【Classroom of the elite 2nd year volume 4.5】 reveals another white room student! Spoilers.


This article is about my impressions and thoughts on the classroom of the elite 2nd-grade version, volume 4.5, which was released on June 25, 2021.


A summer vacation aboard a luxury cruise ship is about to begin!

After overcoming various events, the desert island test is over. The long-awaited summer vacation on a luxury cruise ship has begun. However, the exams have left many scars, Ryuuzono has started to search for the culprit who attacked Komiya, and the other students have started to show different behavior than before. In the midst of all this, a third-year student named Kiriyama appears in front of Ayanokoji. Kiriyama, a third-year student, appears in front of Ayanokoji and tells him that Nagumo has changed and that “your presence is nothing but a hindrance. Ayakoji begins to act strangely, and the entire third grade is ordered to “monitor” Ayakoji alone.
Meanwhile, Ayanokoji heads to the place he promised Ichinose to return his confession…!
The second summer vacation of the famous school apocalypse is filled with turmoil!

|Overall Impressions

As per the synopsis, each student showed various movements, and many elements made me look forward to the confrontation between grades and classes in the second semester.

I was also surprised that the White Room students were revealed in the latter half of the book.

I didn’t expect that the story would be revealed so quickly in this 4th and 5th volume…

I was excited when the conversation between the two White Room students suddenly started. The dialogue between the two was only a few pages long, but the content was too rich…

After all, volume 4.5 is part of the main story, and even in volume 4.5, we got a lot of information about what happened during the survival test and what’s to come.

What is described here will be connected to volume 5 and the rest of the story, so I’d like to sort through the information and continue reading.

Let’s take a look at the following nine topics: “Changes in class points for second-year students,” “Ayanokoji and Nagumo,” “What Nanase wanted to tell Ayanokoji,” “The three new characters and their positions,” “About Ibuki Mio,” “The reply to her confession to Ichinose,” “The next special exam,” “About Kyo Ishigami,” and “Conversations between White Room students. I’ll be giving my impressions and thoughts on each topic.

Would you please try to readjust the parts that interest you?

|Fluctuation of class points for sophomores

The class points for 2nd-year students after the desert island survival test are as follows.

Sakayanagi class (Class A): 1206 points
Ichinose class (B class): 578 points
Horikita class (Class C): 571 points
Ryuusen class (D class): 551 points
Only 27 points separate classes B to D, so it is possible that your class will fluctuate depending on how you behave in your daily life.

It is also very possible that the following particular exam will change the class. (It will probably change. The content of the exam has been revealed a little.

Let’s take a brief look at each class.

The Ichinose class was able to gain class points by teaming up with Sakayanagi, but it doesn’t have as much momentum as the C and D classes.

Therefore, depending on the result of the following particular exam, they may drop to D class at once.

The content of the following particular exam seems to be hard, as revealed in volumes 4 and 5, so if something happens to B class, which has the most vital unit in the grade, the class may collapse at once. (I hope Ichinose will do his best, but…)

Next, the Ryūen class ended up in class D. However, they are more united as a class than they were in the first year, and there was a pure increase in strength with the addition of Katsuragi from class A.

Although there are several concerns about the abilities of each student, I think that Ryuzono and his classmates are far more potent than the other classes.

And the Horikita class is greatly affected by the 300 points gained by Koenji for being the sole winner.

Depending on the results of the following particular exam, the first B class is not a dream.

Considering that I had zero points at the beginning of my first year, I think I have accumulated well.

It’s a shame that we won’t be getting any help from Koenji in the future… (We’ll probably end up doing nothing really during our sophomore year…)

Lastly, the Sakayanagi class is building a solid structure.

Although they have lost the power of Katsuragi, each student is competent, and there will be few opportunities to take advantage of them.

Dropping Sakayanagi is not an easy task due to the protection points, so the other classes will have to drop the students around Sakayanagi one by one, who he is using as pawns. (That also seems to be quite tricky, but first of all, I don’t think Sakayanagi will allow that to happen quickly…)

|Ayanokoji and Nagumo

As announced in the synopsis, Nagumo gave the order to all the third-year students to keep an eye on Ayakoji.

