Haikyu! Author Furudate Shunichi’s favorite character? ”Report on the special live broadcast of “Karasuno High School Broadcast Club

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August 19th is ……, the day of “Haikyu! After the date changed to the 19th, many fans tweeted about it and it became a trending topic. The official account of “Haikyu! The official account of “Haikyu!” released an illustration drawn by the author, Haruichi Furudate, to the delight of the fans.

In addition, the “Nico Nico Live Broadcast” will feature a live broadcast of the anime “Haikyu! by Ayumi Murase, who plays Shoyo Hyuga, and Kaijin Ishikawa, who plays Tobio Kageyama in the anime “Haikyu! Karasuno High School Broadcast Club! Special live broadcast of “Karasuno High School Broadcast Club! This article reports on the event.

|Excited to ask Mr. Furudate a question!

The live broadcast took place on August 19th from 6pm. The comment section was filled with enthusiastic messages from fans who were looking forward to the show even before it started. When Murase and Ishikawa were shown wearing masks and taking perfect precautions against infection, the heat in the comments section went up.

As this was Haikyu! day, a special program was prepared. The staff asked questions to Furudate Shunichi and his answers were introduced. Mr. Azuma, a well-known editor to fans, appeared on stage and introduced the answers to the questions on behalf of the teacher.

From among the many questions, Murase and Ishikawa picked out the ones that only their love for “Haikyu! The first question was about “Hi-Q!

The first question was “What were the initial settings of Hyuga and Kageyama that were not shown to the public? The first question was “What were the initial settings of Hyuga and Kageyama that were not shown on the stage?” It was revealed that Kageyama’s visual was that of Hashiraki Kotsume (Ondokoma) and Hyuga’s was that of Ryunosuke Tanaka at the planning stage. The character of Hyuga was supposed to be even more wild than Tanaka, and if it had been left as it was, it might have been a completely different story.

The next question was, “Which character does Mr. Furudate himself resemble the most? The next question was, “Which character does Mr. Furudate himself resemble the most? He said that his character is Kiryuhachi (the WS of Yajisaka High School) and his position is Karasuno High School’s coach, Tsunagokoro Karasuno. The way he thinks about how the game will unfold with the opposing team is certainly similar to Coach Karasuno. He said that his character is Kiryu because he is cautious. He said, “I finished the story in the first two days, but I’m still struggling with it in the remaining two days,” which may be the reason why the story is so detailed.

The question that got Murase and Ishikawa excited was “What do you think of the anime Haikyu! What do you think of it? was. Of course, they were playing the roles, but the answer that “the anime has the sound of real volleyball” got them heated up.

“Murase and Ishikawa passionately discussed, “There are shades that live only in the black and white of the manga. Where the manga uses text and pictures, the anime uses sound and movement – a completely different expression. Ishikawa says, “It’s a combination of the best parts of both (anime and manga),” which makes me want to watch both again to supplement my brain.

|The 5th season of the highly anticipated anime is now available at ……!

[speech_bubble type=”drop” subtype=”L1″ icon=”surprise.png” name=”Nazuna”] In addition to introducing the e-mails from the viewers, the two livened up the program with a “midway attack game” to guess the most popular answer from the viewers. “When asked, “If Kageyama were to visit you in your daily life, which form would you like him to take? The answers were tutor, father, brother, and younger brother. “Ishikawa surprised the fans by saying, “I know Kageyama is cute because I’ve been doing ego searches. At the end of the show, after the announcement of the release of the anime DVD, Ishikawa said, “Before I say anything else, there will be no announcement of the 5th season! Both of them are eager to see the fifth season of the anime “Haikyu! but nothing has been decided yet, so we will have to wait and see what happens. A year has passed since the last episode, but the popularity of “Haikyu! continues to be popular. I hope that we will be able to enjoy this day again next year. [/speech_bubble]

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