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“The Vampire dies in no time” is a gag manga serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion, and will be animated from October 2021. Some of the voice cast has been announced, and this time I’d like to introduce the known cast!

|What is “The Vampire dies in no time.”? Introduction to the work!


A fearsome immortal vampire named Draluk lives in the suburbs of Inaka City, Saitama Prefecture. Ronald, a vampire exterminator, goes to Draluk’s castle to save a kidnapped child, but Draluk is the weakest and worst vampire, dying easily at the slightest thing (but being immortal, he comes back to life quickly). I didn’t kidnap the child either, I just went there to play on my own. However, due to various reasons, Dralc’s castle collapsed. Dralc became homeless and moved into Ronald’s office. In the hotspot of vampires and the den of perverts, Dralc and Ronald team up and get involved in various incidents.

Jun Fukuyama as Draluk, CV

One of the main characters, the soon-to-be-dead vampire Dralc, is played by Jun Fukuyama. He was born in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture and Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture. His current office is BLACKSHIP Corporation. After graduating from Aoji Juku, he worked at Aoji Junior, then freelance, before moving to Plodakushon Baobab, where he founded Accel One Inc. with Tomoyuki Morikawa and became a member of the same company; in 2018, he left Accel One with Shinnosuke Tachibana to found BLACKSHIP Inc. and became co-CEO with Tachibana. His representative works include the role of Roy in the Super Smash Bros. series and the role of Lelouch in Code Geass Rebellion.

What kind of character is Draluk, played by Jun Fukuyama?

He was born a highly respected vampire, but he is surprisingly weak and has many weaknesses. He is a shitty vampire who dies quickly at the slightest thing and turns to ashes, but he is immortal and can be revived in a few frames. He is basically a sensible person, but sometimes he teases Ronald so badly that he ends up dying. He looks like he has nothing special to offer, but he is actually a good cook and takes care of all the household chores in the office. He is also a professional video game player, but one incident has turned him into a shitty game hunter. He is one of the main characters of this work.

CV/Shin Furukawa as Ronald

The other main character and vampire slayer, Ronald, is played by Shin Furukawa. He was born in Kumamoto Prefecture. His current agency is Toys Factory; until 2018 he was with Spacecraft Entertainment. His first starring role was as Banri Tada in “Golden Time” broadcast in 2013. His other notable works include the role of Saitama in “One Pan Man”, the role of Gogyo Shiragin in “Kaguya-sama wa Kurerasetai”, and the 400 million yen cry in “Kogan no Kizuna”.

What kind of character is Ronald, played by Shin Furukawa?

He is an excellent vampire slayer who fights mainly with firearms, but he is another main character who often tries to resort to some violence and is often in charge of the final punchline. He has published his own autobiography, Ronald’s War Memoirs (a.k.a. RONADEN), which has been a big hit. However, he is always under pressure to meet deadlines, and even though he is almost killed by Mr. Fukuma, the man in charge, he manages to finish it. He dislikes celery and hates it from the bottom of his heart. She has an older brother who works for the Vampire Division and a younger sister who is a university student. If he fights properly, he is a strong man, but since most of the people he faces are either perverts or hijackers, he rarely fights properly.

CV/Mutoshin Tamura as John

The role of John the Armadillo will be played by Mutsunobu Tamura. He was born in Aomori Prefecture, Tokyo. His agency is I.M. Enterprises. He has a neutral husky voice and mainly plays the role of a boy. His first starring role was as the horse god Toppa in “Battle Spirits Boy Breakthrough Bassin”. Other notable works include the role of Sonya in “Kill Me Baby” and the role of Ride Mass in “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans”.

What kind of character is John, played by Mutsumi Tamura?


Dralc’s errand boy armadillo. Although he can’t speak, he understands human language, and has a particularly conscientious character among the out-of-the-box characters of this work, and is adored by everyone as a mascot character. He was originally an armadillo that Dralc met on a trip when he was living in his homeland. At that time, his relatives gave him whatever name they wanted, and he was named “Jokerball Tamao Marusuke Orihalkon Z Guardian,” or “John O. Guardian” for short.