He used a strategy that Ayanokoji would not like to be taken advantage of, making me feel that he is indeed in charge of the entire third year.

As for Ayanokoji is under no small amount of stress from being watched, and his actions are also restricted.

It’s a complex problem to deal with and solve, so it will be interesting to see how Ayakoji will act towards Nagumo.

There’s also the incident with Ichinose depicted in volume 4.5, so I hope Ayakoji will do his best …

I hope that the hate against Nagumo …

|What Nanase wanted to tell Ayanokoji.

The scene where Ayanokoji and Nanase meet again and again on the cruise ship was depicted.

At that time, Nanase tried to tell Ayakoji something, but she did not tell him anything in the end.

Nanase was afraid that Ayanokoji might get angry if she told him about this.

Considering that, she probably tried to tell him that she had used the GPS research revealed after that one incident.

Assuming that’s the case, let’s move on.

Ayanokoji did not use GPS research at that time. However, Nanase did use GPS research and knew who was in the vicinity.

Except for Amasawa, there were two people at that place, one was Kushida, and the other was Naohiro Kurachi, a first-year student.

I knew about Kushida because he was having a fight with Amasawa (and was beaten up one way or the other), but others were near the scene.

According to his testimony, he was there because Utsunomiya, who was in his class, instructed him to attack Ayanokoji.

Therefore, he was not his own will, and he probably did not know about the bounty on Ayanokoji’s head.

It wasn’t revealed in volume 3 or 4, but many moves were secretly made.

|Three new characters and their positions..

This is about Miki Yamamura, Yuki Himeno, and Yuya Tokito in their respective classes.

The classes they belong to are as follows.

Miki Yamamura: Sakayanagi class
Yuki Himeno: Ichinose class
Yuya Tokito: Ryuzono class

Miki Yamamura has been asked by Sakayanagi to keep an eye on Amasawa and seems to have gained Sakayanagi’s trust.

In the mouthpiece, she is said to be a girl with a thin shadow, so she might be the perfect person to monitor him secretly.

When I hear the word “shadowy,” it reminds me a little of Ayakoji when she first entered the school.

She doesn’t seem to be the type to talk much, so I don’t think she will be actively involved in the main story.

Yuki Himeno is a girl with a violent tone of voice.

There are other girls like her in Ichinose’s class.

Her abilities are not outstandingly high.

However, since the Ichinose class doesn’t have many notable members other than Ichinose and Kanzaki, she will appear more often when Ayanouji and the others are involved with the Ichinose class. I’m sure they’ll have a chance to appear in the next exam as well.

Yuya Tokito is a student who is dissatisfied with Ryuusen’s methods.

That’s why he invited Katsuragi, who joined the same class as him, to rebel against him, but it didn’t go well.

Many of Ryuusen’s methods are fraught with problems, so it is understandable that students like this.

He has a winning personality, is rough with words, and seems vindictive, so there will likely be a fight between Ryuzono and Tokito in the class.

|About Ibuki Mio

In volume 4.5, Ibuki was still in the scene.

This time, instead of meeting with Ayanokoji, the scene where she met with Horikita was depicted.

She was moving thoughtfully, going to the pool to look for someone who was working out.

Well, there were a few loose ends, such as telling Horikita about what happened on the rooftop with Ayanokoji and Ryuuen even though she was told not to (laughs).

I don’t know what you think, but I like the rivalry between the girls, Ibuki and Horikita, and I would like to see them go to it in the sports festival that will be depicted in the future.

|A reply to my confession to Ichinose

I’m sure a certain number of people were looking forward to this in volume 4.5, but no one wanted that turn of events, and I’m sure the hate for Nagumo increased even more.

Ayanokoji was supposed to tell Ichinose in his own words, but suddenly Nagumo appeared in front of them and told them that Ayanokoji was dating Karuizawa.

This made me feel helpless.

The illustration of Ichinose with tears in her eyes and the last word, “Good-bye,” pierced me deeply.

I want Ayanokoji to beat Nagumo to a pulp…

|About the next special exam

It has been decided that one particular exam will be held after the summer vacation but before the sports festival.

