Bringing the Joy of Plastic Models to the World! Gunpla-kun


BANDAI SPIRITS Co., Ltd. will start developing “Gunpla-kun”, a character that conveys the fun of Gunpla. Based on a short PV that conveys the fun of plastic models in which the Gunpla-kuns are active, we will promote the appeal of Gunpla to new fans through various activities.
In the future, we plan to release related products, start serialization in fashion magazines, and many other developments.

|What is “Gunpla-kun”?

Gunpla-kun was born as a “character that conveys the fun of Gunpla”, and from August 19 (Thu), 10 short 1-minute PVs will be distributed on Gundam’s official YouTube channel “Gundam Channel” (https://www. The story is about the fun of plastic models.
The story is a spectacular story of “Gunpla-kun” and “Zakupla-kun” who have a strong desire to spread the fun and splendor of plastic models all over the world, and their passion and selfishness brings them face to face with people in a funny way.
Episode 1:
Full Episode Playlist:

|Introduction of “Gunpla-kun” characters


One day at dawn, an unidentified standard runner emerged from the production line at the Bandai Hobby Center with a mysterious light.
It is a plastic model of the RX-78-2 Gundam, so he calls himself “Gunpla-kun” and begins to operate hotly and noisily, full of pride and passion for plastic models and with a mission to convey the joy of plastic models to the world.


An unidentified standard runner of the MS-06 Zaku II model that appeared at the same time as Gunpla-kun.
They start working together to complete their mission, but he is a firm and calm supporter of Gunpla-kun, who is overly enthusiastic. In fact, he has a selfish complex about being a mass-produced model.

・Shah Zaku Kun
An unidentified standard runner for the Char dedicated Zaku II model. His overly high pride is to hide his overly sensitive nature. He is weak to the touch…

|Product Development of “Gunpla-kun

From September, at BANDAI SPIRITS official Gunpla comprehensive facility “THE GUNDAM BASE Tokyo/Fukuoka”, etc., we will release 6 kinds of acrylic key chains.
Six types of acrylic key chains will be on sale from September. The key chains come with a base that allows them to not only be hung, but also to be placed and displayed.
We are planning to release various products in the future.

Gunpla-kun acrylic key chain (6 types)
Price: 660 yen each (10% tax included)
Scheduled to be released in September 2021.

【Lineup (from top left)】
Gunpla-kun, Zakupra-kun, Shazaku-kun
Gunpla-kun (Runner Ver.), Zakupla-kun (Runner Ver.), Shazaku-kun (Runner Ver.)

|Serialization of “Gunpla-kun” in the fashion magazine “smart” begins.

Starting with the October issue of Takarajimasha’s men’s fashion magazine “smart” (Takarajima Channel: (scheduled for release on August 25 (Wed.)), a new serialization featuring Gunpla-kun and Zakupra-kun as navigators, “I made my first Gunpla! will start.

In each issue, a guest who has never made a Gunpla before will try to make a Gunpla for the first time in his or her life. In addition, to commemorate the serialization of Gunpla-kun, the November issue (scheduled to go on sale on Saturday, September 25) will come with a special supplement, a double-sided pouch of old and new Gunpla package art.

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