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Classroom of the Elite” is a popular romance manga adapted into a manga and anime series. The story’s highlight is not only the cute heroines but also the enigmatic protagonist Kiyotaka’s brainstorming. In this article, I will explain in detail all 17 volumes of the manga with spoilers.

|Spoilers for “classroom of the elite”! Boys and girls who survive in a society of merit [Spoiler Alert].

Classroom of the Elite is a top-rated light novel series that has been published in a total of 17 volumes from 2015 to January 2021.

The story is set in a particular high school with a complete meritocracy and depicts a school war between high school students.

■The story of “classroom of the elite”! What they see are the contradictions of the world or society of competence?

The setting of the “classroom of the elite” is an advanced training high school.

Although there are strict rules that require permission to contact one’s parents from the time one enters the school until the time one graduates, the school is a prestigious boarding school where students can use 100,000 yen worth of points every month, are free to bring in their hairstyles and personal belongings, and are promised that 100% of their desired employment or higher education will be met.

The main character, Kiyotaka Ayanokoji, is an ordinary and shadowy high school boy who has entered the school.

However, with his distinct origins, he gradually begins to show the actual abilities that he had been hiding. The story is told from Kiyotaka’s point of view as the students from various backgrounds rise to the top of the class war through their abilities.

The highlight of “classroom of the elite” is the intense head-to-head and psychological battles between the classes. Of course, there are also many cute heroines in the story, and the changes in Kiyotaka’s relationship with them are also worth watching.

What is the White Room? An in-depth look at the mystery of the facility where Ayanokoji grew up!

The White Room is the name of the mysterious facility where the main character, Kiyotaka, grew up. The facility, built by Kiyotaka’s father, aims to produce geniuses and provides children with gifted education from an early age.

The education content is diverse, and it seems to be designed to comprehensively improve the learning, athletic, and artistic abilities of the children.

The reality of the White Room has yet to be revealed, but the isolation from society and the offensive content of the education has caused some children to drop out and become mentally ill.

In such a situation, Kiyotaka was the most successful student of all time. In the White Room, which is said to exist today still, one of the goals is to surpass Kiyotaka.

His father, who is not happy about Kiyotaka’s enrollment in the High School for Advanced Training, sends assassins from the White Room to plot Kiyotaka’s expulsion.

The assassins are believed to be among the first-year students who entered the school when Kiyotaka was a sophomore, but their identities remain a mystery.

|Spoilers for the entire first year chapter!

In the first year of “classroom of the elite,” the main highlight is the process of Kiyotaka’s true nature is gradually revealed as he gets caught up in the class’s unorganized problems and class conflicts.

Here is a spoiler-filled description of the contents of volumes 1-11, the first-year chapter.

[Volume 1 Spoiler] Enter one of the most prestigious schools in the nation! Class D, which is not given any points, is in trouble.

First day of school. Kiyotaka was assigned to the lowest rated D class.

While many of the students had already used up the 100,000 yen worth of points they received at the time of enrollment, the students in D class were not given the 100,000 yen they were supposed to receive every month, even on the first day of May.

They were told that the class’s level would be raised or lowered depending on the attitude and performance of the entire course, and the amount they would receive would increase or decrease accordingly.

Class D holds a study session to increase the number of points they will receive next month. At the same time, Suzune Horikita, who often acts alone like Kiyotaka, and Kikyo Kushida, who is good at socializing, make their appearance.

However, Kiyotaka and Suzune talk to the teacher and prevent Sudo from being expelled for points.

■[Volume 2 Spoiler] An assault occurs at the school! Kiyotaka moves to solve the case.

Three students from Class C, who resent the fact that Sudo was chosen as a regular basketball team member, complain to the school that Sudo assaulted them.

In response to Sudo’s insistence that he was set up, Kiyotaka sets out to solve the case for the club points that Sudo is expected to earn.

The witness to the incident is an inconspicuous female student from D class, Airi Sakura. However, her testimony is no conclusive evidence to prove Sudo’s innocence, so Kiyotaka decides to change his plan.

With Kiyotaka’s guidance, Suzune cooperates with Honami Ichinose from B class and successfully proves Sudo’s innocence.

Meanwhile, Kiyotaka gains the trust of Sakura, who was suffering from a stalker attack, by helping her.

[Volume 3 Spoiler] Survival test on a desert island! What is the fate of D class?

Summer vacation does not come to Advanced Training High School. The students of D class were excited to be on a luxury cruise ship, but then they found out that they were going to take an exam to live a week of survival on a deserted island.

