[Tokyo Revengers] Collaborative Cafe to be Held in Nagoya and Umeda with Limited Edition Sweets for Mikey’s Birthday


A collaboration cafe with the popular TV anime “Tokyo Revengers” will be held from August 1 to 22 at TOWER RECORDS CAFE Nagoya Sakae Sky Store and Umeda NU Chayamachi Store.

 For this collaboration, limited edition food and sweets based on the story of “Tokyo Revengers” and drinks with motifs of the main characters will be sold. The birthday sweets for Mikey, the president of Tokyo Manjikai, who celebrates his birthday on August 20th, will be available for five days only.

 In addition, those who use the collaboration café and the store’s merchandise sales will receive an original bonus that can only be obtained here. At the same time, “Toman’s suicide suit” used during the filming of the live-action movie “Tokyo Revengers,” which was released this summer, will be displayed in the store, creating a real space that brings the world of the work to the forefront.

 In conjunction with this project, it has been decided that limited edition goods using the “chibi-chara” illustration, which is also the main visual of the collaboration cafe, will be sold in the store and on Tower Records Online.

Collaboration general page: https://tower.jp/article/news/2021/07/20/n102
Collaborative cafe information page: https://tower.jp/revengers-cafe
Goods purchase page: https://tower.jp/revengersg

|Store Locations

TOWER RECORDS CAFE Nagoya Sakae Skyl Store
Phase 1: August 1, 2021 – August 11, 2021
Phase 2: August 12 – August 22, 2021 *Closed on August 17.
Opening hours: 11:20 – 20:00 (Take-out L.O.: 19:00)
Address] SKYLE 9F, 3-4-5 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

TOWER RECORDS CAFE Umeda NU Chayamachi Store
Phase 1: August 1, 2021 – August 11, 2021
Phase 2: August 12 – August 22, 2021 *Closed on August 16.
Opening hours: 11:20 – 20:00 (Take-out L.O.: 19:00)
Address] NU chayamachi 6F, 10-12 Chayamachi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

|Collaboration Menu

Takemichi and Hina’s salmon avocado rice bowl: 1,580 yen

The green of Takemichi and the salmon pink of the chicks’ hair are expressed with avocado and salmon. The cucumber from her precious necklace is also placed on top.

Bajie and Chifuyu’s Promise Yakisoba: 1,580 yen

With Bajie as the marinated purple cabbage and Chifuyu’s hair color as the green onions, the promised yakisoba is arranged in the style of Tawareko Cafe. And of course, “half-co-na?”

-Mikey’s “My friend! Na!” pancakes: 1,380 yen

The pancakes represent the taiyaki that Mikey was eating when he met Takemichi. Takemichi is my friend from today! Nah!

-8.3 Conflict” cake plate: 1,380 yen

Tokyo Manjikai (Opera Cake) vs. Aimi Aishu (Berry Cake)! 8.3 War on one plate. Let’s go, Oraaaa!

-Mikey and Draken’s Omu Curry Rice: 1,580 yen

A dish that makes you feel like a buddy, combining Mikey’s favorite flagged omelet with Draken’s favorite hot curry. The flag was up, and I was like, “Woohoo!” I’m so excited!

-Bloody Halloween” pasta: 1,580 yen

This is a dish in which the third member is squid ink pasta, the rolling car is shrimp, and Kisaki and the vice captain are yellow bell peppers. You have to get to Kisaki and eat all of them. 50 members of the 3rd team vs. 1 (me)! Good, good, good!

-Chifuyu image sweets: 1,380 yen

A rare cheesecake with crushed jelly and salt ice cream to create an image of Chifuyu.

BARUHARA “Headless Angel” sweets: 1,380 yen

“Headless angel” in fondant chocolate. The wings are made of caramelized banana and kiwi, and the angel’s ring is made of vanilla ice cream.

Tokyo Manjikai 5 kinds of pizza: 1,580 yen

The five troops of the diverse Tokyo Manjikai are represented by five types of pizza: eggplant, cheddar cheese, pineapple, salami, and egg.