CV/Natsumi Hioka as Hinaichi

Natsumi Hioka plays the role of Hinaichi, a member of the vampire task force. She was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Her agency is Plodakushon Baobab. Her debut work was as Ikeda Tsuneoki in “Oda Nobuna no Yabo”. Her representative works include the role of Machi Amejuku in “Kumamiko”, the role of Tsukiya Inaba in “Armed Girl Machiavellianism”, and the role of Kotoba in “Mitsuboshi Colors”.

What kind of character is Hinaichi, played by Natsumi Hioka?

A female police officer working for the Anti-Vampire Division. She is an excellent person with a sincere personality, but she has a strong belief that Dralc is a dangerous vampire, so she is forced to go on a surveillance mission, but it turns out that he is a shitty vampire with no danger. By some mistake, he was ordered to continue investigating and monitoring him, and he fell off the career ladder. He usually sets up a secret base on the floor of his office (without permission) to conduct surveillance missions. He has been traumatized by Uncle Y-dan and can only talk about his penis when he is under mental stress.

Momoyo Handa CV/Chen Matsuoka

Do you hate Ronald? The role of Momo Handa, a Dhampir of the Countermeasure Division, is played by Teijo Matsuoka. He is from Obihiro City in Hokkaido. His office is IM Enterprise. His representative works include the roles of Shota Mitarai in “THE IDOLM@STER”, Kirito in “Sword Art Online”, and Inosuke Zuihira in “Onimei no”. In recent years, he has been playing more leading characters and often shouting roles.

What kind of character is Momo Handa, played by Teijo Matsuoka?

A Dhampir (half-human, half-vampire) who belongs to the Anti-Vampire Division. He was a classmate of Ronald’s in high school and had a rivalry with him for some reason, but after his beloved mother became a big fan of the Rona battle, he became even more hateful towards her, and would harass Ronald by planting celery in his office and getting blown out the window. However, he collects so much Ronaldo merchandise that he can only be considered an enthusiastic fan of Ronaldo himself. He can do the job.

|[The Vampire dies in no time] Voice Cast Summary

Here is a summary of the currently known cast of “Vampires Die Soon”. There are a lot of disposable characters in “Vampire Soon to Die”, so it will be interesting to see who will play the disposable characters that appear in each episode. It is also predicted that they will be playing concurrent roles, and their interactions are also worth watching. The anime “Vampires Die Soon” is scheduled to start airing in October 2021!

|[The Vampire dies in no time] Introducing the characters! Introduce the main characters, vampire slayers, and members of the vampire task force!

Main character 1) Dralc

A family of vampires from Transylvania with a long history. However, since he was spoiled, he has no fighting ability, and is a frail vampire who dies easily from the slightest thing. However, he also revives very quickly. Since his castle collapsed because of Ronald and the kickboard kid, he has to stay in Ronald’s office. He is insanely good at games and cooking.

Main character 2) Ronald

He is a highly skilled vampire exterminator who has an office in Shin-Yokohama. He is an expert with a gun, but often beats people up without using a gun. He has published an autobiography called “The Battle of Ronald’s War,” which is selling like hotcakes, but he is not allowed to let the manuscript fall into the hands of his rigid editor. He is not a big fan of celery.

Main character 3)John

Dralc’s errant armadillo. His real name is “Jokerball Tamao Marske Orihalcon Z Guardian” or “John O. Guardian” for short. He can’t speak human, but he can understand human language, and he is a conscientious character in this work, which is dominated by perverts, hajikists, and brainiacs. Later, a religion is born that worships John.

Exterminators 1) Goussetsu/Master

The guild master of the Exterminators’ Guild. He is kind and mild-mannered, but has no mercy for anyone who messes with his daughter, Koyuki. He is scary when he gets angry.

Exterminators 2) Yuyuki

Master’s daughter. Big tits. She has a gentle personality and appears to be a non-combatant, but in fact she is highly skilled in combat due to her father’s influence. Her cooking skills are unbelievably devastating, and she creates Object X.

Exterminators 3) Satetsu

Also known as “Iron Left Hand” Satezu. He is an exterminator equipped with an iron arm in his left hand. He has a huge, strong face, but inside he is sensitive, sensible, and good-natured. Originally, he became a yankee under the influence of delinquent manga and used to kill vampires, but after being saved by Ronald and Master when he was a rookie, he became a vampire slayer.

