【 Restaurant to Another World】Review before the second season airs! Here’s the synopsis so far, with spoilers!


The second season of “Restaurant to Another World” will finally start airing in October 2021. Even though the popularity of the series has been maintained through collaboration events, the sales of the discs have been sluggish, so the news that the second season will be produced was a happy miscalculation for the fans. So this time, I’m going to look back at the first season and introduce the outline of the story with spoilers. I’m sure that many of the characters from the first season will appear again in the second season, so I’d like to review the story ahead of time.

|Encounter with Aletta, the sign girl of Nekoya

It was in the kitchen of Nekoya that the owner and Aletta first met. Aletta, who was living in the ruins of another world, accidentally found a door and went inside. Thinking it was a dream world, she drank the soup she found, and when she was full, she fell asleep. And when the owner went to the kitchen just before five in the morning, he found Aletta lying on the floor asleep. When the owner heard that Aletta had lost her job as a waitress in the capital, he hired her as a student worker for 10 silver coins. Aletta is hired as a student part-timer for ten silver coins. (Three meals are included.)

|The “spell” cast on Aletta

Aletta works at Nekoya only once every seven days, but the rest of the time she lives in a different world as before. After escaping from the royal capital, Aletta spends her days camping out in a roofless ruin with many dangers. There are monsters in the other world, so she is always in danger. The Red Queen, who considers Nekoya her territory, casts a spell (a curse to protect her treasure) on Aletta, and adds herself to her treasure. Her body only glowed red for a moment, but this made Aletta like the property of the Red Queen, and the demons who sensed this could not touch her. Incidentally, this “spell” is also applied to the owner of Nekoya, so if anything happens to her, he will be able to detect it and come running.

|Menchikatsu and fried shrimp

In the second episode, Sara, aka Menchikatsu, and Zeleman, aka Fried Shrimp, appear. Zeleman has been a Zeleman-like character from the beginning, but Sara is a little different. He usually eats a lot of menchikatsu, but when he first appears, he fights goblins with a sword, spear, and bogan. Even after visiting Nekoya, he has become somewhat of a cute character rather than a cool character, showing a shy expression with a growling stomach and overreacting to a glass of water. In the future, these two can argue as they both like the same fried foods. ……

|Croquette and Chocolate Parfait

Adelheid, the “Chocolate Parfait,” is the first princess of the empire, and has such good looks that she is regarded as the most beautiful woman in the empire. She makes her first appearance in episode 3, and is said to be 16 years old at this point. However, his first visit to Nekoya was when he was four years old. He was taken there by his grandfather, the first Emperor Wilheim, known as “Croquette,” and ate his first parfait there. When he asked his grandfather about the parfait, he was told that the whipped cream was “clouds” and the ice cream was “winter clouds filled with snow”. In this episode, the owner of the store was also surprised when he took one look at Adelheid, who had only been here once before 12 years ago, and recognized him as “Mr. Wilheim’s grandson. By the way, it was the current owner who made the parfait for Adelheid 12 years ago, when he was still young.

|The Magic Words of Gagampo

Not only humans, but also beastmen, fairies, elves, and many other species visit the restaurant, but among them, only the lizardman can barely speak. The only words that appeared in the fourth episode that humans could understand were “here” when they came to the restaurant, “large omelet with rice, three omelets to go” when they ordered, “itadakimasu”, “okari”, and “gochisosama” before eating, and “kita ka”, “check”, and “ja” when the omelets for takeaway arrived. That was it. It may look like I’m talking a lot, but I learned that “Itadakimasu” and the like are words of prayer, and ordering was taught to me by the previous owner as “words that mean you want the food,” which I’ve inherited from generation to generation. Therefore, every time I want to order or hurry up (“Is the food ready yet? Whenever she wants to order or hurry up (when she wants to ask, “Is the food ready yet?”), she always orders “a large omelet with rice and three omelets to go,” which sometimes confuses Aletta as she is repeatedly asked to order to go. Perhaps because she doesn’t understand the language very well, she doesn’t react when violent arguments start in the store. However, when a violent fight breaks out, her warrior’s blood starts to boil, and for some reason she tries to join in.

|The previous owner of the store who saved Lionel, who later became a “legendary gladiator.

About 20 years ago, the previous owner of the restaurant saved Lionel, who ordered only katsudon every time. He treated the dejected Lionel to six bowls of katsudon (pork cutlet rice bowl) with “no demand for payment at a certain time” after he was defeated by Alexander and became a gladiatorial slave. At that time, Lionel lost confidence after losing to Alexandre. He was weak both mentally and physically, but he regained his energy “to earn money for Katsudon” and won his first match against Manticore. After that, he remained unbeaten for 20 years and became the legendary Lion King. Lionel had promised to free himself with 1,000 gold coins, but he earned it in the first year. Incidentally, one gold coin costs about 100,000 yen. In other words, Lionel earned 100,000,000 yen in his first year as a slave. (He earned 100 gold coins (10 million yen) when he defeated the first Manticore.) Now, 20 years later, he has become a legend in the arena, so maybe he is a very wealthy man.