In the survival test, each class was divided into different categories, and they were given points to purchase necessary supplies such as temporary toilets.

Of the 300 points given, the remainder could be carried over to the next semester as class points, so Class D decided to save as many points as possible.

Survival life is complicated with arguments between the boys and girls over the inconvenience of life and assassins from Class C being sent in.

In addition, there is an incident where a girl’s underwear is stolen, and a temporary toilet is set on fire, but nothing happens when the assassin’s crime is revealed.

Thanks to the efforts of Kiyotaka, who grabbed information through the probing between the classes, Class D ended up in first place on the final day.

■Volume 4 Spoiler] Special Exam on the Ship! How will D-group respond to the test on the theme of “Thinking”?

On the way back from the deserted island, an exam on the theme of “Thinking” begins on the luxury liner. The mixed class grouping, a complete change from the past, causes numerous problems to emerge among the students.

Volume 4 reveals the past of Megumi Karuizawa, a girly girl in the top tier of D class, who was bullied, and an incident that happened to Yosuke Hirata, the reliable leader of D class when he was in middle school.

As Megumi has a dark heart, Kiyotaka saves her from a difficult situation while taking the extreme measure of gouging out the scars of her past.

Kiyotaka’s group successfully traps Class A in a trap and wins, but Class C’s leader, Ryuuen Kakeru, further outwits the group, resulting in Class C’s overwhelming victory.

[Volume 4.5 Spoilers] Summer Vacation Story! Sudo’s love for Suzune and what happened at the pool.

Volume 4.5 contains five short stories about Kiyotaka’s experiences during the summer vacation, including Sudo’s love for Suzune, his unexpected interaction with Mio Ibuki, an assassin from Class C, and the events at the swimming pool.

[Volume 5 Spoilers] The second semester is here! Kiyotaka’s ability is revealed at the gym festival.

In the second semester after the summer break, preparations for the Sports Festival begin. All grades are divided into two groups, red and white, and D class teams up with A class for this event.

Sudo, a troubled student with excellent physical abilities, becomes the leader of D class, but things get confused due to sabotage from C class.

Kiyotaka tells Suzune to face her surroundings, and she tries to persuade Sudo to run away.

After Sudo’s return, the D class regains its unity and takes on the challenge of the gymnastics festival, where Kiyotaka shows off the actual abilities that he had been hiding.

Kiyotaka, pretending to be less than average, is surprisingly quick on his feet, and several classmates begin to distrust him.

In addition, it is revealed that behind the continuous progress of Class C since the summer break, there was a betrayal by Kushida, who harbors hatred for Suzune. It is also revealed that A-class student Arisu Sakayanagi knew about Kiyotaka’s background in the White Room.

[Volume 6 Spoilers] Second Semester Final Exams! Ayakoji Group is born!

After the midterm exams, the second-semester final exam has arrived. This year’s exam is a unique one in that each class prepares questions for the final exam and asks the other courses to solve them.

Class D, which has decided to exchange exam questions with Class C, is studying for the exam with Suzune taking the lead. On the other hand, Kiyotaka, who is not good at making friends and often works alone, finally forms a friend group.

The “Ayanokoji Group” was born with five members: Keisei Yukimura, Haruka Hasebe, Akito Miyake, and Sakura, who seems to have a crush on Kiyotaka.

In addition, Suzune tried to make a bet with Kushida, who was trying to get her expelled from school, on her math score and get him to promise not to interfere with her in any way in the future. Still, Kushida, who was connected to Class C behind the scenes, created a situation where he could win.

However, Suzune, who had seen through Kushida’s ruse, ruined her plan, and Suzune won the bet. Class D also won the final exam.

Volume 7 Spoiler] Finally, a resolution between Class D and Class C!

Class D had closed the gap with Class C by winning so far. The leader of the C class, Ryuuzono, is getting impatient with this and finding out who the absolute ruler of the D class is; the targets Megumi and plans to hunt her down both physically and mentally.

Kiyotaka, who had noticed this movement, rescued Megumi from being cornered by several people, including Ryuzono, and overpowered Ryuzono and the others there by himself.

Ryuzono decides to drop out of school, but Kiyotaka sees the value in using him and convinces him not to.

Meanwhile, Kiyotaka’s father arrives at the High School for Advanced Training. He has come to retrieve Kiyotaka, the White Room’s masterpiece.

