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Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid”, which will be airing its second anime season this summer, has a number of fascinating characters. The story is a heartwarming daily life manga, but it also features a race of dragons with high combat power. One of the highlights of the story is the heated battles between dragons, which is unusual for an everyday manga. In this article, I would like to introduce the dragons in “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid” in the form of strength rankings. In the second season of the anime, there will be a new character, Iruru, as well as a number of fighting characters, so the strength ranking will be very important. Please check it out before the second season of the anime starts.

|6th Kanna

He is the youngest of the many dragons that appear in this game. Because he is still a child, he is not depicted in many battles, and is not considered to be a strong fighter.

However, a child is a child, but a child of a dragon, so it is conceivable that it will become much stronger depending on its future growth. Kanna’s father in this movie is a very strong dragon, so if you take that into consideration, I’m sure he has more potential than the other characters.

-Growing up in an episode with her father!

And above all, there is the big wall of her father, so Kanna seems to be equipped with the determination to be a dragon from an early age. The scene where she bravely confronted the mastermind who was manipulating her father in order to protect Kobayashi and the people around her in the episode with her father in this movie is famous.

Not belonging to any force.

Since Kanna was kicked out of her home before her position was decided, unlike the other characters, she does not have a fixed power to which she belongs. Therefore, unlike the other characters, Kanna does not have a specific power to which she belongs. In the story, there is a struggle to bring Kanna into her own power.

|5th Erma

She is a dragon, but works in the same company as Kobayashi. Elma is also portrayed as a dragon in battle, but her later portrayal gives the impression that she is more of a brain than a fighting type.

Erma is a member of the Harmonizers, who are trying to coexist with humanity. At first glance, the name of this force sounds like they are on the side of humans, but in reality, they are a race that helps humans in return for their help, and they are also a force that is neglected by humans.

-Run-ins with Thor.

Elma is a member of the harmony group, so she and Thor, who is a member of the chaos group, have a few conflicts throughout the story. In the battle between Erma and Thor, Thor seems to have the upper hand, but in the story, various factors come together to make it a very close match.

Elma has had some trouble with Thor, but she is now completely comfortable and active in the human world, just like Thor. She works together with Kobayashi at the company, and is probably more active in the human world than Thor.

|4th Iruru

It is a dragon that has appeared in the anime since the second season. He is explicitly portrayed as Thor’s rival, and battles with Thor are portrayed at every turn in the story. Not only in the battle scenes, but also in his personal life, he has clashes with Thor, and is a character who has to fight with Thor in every aspect of his life.

He is a very popular character since he has appeared in the original work quite often, but since he has not appeared in the anime version until now, I’m sure there are many fans who have been wanting to see him in action. Now, after a four-year delay, he is finally making his appearance in the anime.

Since Iruru is Thor’s rival, the story will be a little more stimulating with the appearance of Iruru, instead of the loose atmosphere that has been the norm up until now. In that sense, the appearance of Iruru may play a role in preventing the story from getting stuck in a rut.

From the very beginning of the story, Iruru has been engaged in a fierce battle with Thor, so we can’t wait to see how this scene will be portrayed in the anime. This scene has been highly praised in the original work, so please pay attention to how it will be portrayed in the anime version.

He is a very popular character in the original story, so we are very much looking forward to seeing how he will be portrayed in the anime version. He is also a character that is depicted in more battles than any other character, so if you are looking forward to the battles in this work, please pay attention to this character!

|3rd Thor.

A dragon that works as a maid in the house of Kobayashi-san, the main character of this work. She is one of the main characters in this work, so she is depicted in many battles. Her fighting ability itself seems to be quite high, and she has won many battles against other characters.

As the title of this game “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid” suggests, the main character of this game is actually Thor. As a result, Thor has a very high victory rate in battles.

Thor belongs to a group called the Chaos Force, which is hostile to humans and aims to devastate the world. He is a member of a group that makes you wonder if he is really the main character, but I think the charm of Thor’s character lies in the fact that he has radical ideas that you cannot imagine from his cute appearance.

He is one of the strongest fighters in the story, but at the beginning of the story, he is lying in a dying state and is saved by a drunken Kobayashi. In the beginning of the story, he is lying in a dying state and is saved by a drunken Kobayashi. The fact that he was picked up by an office worker after losing a fight and collapsing in the mountains reminds me of a Yankee manga.

|2nd Fafnir

He is a dragon who, like Thor, is staying at Takita’s house.

Fafnir is a rare male dragon in this game. I don’t know if the rules of the human world apply to Fafnir, but basically, males tend to be more powerful than females, so I think it’s reasonable to assume that Fafnir has more fighting power than female dragons. It is also known that he is stronger than Thor, and I think that he is definitely one of the strongest characters in the series.

Fafnir is one of the most powerful dragons among the many dragons that have appeared in the world, but Fafnir’s stance is not to flirt with humans, as he is capable of doing. Fafnir’s stance is not to flirt with humans, as is the case with Thor and Kanna, and he is not completely dependent on them.

Fafnir is one of the most powerful dragons in the world, and he often gives advice to Thor when he is lost. The relationship between Fafnir and Thor is difficult to describe in a few words, but there is no doubt that he is one of the dragons that Thor relies on in the human world.

|1st Lucoa

A character who appears in the work as Shota’s errand boy.

Lukoa’s position is practically that of a dragon like any other character, but Lukoa was originally a god worshipped by humans, and seems to be a little higher in rank than the other dragons.

As I mentioned earlier, Rucoa’s master is Shota, who is still in elementary school, and because of the age difference between her and Shota, the conversations between them are also interesting as characters.

Since he is originally a god, he is supposed to have a lot of fighting power, but he doesn’t like to fight, and when there is some kind of conflict in the story, he quietly disappears. We can see from this that Lukoa dislikes fighting. He’s probably the strongest character in the series, though. That’s why he can’t participate in the battle because it would destroy the balance. Isn’t that one of the reasons why he can’t participate?

[speech_bubble type=”drop” subtype=”L1″ icon=”surprise.png” name=”Nazuna”] What did you think? In this article, I’ve introduced a number of fascinating characters from “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid” in the form of strength rankings. There are still many characters who have yet to appear in this game, so it’s not possible to measure their combat power. As the story progresses, we’ll be ranking these characters, so be sure to use your imagination and ask yourself, “Which character is the strongest? As the story progresses, the characters will be ranked, so please try to use your imagination and wonder which character is the strongest. [/speech_bubble]

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