Image Drink Takemichi: 780 yen

Melon milk for crying heroes. Gentle sweetness with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. (Milk + melon + vanilla ice cream)

Image drink Mikey: 780 yen

Strong and sweet Mikey is made into a carbonated and sweet drink. With a touch of lemon for a blonde image. (Coke + cranberry juice + lemon)

Image Drink Draken: 780 yen

Sour and mature lemon squash. Slice the same lemon as my partner. (Pink lemon syrup + soda + lemon)

Image Drink Mitsutani: 780 yen

A sweet mango lassi and a refreshing mango sherbet, inspired by the image of Captain Mitsutani of the 2nd Squad. (Mango juice + nomi yogurt + mango sherbet)

Image Drink Location: 780 yen

Captain Ichiban’s strong and dangerous bittersweet grape tonic. The final touch is a sprinkling of alazan. (Grape Syrup + Tonic Water + Granulated Sugar + Alazan)

Image drink: 780 yen per tiger

A tiger drink with black lemon jelly and ginger ale for hair color and pineapple sorbet for earrings. (Black lemon jelly + ginger ale + pineapple sorbet)

Image Drink Chifuyu: 780 yen

Lactobacillus acidophilus drink and blue curacao topped with agar agar to create the image of a straightforward Chifuyu who believes in her place. Finally, sprinkle with alazan. (Blue Curacao Syrup + Lactobacillus Drink + Agar Agar + Alazan)

Take-out menu: 980 yen

A drink inspired by “Tokyo Revengers” with pitch-black mango tea and red berry jelly. (Berry jelly + mango syrup + oolong tea + black cocoa)

Mikey “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” sweets: 1,380 yen

August 20th is the birthday of Mikey, the “President of Tokyo Manjikai”! Let’s celebrate with a chocolate and mango roll cake!
Available for five days only, from August 18 to August 22.
All prices include tax.
There is a limit to the number of orders for each menu item.


Pre-order bonus: Original sticker (full year / total of 1 type)

Those who make a reservation for the collaboration cafe and come to the store will receive a ticket for the number of seats reserved.
Where to purchase reservation tickets: https://w.pia.jp/t/tokyo-revengers-tcafe/

Menu order bonus: Postcards (full year / 7 random types)

One card will be given at random per order of one item from the collaboration menu.

Privilege for purchasers: Tawarekone name tag style card (full year / 5 random types)

A randomly selected one will be given for every 2,000 yen (tax included) spent on food, drink, take-out drinks, and goods at the cafe.

|Tokyo Revengers” TOWER RECORDS Goods

Dedicated merchandise page: https://tower.jp/revengersg
Sales start date and time: August 1, when the store opens *Tower Records Online sales will start at noon on August 1.
Sales outlets: TOWER RECORDS CAFE Nagoya Sakae Skyl Store / TOWER RECORDS CAFE Umeda NU Chayamachi Store / Tower Records Online

Trading can badges: 495 yen (7 types) *up to 7 items per person

Acrylic Stand Keychain: 880 yen each [Hanagaki Takemichi, Sano Manjiro, Ryuguji Ken, Mitsutani Takashi, Baji Keisuke, Matsuno Chifuyu, Hamiya Kazutora

Clear File Set: 880 yen

Towels: 1,320 yen

Adhesive bandage in a can: 935 yen

Cork coasters: 220 yen

Red seal book: 2,200 yen each (Manjiro Sano, Ken Ryuguji)

Mug: Keisuke Maji, Chifuyu Matsuno: 1,650 yen

T-shirts: 3,850 yen each [sizes] S/M/L/XL

All prices include tax.
Reservations and layaway of goods are not available at TOWER RECORDS CAFE.
Only those who eat and drink in the collaboration cafe can purchase the goods. Goods cannot be purchased for take-out use only.
You can only purchase goods once per person. You can only purchase goods once per person.
The sale will end as soon as the first items are gone.
The sales method at TOWER RECORDS CAFE is subject to change depending on the stock status.

|Infectious disease prevention measures at TOWER RECORDS CAFE

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the number of seats has been reduced, the space between seats has been secured, and an advance reservation system has been adopted. TOWER RECORDS CAFE is implementing thorough measures to prevent infectious diseases so that all visitors can enjoy the cafe with peace of mind. For more information about the measures taken by the stores and employees, as well as requests and precautions to take when visiting the cafe, please refer to the following page.
[Important Notice] Measures to Prevent Infection of New Coronavirus at Tower Records Cafe: https://tower.jp/article/news/2020/05/28/CAFE_c_info2

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