His father pressures Kiyotaka to drop out of school, but Kiyotaka, who has grown mentally over the past year, is unfazed. However, Kiyotaka, who had grown mentally over the year, refused to be swayed at all. He continued to insist that he had no intention of leaving the school with the backing of the school’s chancellor, the father of Arisu Sakayanagi.

[Volume 7.5 Spoilers] Winter break is here! Kiyotaka goes on a Christmas date with Maya.

It’s December, and the winter vacations are upon us. Maya Sato, who has a crush on Kiyotaka, makes it to her Christmas date and goes on a double date with Megumi and Hirata.

Megumi has also been secretly developing feelings for Kiyotaka, and Kiyotaka, who sees the value in Megumi, rejects Sato’s confession.

■Volume 8 Spoiler] The school year’s joint forest camp begins! The bottom group may be expelled!

At the start of the third semester, the members of the D class were promoted to C class. However, the forest camp that started was not a class-based camp but a “mixed camp.”

The winning group is awarded points, but the group that finishes last may be expelled from the school, making it a grueling ordeal.

While the groups are made up of students from different grades and classes, Kiyotaka is placed in a group with Koenji, a high-spec student but not very cooperative, and Keisei from Ayanokoji’s group. Despite the awkward interactions with the former C class students, they managed to complete the exam.

Meanwhile, the new student body president, Nagumo Miyabi, declares war on Manabu Horikita, the former student body president and Suzune’s brother.

As Nagumo’s dirty tricks unfold, Kiyotaka remains calm.

[Volume 9 Spoiler] Ichinose’s Past Revealed

Volume 9 focuses on Honami Ichinose, a bright girl from B class.

Sakayanagi Arisu, who wants to confront Kiyotaka, spreads nasty rumors about her throughout the school to destroy Ichinose. Most of them are groundless rumors, but some of them are about Ichinose’s past that she wants to hide.

Ichinose, who Suzune calls a “truly good person,” once resorted to shoplifting in junior high school to get a birthday present for her younger sister.

She feels crushed by guilt, but when Kiyotaka learns the truth, she confesses the truth and recovers.

In this way, Sakayanagi’s plan to sabotage the unity of Class B falls apart, and Kiyotaka becomes self-conscious of Ichinose!

[Volume 10 spoiler] In-class voting to decide who will be expelled: ……

For the first time in history, the school offered a cruel test to the first-year students, who had not had a single student drop out of school until the third semester final exam, to decide who would be expelled by an in-class vote.

Kiyotaka, the target of the test, was about to be expelled. Still, Suzune’s suggestion to choose someone who would be detrimental to the class led to the target being changed to Haruki Yamauchi, who had been trying to bring Kiyotaka down.

In this way, the expulsions of classes A, C, and D are decided. Still, in class B, which Ichinose organizes, Kiyotaka turns the points held by Ryuuen, resulting in no expulsions.

On the other hand, the school’s chancellor, who had been Kiyotaka’s backer, is found to be corrupt, and Kiyotaka’s father sends an assassin to act as a substitute chancellor. Furthermore, it turns out that the in-class vote was a manipulation to get Kiyotaka expelled.

■[Volume 11 Spoiler] The last particular exam of the year! Will they be able to finish the course successfully?

The last particular exam of the first year, the “Selected Disciplines Exam,” sets up ten exams for each class. Seven randomly-selected exams determine the winner on the day of the exam.

Each class has to decide on one commander, and if they win, they will be rewarded, but if they lose, they will be expelled.

In the last class vote, the student who gained enough protection points to override one expulsion was deemed the right choice for the commander, and Kiyotaka was chosen as the commander of Class C.

Class C is pitted against Class A, led by Sakayanagi, who has long wanted to face Kiyotaka. Class C, which has no chance of winning in academics, has the upper hand in sports-related exams, and the game is carried over to the final exam, chess.

In the only test in which the commander was allowed to intervene, the chess match between Kiyotaka and Sakayanagi was a battle of brains. A fierce battle ensued, but Class C was defeated with three wins and four losses in the end.

Thus, Kiyotaka lost his protected points.

・Volume 11.5 Spoilers] Ayanokoji and Megumi’s love affair develops handsomely

It was spring break, and Suzune’s older brother graduated. Suzune harbored a complex about her brother, but thanks to Kiyotaka’s advice, Suzune has grown mentally.

Also, the love between Megumi and Kiyotaka has made progress. Kiyotaka calls Megumi to his room and confesses his feelings for her, and the two become lovers.

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