The exam details are unknown, but it seems that the exam will be the one that has decisively destroyed the relationship between Hoshinomiya, the homeroom teacher of Ichinose class, and Chabashira, the homeroom teacher of Horikita class.

We knew from the previous descriptions that the relationship between the two was not good, but we didn’t know what happened then, so in volume 5, we may get to see some recollections of the exam.

What we know about testing is

It brings out the horror and weakness in people.
Similar to the in-class poll at the end of the first year (the homeroom teachers thought this was a substitute)
It would not have been held if no one had dropped out of the desert island exam.
It’s an innocuous exam depending on how you look at it, but it becomes a difficult one if you make the wrong choice.
It is similar to an in-class vote, and you have to choose the correct answer.

I’m not sure what this “right answer” means, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the answer to a test or any other question that has a solution.

From the conversations between the teachers and staff, it seems that there is no guarantee that someone will be expelled from the school, but the possibility seems to be relatively high.

I’m curious to see what kind of test it is. There may be traitors like Yamauchi. (I miss Yamauchi…)

It is similar to an in-class poll, where you have to choose the correct answer.

I’m not sure what this “right answer” means, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the answer to a test or any other question that has a solution.

From the conversations between the teachers and staff, it seems that there is no guarantee that someone will be expelled from the school, but the possibility seems to be relatively high.

I’m curious to see what kind of test it is. There may be traitors like Yamauchi. (I miss Yamauchi…)

|About Kyo Ishigami

Kyo Ishigami, the leader of the first-year A class, has finally made his appearance.

The student in Class A who knew about the points he would get for expelling Ayanokouji, but hadn’t come out in the open, finally made an appearance on the stage.

According to Kanzaki, Ishigami is “a man who extracts the best parts of Ichinose and Sakayanagi for his allies.

He is also said to bear his fangs mercilessly at those who threaten his friends and take an indifferent attitude toward those who are neither his enemies nor his friends.

Based on this assessment alone, there is no doubt that they are pretty capable and troublesome opponents.

Class A of the first year was a mystery about Ishigami, as Takahashi was the one who participated in the gatherings among first-year students.

He is such a person, but he is likely to appear frequently in the fights between the grades and between the classes from the second semester.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of strategies he will come up with.

|Conversation between White Room Students

I didn’t expect the White Room student to be revealed in volume 4.5.

In volume 4, Amasawa was a White Room student, and in volume 4.5, the identity of the other White Room student was revealed.

That White Room student was Takuya Yagami. (So the White Room student in “Hatred” was Yagami.

Listening to Yagami and Amasawa, it seems that most of the mysteries during the desert island test were all orchestrated by Yagami.

He sent Kushida and Kurachi to Ayanokouji (the instructions were passed on from Yagami to Utsunomiya to Kurachi).
Attacked Komiya and Kinoshita.
That he gave Horikita a hint on paper.
In addition, the following things were found out.

Expulsion of a student from the 1st year C class.
That he is as powerful as Ayanokoji and more potent than Amasawa.
It was only a few pages long, but this one act was just too dense…

He accurately anticipated the situation and proved that he was a White Room student and could excel.

In volume 4, it seems that Utsunomiya was communicating with someone, but I’m pretty sure it was Yagami.

One of the students in the first year C class dropped out early in the school year, and by making them believe that it was Hosen’s fault and creating a common enemy with the C class, he was able to sneak into the pockets of Yagami and Tsubaki.

So he had started his plan for Yagami from the very beginning of the school year.

The culprit who attacked Komiya and Kinoshita was also Yagami, but we can only agree that it was possible if he had the same military strength as Ayakoji.

The reason why he attacked them was never revealed, but…

We also didn’t know why he left the paper hint for Horikita, but it seems to be a part of his plan. He seems to be enjoying this situation a little bit.

I’m interested to know what kind of plan he has in mind.

I can’t wait to see what kind of confrontation he’ll have with Ayanokoji when things go according to his plan.

Be sure to check out his movements from the second semester onward.

The release date for Welcome to the Classroom of Competence Supremacy, 2nd Grade Edition, Volume 5 has not yet been determined. We will post the release date as soon as it is determined.

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