The Prince of Tennis’ New Theatrical Version “Ryoma! Rap Battle Full Length Video Arrives! All the characters appearing in the movie are also revealed at once!


The Prince of Tennis” YouTube special program “Ryoma! Commemorative Special Surprise Party” will air on June 26, 2021. The Prince of Tennis” will be airing on June 26, 2021. In the program, the “RAP FESTIVAL” video of Ryoma and the Tennis Gang, as well as all the character images were released.

The Prince of Tennis” is a theatrical version that depicts the blank three months between “The Prince of Tennis” and “The New Prince of Tennis”.
After winning a deadly battle in the finals of the national tournament, Ryoma Echizen goes on a warrior training trip to America by himself. He arrives at …….

The video released this time is the “RAP FESTIVAL” video in which Ryoma engages in a rap battle with a new character, the “Tennis Gang.
Ryoma (CV: Junko Minagawa) is on a training trip to the U.S. when he comes across Sakurano (CV: Mikako Takahashi), who happens to be on a family trip there, being tangled up with tennis gang members Wolf (CV: Tomokazu Sugita), Boo (CV: Shunsuke Takeuchi), and Fu (CV: Ryota Takeuchi). The story unfolds.
This was Minagawa’s first attempt at rapping, but when he saw the finished video, he gave it his seal of approval, saying, “Ryoma and the Wolves were really cool, and it was worth the effort.

At the same time, images of all the characters including Shusuke Fuji, Ryoma’s brother Ryoga, and other characters that have not been revealed so far have been released.
It will be interesting to see how each of them will appear in the main story.

The Prince of Tennis: The New Theatrical Version” will be released on September 3.

It was also announced that the second special offer for the advance tickets will be an A4 clear file with the poster visual and the original illustration on both sides.

“Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis” will be released in Japan on September 3rd. The Prince of Tennis” will premiere nationwide on September 3rd. The Prince of Tennis the New Movie” will premiere on September 3rd.

|Cast & Staff

The Prince of Tennis: The New Theatrical Version
Friday, September 3, 2012, nationwide roadshow
Original Story and Executive Producer: Tsuyoshi Hsu
Based on “The Prince of Tennis” (Shueisha Jump Comics)
The New Prince of Tennis” (serialized in Shueisha’s “JUMP SQ.”)
Director: Hiroshi Kamishina Screenplay: Takehiko Hata All songs written by Tsuyoshi Hsu
CG Supervisor: Patricia Hishikawa
Animation Director: Katsura Yumizu CG Director: Momoko Yamada System Director: Takao Kido
Executive CG Producer: Sai Senda
Sound Director: Takeshi Takadera Music: Kei Tsuda Music Producer: Shintaro Matsui
3DCG Production: The Monk Studios/Keika Corporation Cooperation: Studio KAI
General Producer: Tatsumi Yoda Producer: Shuhei Arai
Production/Distribution: GAGA Production: The New Prince of Tennis the Movie Production Committee

Ryoma Echizen: Junko Minagawa
Echizen Nanjiro: Takashi Matsuyama
Sakurano Ryuzaki: Mikako Takahashi
Kunimitsu Tezuka: Ryutaro Okiayu
Keigo Atobe: Junichi Suwaube
Emerald: Park Romi
Wolf: Tomokazu Sugita
Boo: Shunsuke Takeuchi
Fu: Ryota Takeuchi

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