Rurubu” x “Yuru Camp” Holy Land Pilgrimage Guidebook to go into pre-release printing, with a campaign to win souvenirs.


On July 29, 2021, JTB Publishing released the official guidebook “Rurubu Yuru Camping SEASON 2”, a collaboration between the popular anime “Yuru Camping SEASON 2” and the travel information magazine “Rurubu”. The book is so popular that it has been reprinted before its release.

This is the second edition of “Ruruburu Yuru Camp△”, which was published in February 2020, and is a guidebook for pilgrimages to holy sites based on the story of the anime “Yuru Camp△ SEASON 2”, which was broadcast from January to April 2021. The cover features an original illustration drawn exclusively for “Rurubu”. It features Nadeshiko Kakamigahara and Rin Shima in swimsuits, just in time for the summer release.

Also included in the special supplement are special stickers with original illustrations of Nadeshiko and Rin, as well as smaller stickers of Chiaki Ogaki, Aoi Inuyama, and Chikuwa (*stickers are not waterproof), and a Twitter gift campaign to celebrate the release. For 8 days, the official Twitter account ( of JTB Publishing’s publication information will be running a “Celebrating the release of ‘Yurubu Yuru Camp△ SEASON 2’! Twitter Follow & Retweet Campaign” is being held on the official Twitter account () of JTB Publishing, which distributes publication information. Those who meet the entry requirements will be entered into a drawing to win an original SNS-style clear card set (3 sets, 5 people) or a souvenir and collaboration food set (3 sets, 3 people) from the anime.

Set A: Original SNS-style clear card set (3 cards), 5 winners
A set of three original SNS-style clear cards created for “RURUB Yuru Camp△ SEASON 2” will be given to five winners.

Yuru Camp△ Nadeshiko Backpack (1st Season Specs)
Product page:
Price: 15,180 yen (tax included)

B set: Souvenir and collaboration food set (3 pieces) for 3 people
A set of souvenirs and collaboration food that appeared in the anime “Yuru Camp△ SEASON2” will be sent to 3 winners. Present campaign details page (

Japanese tea Kimikura “Hizotsubo-kura

The tea “Hiko-zo” from the Japanese tea store “Nihon-cha Kimikura”, which appears as “Takakura” in the second episode of “Yuru-Can△ SEASON2”, is a new tea (80g) from 2021.

Suppon Subley” by Omiya Yondaime

The “Suppon Sabure” of Omiya Yondaime, which appeared as a “Suppon Biscuit” in the fourth episode of “Yuru Camp△ SEASON2”.

Tanigawa Shoji x “Yuru Camp△” “Yuru Camp△ Hoto

The “Yuru-Can△” package of Yamanashi Prefecture’s local gourmet Hoto set includes two servings of soup per set.

The magazine also features exclusive interviews with voice actors Yumiori Hanamori, Nao Higashiyama, Sayuri Hara, Aki Toyosaki, Lee Takahashi, and Tomoyo Kurosawa. Unpublished episodes not included in the magazine are posted on the web media “Rurubu & more.” (, which is full of travel and excursion information.

In addition, “Yurubu Yuru Camp△” (, released in February 2020, has sold more than 100,000 copies.

Outline of the bibliography
Price: 1,375 yen (tax included)
Release date: July 29, 2021
Published by: JTB Publishing
<Main booking sites for this magazine
TV anime “Yuru Camp△” portal site:

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