The “Transformation Belt DX Revis Driver” from “Kamen Rider Revis” will be released on September 4. Defeat the Rex Bistamp like a lever to activate the transformation gimmick!


Bandai will release the “Transformation Belt DX Revis Driver” on September 4, 2021 (Saturday), ahead of the start of the broadcast of “Kamen Rider Revis,” the latest in the Kamen Rider series. The price is 7150 yen (tax included).

Kamen Rider Revise”, a commemorative work for the 50th anniversary of the birth of Kamen Rider, will start airing on September 5 (Sun.) The main item of “Kamen Rider Revise”, “Transformation Belt DX Revise Driver”, is expected to exceed 15 million units* in total shipments of the transformation belt series this autumn!

Bandai Co., Ltd. will release the “Transformation Belt DX Revise Driver” (7,150 yen including 10% tax / 6,500 yen excluding tax) ahead of the start of the broadcast of “Masked Rider Revise” (TV Asahi, every Sunday from 9:00 a.m. on September 5, 2021), the latest in the Masked Rider series. The main sales channels are toy stores nationwide. The main sales channels are toy stores nationwide, department stores and electronics mass merchandisers, general merchandise stores, and online stores. The main target audience is children aged 3-6.

Product Summary

The “Transformation Belt DX Revis Driver” is a “Kamen Rider Revis” transformation item that comes with the “Revis Driver” transformation belt and the “Rexbye Stamp,” a stamp-shaped item with a dinosaur motif. The “Rex Buy Stamp” is stamped onto the “Revise Driver,” and when it is folded down like a lever, the transformation gimmick is activated, allowing the user to enjoy transforming into “Masked Rider Revise” or “Masked Rider Vice” just like in the movie. The “Bye Stamp” is a stamp with the power of the strongest creature and appears in the play as a key item. The “Bye Stamp” series, including the “Rex Bye Stamp,” will be developed in addition to the “Bye Stamp” series, and by replacing the “Bye Stamp” set in the “Revise Driver,” power-ups and form changes can be performed.

“Features of the “Transformation Belt DX Revise Driver

[Kamen Rider Revai, transforming into Kamen Rider Vice.

“Product Overview of “Transformation Belt DX Revis Driver

Product name: Transformation Belt DX Revise Driver
Price: 7,150 yen (incl. 10% tax) / 6,500 yen (excl. tax)
Release date: September 4, 2021 (Saturday)
Target age: 3 years and older
Set includes: Revise Driver x 1, Rexxvai Stamp x 1, Belt Belt Belt x 1
Battery: AAA dry cell batteries x 2 (sold separately)/LR44 x 3 (included)
Sales channels: Toy stores nationwide, toy sections of department stores and electronics mass merchandisers, general merchandise stores, online stores, etc.

What is “Kamen Rider Revise”?

This is the story of the hero who made a contract with the devil, and together with his partner, the devil “Vice,”; they fight against the evil organization Deadmans. “Using the Revis Driver, the hero transforms into Kamen Rider Revai, and his partner Vice transforms into Kamen Rider Vice, making this the first time in the series that one person can be two Kamen Riders.

50th Anniversary Products

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the birth of Kamen Rider, products such as the transformation belt used by the main character, Kamen Rider, will be released sequentially.

This is a lineup that you can enjoy while reminiscing about your childhood days when you used to yearn for Kamen Rider.

DX Revis Driver Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary Special Set (8,800 yen including 10% tax / 8,000 yen excluding tax, to be delivered in late August)

This is the anniversary set of “Transformation Belt DX Revis Driver.” The set includes a “Grasshopper By Stamp” featuring Kamen Rider No. 1, a “Transformation Belt History Book” commemorating the 50th anniversary, and comes in the 50th-anniversary commemorative package. This product will be sold by lottery on Premium Bandai, the official online shopping site of the Bandai Namco Group, from 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 28. It will also sell to the general public at retailers nationwide from September 4 (Saturday).

Legendary Transformation Belt Series Transformation Belt Typhoon (3,850 yen including 10% tax/3,500 yen excluding tax, scheduled for release on Saturday, August 7)

This is the transformation belt for Kamen Rider No. 1, who appears in “Kamen Rider” (broadcast in 1971).

By operating the lever, the center of the belt rotates and emits light, while the same transformation sound as in the movie is triggered, and the light pattern changes as the sound changes.

From “COMPLETE SELECTION MODIFICATION,” a brand that develops the “Masked Rider” series of impersonation toys that have been reconstructed for “adults” using Bandai’s latest technology and molding methods, as a 50th-anniversary commemorative product Detailed information and pre-orders will be released on August 4, 2021 (Wed). Share this article

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