Exterminators 4) Shot


Exterminators 5) Maria

She wears a sister’s uniform, but she is actually a vampire slayer who is also a matagi who belongs to a hunting club. She has big breasts, is beautiful, has a sisterly personality, and has a steel mentality that doesn’t falter even when she is about to be humiliated by a vampire with perverted sexual habits.

Exterminators 6) Tachan

A small-built exterminator wearing a Chinese dress. She is a Chinese girl who fights using a tonfa, but she has a ridiculously poisonous tongue.

Exterminators 7) Vermonet.

He is a skilled vampire exterminator who wears a costume. He does not speak, but communicates through gestures and writing.

Exterminators 8)Sinha Sirisky.

A vampire exterminator with a muscular body and bonnet. His hobby is to train captured vampires to his liking, and in a sense he is a crime-ridden exterminator, but he takes good care of his juniors and gives advice to Shot when he was a rookie.

Exterminators 9)Medoki

A vampire slayer who is sometimes in the background. She is a vampire slayer and also works as a clerk at a vampire slayer goods store. He prefers girls who are concerned about their small breasts.

Exterminators 10)Shawki


Exterminators 11)home run hitter

An exterminator who wears a uniform and seems to like baseball. He fights with a ball and a bat. He was a little active in the baseball world, though his appearances were small. He was ranked 14th in the popularity poll.

Anti-Vampire Division 1) Hiyoshi

Chief of the Countermeasures Division and captain. He is Ronald’s older brother and the eldest of the three siblings. He is the eldest of the three siblings. He used to be a very skilled vampire slayer, but due to an injury to his honor, he changed careers. He is respected by Ronald because of this, but he is also very beautiful. In fact, the reason he retired was because he was injured in a beauty pageant, but he doesn’t want to tell anyone about it because it’s not cool.

Anti-Vampire Division 2) Hinaichi

The second-in-command of the Anti-Vampire Division. She is young, but serious and an excellent fighter. She misunderstands Dralc as a dangerous vampire and offers to watch him, but it turns out to be a complete misunderstanding and she ends up being embarrassed. However, he is embarrassed to find out that he has been completely misunderstood. For some reason, he is notified to continue his surveillance mission, so he sets up a secret base under the floor of Ronald’s office and continues his surveillance mission. She has a habit of being attracted to sweet things. Chin-chin girl.

Anti-Vampire Division 3) Ronald.

A Dhampir (half vampire, half human) who works for the Vampire Division. He is a heavy Ronald. He and Ronald have known each other since high school and have always had some kind of rivalry, but his hatred for Ronald has accelerated since his mother (who is 52 years old, but is young and beautiful because she is a vampire) became addicted to Ronald’s books and started buying his goods. He can do the job.

Anti-Vampire Division 4) Kentaro Kai

A mob cop who was attacked by the Tsuji-kiri Nagiri, a vicious vampire who was on the Special Class A wanted list. However, he later trained as a warrior and was assigned to the Countermeasure Division. He has become an order of magnitude stronger, easily lifting the pile bunker used against Nagiri. After that, he meets Nagiri the Tsuji-kiri, but he doesn’t recognize her because she has lost her power and doesn’t fit his image of a vicious vampire.

Anti-Vampire Division 5) Sagyou

A new member of the team. He is a hard worker with a sensible personality who is often pushed around by his superiors. He is actually a very skilled sniper, but is rarely depicted in action due to the difficulty of drawing.

Anti-Vampire Division 6) Ruri

A non-combatant in the Countermeasure Division. A girl whose name does not appear in the main story, but whose name was revealed on the author’s Twitter page.

[speech_bubble type=”drop” subtype=”L1″ icon=”surprise.png” name=”Nazuna”] I’ve introduced the main characters in “Vampires Die Soon”! In this work, there are so many characters that you just have to introduce them, and most of them are strange or weird, and there are hardly any decent characters. I think the anime will be even more interesting because it’s a gag with a lot of characters who are full of sexual proclivities, and it’s one of the most anticipated anime to air in October, so please check it out! [/speech_bubble]

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