What is “Furumi-san wa komusubi desu”? What kind of work is it? What is it about?


“Furumi-san is a communicable disease. is an autumn anime scheduled to air from October, and the original work is serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday. The original work is serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday. Recently, it has become a hot topic not only for the anime but also for the live-action drama. So, what is this popular work about? This time, I’ll introduce what kind of work “Furumi-san wa, komuso desu. I’d like to introduce what kind of work “Mr. Furumi is a commie” is, as well as the highlights and charms of the work!

|What kind of work is “Mr. Furumi is a communicable disease.” What kind of work is it?


“Mr. Furumi is a communicable disease. is a school comedy in its genre. It is a daily life story set in a school. The main character and heroine, Ms. Furumi, a.k.a. Glass Furumi, is a very beautiful and talented woman who can do anything, but she is a communicable person who is deathly bad at communication. Ms. Furumi is beautiful, but she is quiet and doesn’t change her facial expressions, so she can easily be seen as intimidating, but that’s just because she is not good at communication. She’s just not very good at communicating. That’s what this story is about.

|“Furumi-san is a commie.” Introduction!

Jinto Tadano (Tadano-kun), a very ordinary high school freshman who has entered Itan Private High School, meets a very beautiful classmate in a shoe box. Tadano-kun greets her in a friendly manner, but for some reason, she stares at him in a scary manner. Tadano-kun had no idea what was going on, but in fact, this extremely beautiful woman, Glass Furumi (Furumi-san), was not hostile to Tadano-kun in any way. In fact, Ms. Furumi was not very good at communication! That’s why she didn’t know what to do when he talked to her.

Tadano-kun had a painful black history in junior high school, so he thought he would spend his high school years peacefully, but to his surprise, he ran into Furumi-san in a shoe box and she was sitting next to him. Ms. Furumi was so beautiful that everyone turned their heads to her, so there was no sign of a peaceful life as people around her tried to kill her. One day, Tadano suddenly asked Furumi, “Are you not good at talking to people? As a result, Mr. Furumi was pointed out the truth and became very upset. Tadano-kun, who has a strong communicative ability, immediately comes up with the idea of talking in writing, and Furumi-san reveals in writing that she is communicative and that she really wants to make 100 friends, and Tadano-kun helps Furumi-san to make 100 friends.

|“Mr. Furumi is a commie.” What is the appeal of this work? Who would you recommend it to?

“The charm of “Mr. Furumi is a communicable disease. The charm of “Mr. Furumi is a communicable disease” is that Mr. Furumi is cute. At first, she seems a little overbearing, but it’s really only at the beginning, and the rest of the time, she’s cute, trying her best to be healthy while letting out her communicable disease. The main characters in this story are Ms. Furumi and Tadano-kun, and Tadano-kun also enhances Ms. Furumi’s cuteness. The main characters in this story are Ms. Furumi and Tadano-kun, but Tadano-kun also enhances Ms. Furumi’s cuteness, and gradually, we come to understand Tadano-kun’s qualities as well.

Deformed Furumi-san

You might think that Ms. Furumi is beautiful and taciturn, which means that she doesn’t seem to express much emotion, but that’s not true. Before you know it, Ms. Furumi has grown cat ears and is deformed, and her reactions are rich, so despite her reticence, she expresses a wide variety of emotions. The reactions of Ms. Furumi, who combines beauty and perfection with deformed, small-animal cuteness, are both soothing and funny!

If you like everyday school comedies, this one’s for you!

This work is a so-called “daily life” story. It is recommended for those who like that kind of thing, and even more so for those who want to be healed by a lively school comedy. The story is told from the perspective of the two main characters, Furumi-san and Tadano-kun, so it is also recommended for people who are not familiar with works that only feature girls. The only character with no personality is the main character, Tadano-kun, and all the other characters are unique. The only character with no personality is the main character, Tadano-kun. But Tadano-kun, who is characterized by his lack of individuality, might be said to have an extremely rare characteristic, because all the characters in this work are individualistic.

Tadano-kun and Furumi-san

Tadano-kun cooperates with Furumi-san to fix her communicable disease. The story progresses in such a manner, but the relationship between the two gradually changes. Ms. Furumi is kind, beautiful, and has no flaws other than her communicable disease, and by all accounts, she is a wonderful person. However, as they continue their school life, Furumi-san comes to know Tadano-kun’s attentiveness and kindness. It may not be apparent at first glance, but she realizes how good he is. And Ms. Furumi is not the only one who notices Tadano’s good qualities. There are other girls who notice Tadano-kun’s kindness, and it’s a turbulent time. Things get more interesting from there!

Characters with nothing but their own personalities!

Except for Tadano-kun, all of the characters in this work are full of individuality. Moreover, they are all very easy to understand, and their names represent their bodies. There are many such lovable characters in this work. Even characters who are treated as “mob characters” could make a whole episode on their own, and there are also characters whose names and appearances are “mob characters” but who are actually full of personality. I’m sure there’s at least one character you’ll like out of all those characters full of personality!

These are characters that have nothing but personality, but just because they are unique doesn’t mean they get a lot of play. Some of them are treated as if they are disposable characters. But because they have strong personalities, they may appear someday. I’m having fun with all those characters! Some of the characters might even get a turn in the anime.

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