already had a good feeling for him when she first met him. After that, she managed to push her heart away thinking about her relationship with Saki, but when she found out that Naoya was having a relationship with another girl, she couldn’t hold back and started to take bold actions.

Shino’s voice actress is Rie Takahashi.

The worrying and caring Shino is played by Rie Takahashi. She has played many popular characters such as Megumi from “Konosuba” and Emilia from “Re:Zero”, and also played the very popular Sumi-chan in “I owe you my girlfriend”, which was animated by the same weekly magazine in 2020.

|No. 3 Rika Hoshizaki

I chose Rika, aka Milica, a popular me-too, for third place. She is a beautiful girl on par with Saki and Nagisa, but she is an unfortunate character who easily rejects Naoya’s confession. At first, she says she will become Naoya’s girlfriend to protect herself, but later, after being protected in a certain incident, she begins to really like him. She is characterized by her twin-tailed hair and G-cup breasts that are so large that they stick out from the frame when she first appears. Saki calls her “big fucking tits” because of her outstanding proportions, but when they first meet, Saki can’t help but think, “Wow! Cute girl! (The same goes for Nagisa and Shibano.) When they first met, Saki couldn’t help but say, “Wow, she’s cute!” (The same reaction she had for Nagisa and Shibano.)

No to two-timing! Milica to declare exclusive

In the beginning, Milica tells Saki and Nagisa that she’ll be your third girlfriend, but then she tells them that if they want to go out with her, she’ll have to dump them before she can be the only one. But no matter how many times she appeals to him after that, she can never become his third girlfriend, let alone his exclusive one. …… On the contrary, Mirika, who is basically a sweetheart, is falling for Naoya more and more. It’s a good idea to have a good idea of what you’re looking for and how to get it.

Milica is played by Ayana Taketatsu.

Ayana Taketatsu plays the role of Milica, who goes from being a tsundere to a dere dere. Her best known work is Azusa Nakano, also known as Azunyan from “K-On”. She also played Nakano Futano in “The Bride of the Fifth Class”, an anime adaptation of the same weekly magazine. She is a voice actress who often plays tsundere characters, so I think she is a perfect match for the voice of Milica.

|No. 2 Saki Saki

I chose Saki, one of the W heroines of this work, for the second place. She has a cute face and a slender figure, and Naoya has had feelings for her since elementary school, confessing to her once a month, but inside her head she is basically a disappointing girl. At times, she reminds me of the heroine Yoshiko from the previous Aho Girl. (The crucial difference is that, unlike Yoshiko, she is treated as a beautiful girl in the manga.) She is the type of person who says what she thinks immediately and takes action as soon as she thinks of it. In order to get along with Shibano, she buys two video game consoles and prepares them, and in desperation, she crawls on Naoya at night.

Is my head pink too? Saki at the height of puberty

It’s easy to forget that Saki’s hair is pink, since we don’t get to see it in color in manga. And as the old legend goes, girls with pink hair are sexier. And as the legend goes, the inside of Saki’s head is also pink. She has a tendency to use vulgar jokes in her comebacks, which immediately leads to erotic fantasies. When Nagisa peeps into Saki’s phone, her search history is full of sex-related topics.

■Saki’s voice actress is Ayane Sakura.

The slightly silly main heroine Saki is played by Ayane Sakura, aka Ayaneru. There are so many representative works that it’s hard to decide which one to introduce. and Nagato in the “Kantai Collection” anime. In the same magazine, she has played Asuka Mishima in “Kimi no iru Machi” and Yotsuba in “Goshu no Bride”. She and Ayana Taketatsu, who plays Milica, were also sisters in Bride for the Fifth Estate.

|Contents of the Fourth Volume of the Original Comic

The one I chose for first place is another one of the W heroines, Nagisa, who according to Saki is insanely cute and has huge tits. Her sports, studies, and everything else …… is a disaster in every way except for her looks and personality, and to make up for it she makes incredible efforts every day. As a result of his efforts, his cooking skills are above average. As a result of her efforts, her cooking skills have become above average, but her other skills have only grown to be average or below average. She is a foolish character with a different vector from Saki, and sometimes says crazy things with a serious face. She is a natural screw-up. She has big breasts, is healthy and a bit naughty, she is a character made by collecting all the cute elements. (Naoya even says, “There’s a cute one right there.”)

Buying a maid’s outfit on a whim

The day after Saki seduces Naoya with her bunny suit, Nagisa discovers the bunny suit and appears in a maid’s outfit to counter her. When Naoya asks why she has a maid’s uniform, Nagisa replies, “On a whim! When Naoya asks her why she has a maid’s uniform, Nagisa replies, “On a whim!” …… It’s a mystery what kind of whim made her buy a maid’s uniform, but her appearance as a maid is highly destructive. But the maid’s outfit is highly destructive. When Nagisa tells Naoya that she will do whatever he asks, he asks her to be his maid once a week. After that, Nagisa developed a strange habit of inadvertently calling Naoya “master” in her daily life. …… Saki seems to be in charge of vulgar jokes, but Nagisa is definitely the best when it comes to being a horny dirty girl.

Nagisa is played by Azumi Waki.

Azumi Wake plays Nagisa, the other main heroine that I chose for the first place this time. She started her voice acting career in 2015, so she hasn’t been doing it for very long, but she has played countless main characters. She is no less popular than the other voice actors. In the popular “Uma Musume” series, she played the main character of the first season, Special Week. In the same magazine work, she plays Tachibana Hinata, the main heroine of “Tokyo Manji Revengers,” which aired as a spring 2021 anime.

[speech_bubble type=”drop” subtype=”L1″ icon=”surprise.png” name=”Nazuna”] I’ve been ranking the characters that appear in “Kanojo mo Kanojo” so far but reading it over again, there aren’t many characters that appear! Other than the ones I’ve introduced, Milica’s father and Saki’s mother also appear briefly, but basically, only Naoya and the four heroines appear. However, even though there are only a few characters, the voice cast reminds me that of Bride of the Fifth Class, which is just superb! The voice actors for all the characters are at a level where they could play the main heroines. Which character did you like the most? [/speech_bubble]

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