|Outbreak of the Sandwich War

The regulars who come to Nekoya have one favorite dish that gives them their nickname. That one dish is the best dish at Nekoya, and each one of them believes that and eats with satisfaction, but at ……, there are times when they argue over what is the best dish. The topic of this day’s discussion was what is the best way to make a sandwich. The first two to raise their hands were menchikatsu and fried shrimp. As if to stop the heated discussion, Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) and Teriyaki (teriyaki) come in, but both of them also say that their favorite foods are the best for sandwiches. This time, not only the deli breads but also the desserts join the fray. A chocolate parfait with fresh cream and a pudding a la mode with custard quietly spark off each other. Even Neapolitan, which has no rival, joined the fray. …… In the end, the fight was settled by having the rival eat his favorite sandwich. By the way, neither the original story nor the anime shows how he felt after eating the sandwich recommended by his rival.

|Unexpected contact. Curry Rice and Carpaccio

Alphonse was a warrior who survived alone on an isolated island for 20 years and looked forward to eating curry and rice once every seven days. It’s a good idea to have a good idea of what you’re looking for and how to get it. Some people say that Nekoya should have asked for help since he was aware of his existence. …… Perhaps he chose to live on an isolated island eating curry and rice once a week rather than return to the Principality and regain his position. After returning to the duchy, he came to Nekoya through the door that Zeleman first used. Instead, the two Carpaccio and Siren will be coming through the door of the isolated island (Chimera Killer Island) that they used to use.

■Letters and Gold Coins

When two Sirens, Iris and Aryus, visited an isolated island and were exploring to make a nest there, they found a treasure chest left by Alphonse. Inside the treasure chest were gold and silver coins, and a letter was left along with them. Sirens don’t use gold and silver coins as humans do, but the letter advises them to take them to a door that appears every seven days. Alphonse had left words of encouragement, money, and information about the door for someone who might be adrift on an isolated island like himself. After seeing the letter, they found the door to Nekoya on the hill, just as it was written in the letter, and ended up meeting Tuna Carpaccio at Nekoya. The first time they came to the store, they met Alphonse at the store, but only Aryus noticed their presence.

|How much is a cookie worth?

During her break at Nekoya, one thing that Aletta looked forward to was the cookies that were placed in the break room. Normally, Aletta was careful to limit herself to five cookies at a time, but the owner gave her an assortment of cookies as a gift to celebrate her employment, and she decided to bring them back to her otherworldly home (where she was living in Menchikatsu’s house). When the cookies were about to run out, Menchikatsu’s sister, Shea, came to visit and Aletta served her the last five cookies as a tea snack. Impressed by the taste, she asks where she can buy them, but Aletta looks puzzled and remains silent. …… Then, Shea changes her question and asks if she can get the cookies again. She asks if she can get the cookies again, to which Aletta replies that she can, and then continues, “I think they are very expensive. After seeing the quality of the cookies and the tins they were in, Shea’s estimate was about 50,000 yen for 40 to 50 silver coins. Still wanting to get her hands on the cookie assortment, she entrusted Aletta with one gold coin, her allowance for the month. But the result is one silver coin. Shea is shocked to find out that even a large box costs two silver coins.

■Aletta’s strange reaction that was not mentioned in the anime

In the anime, when Shea asked her where she bought the cookie assortment, many viewers may have wondered why she didn’t honestly tell Shea about the Otherworldly Diner, but it was because her sister Sara had told her not to. The reason is not revealed, but it is written in the original story that Sara told her to keep the secret about the Otherworldly Diner from Shia. That’s why Aletta made an awkward face and refrained from saying anything. By the way, regarding the price assessment of the cookies, in the other world, if it’s a “high class pastry”, the market price is one or two silver coins just for the first five pieces that were served. The cookies were made with a technology that far surpassed that, and considering that, the answer seemed to be 40 to 50 silver coins per box.

|Is the other waitress the strongest security?

The fairies of the Land of Flowers have become captivated by crepes. Among them, Tiana, the queen, is the one with the most pompous attitude. She is not pompous, but she has the personality of a queen, just like the Red Queen, but she is much more pompous than the princesses Adelheid and Victoria. The queen gave Victoria a small seed as a thank you for showing her around. The only explanation was that they were “flower seeds from our country,” but Victoria received them with a surprised look of gratitude and promised to pay for all the fairies in the future. In the original story, there is a little bit of an explanation about the flower seeds, and it says, “Just by infusing them, you can rejuvenate yourself for a year, and they can also be used as a catalyst for powerful magic. Just by drinking it, you can rejuvenate for a year. …… When you think about it, paying for a lifetime of little fairies is too cheap.

|Not instruction, but “experimentation.

Kuro has been working at Nekoya as another part-time worker since the middle of the day. Like Aletta, he works at Neko-ya every week in exchange for chicken curry. Kuro’s true identity is that of a black dragon, one of the six pillars. He looks more like a child than Aletta, but he is tens of thousands of years old. Nekoya is protected by the Red Queen’s “spell,” but since Nekoya is defenseless until the Red Queen rushes in, she leaves Kuro in charge of protecting Nekoya until she arrives. The Red Queen said, “Even if someone tries to mess with you, you can at least hold them back until the straw comes. Even the four heroes who had defeated the demon king were trembling and could not move just by looking at Kuro. The store was protected by such Black, and the Red Queen would rush to the store if there was a crisis. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Nekoya is protected by the strongest security. By the way, Black is still considered the weakest of the six pillars. (Instead, he is the smartest of the six in terms of how he uses his power.

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