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“When a character in Restaurant to Another World finds a favorite dish, he or she will often order it incessantly. In other words, most of the customers basically order one item per person. However, in the anime, a new menu item appears every week, and inevitably, a new character appears every episode. (There are as many customers as there are menus.) So this time, I’m going to introduce you to the many regulars, shopkeepers, and people who visit Nekoya.

|owner of a store

In fact, the owner of the store has no name in the story. His customers call him “Master” or “Shopkeeper”. He runs a Western-style restaurant, but he can also cook a variety of other dishes, and is good at fried rice and steamed dishes. Most of the customers who come from other worlds are skilled in magic and military power, but in Nekoya, the owner is the strongest. Even if the customers get into a rage with each other, if you say, “If you do anything more, I won’t cook for you again,” they will all start eating their food quietly. By the way, he is not from another world and cannot use swords or magic, but he is the grandson of Yomi, the strongest of the four heroes.

|First Generation Store Owner

The other owner of Nekoya. He is the previous owner of Nekoya, and is the first “owner” for the regulars who have been coming here for a long time. He has a dynamic personality and doesn’t care about details. Even when threatened with a weapon, he was not intimidated at all, and even served food to customers who had no money, “without prompting them to pay at a certain time. He was a lifesaver, especially to Lionel.


The daughter of a demon tribe who works at a cat store. She is a very cute girl who works at Nekoya, but strangely enough, she is not involved in any romantic affairs. She loves to eat so much that she always has to have another helping of the special dishes. Although she is a bit ditzy and silly at times, she is also a serious and clever character who has mastered the East Continent language, which she could not read or write, and has studied the cuisine until she can explain it in detail.


One of the six pillars and a black dragon. She has an intimidating presence that makes even the most skilled people sweat and salivate when they see her, but ordinary people and those who haven’t reached that level think of her as nothing more than a waitress. Her favorite dish is the chicken curry that Alphonse bought her. She has a slender and petite figure, but her appetite for endless hours of chicken curry is that of a dragon. Unlike the Red Queen, who has a queenly nature, she is a serious person who does what she is told.

|Sarah Gold.

Treasure hunter who loves menchikatsu. Every time she goes to Nekoya, she orders a menchikatsu, and on her way home, she usually takes home a menchikatsu sandwich. She is actually a young lady, but her younger sisters are worried about her because she is said to have fallen victim to the “William Curse,” which causes her to be possessed by a yearning for adventure. In the other world, she hires Aletta as a live-in servant, and they have a master-servant relationship. He is basically a treasure hunter and goes on adventures, so it seems that Aletta lives mostly at home.


Tatsugoro likes to drink sake with a side of teriyaki chicken. Coming from the west, he is such a warrior that no one in the Eastern Continent is unaware of his name, and he is a regular main character in the Bard’s poetry. In the anime, he only eats teriyaki chicken, but in fact he also likes fried chicken and gin and tonics, and when he is tired, he sometimes refills his plate with fried chicken on the bone or fried chicken off the bone.


An old man who loves loin cutlets and draft beer. However, his magic skills are the best in the world among the human species, and he has made a name for himself as one of the Four Heroes. While Tatsugoro works as a mercenary and knows quite a few of the doors to Nekoya, Artorius doesn’t walk around and uses magicians to call the doors to Nekoya to his laboratory.

|Heinrich Selemann

Zeleman loves fried shrimp. He has a history of eating fried shrimp in his hometown, so he ordered fried shrimp out of nostalgia, and since then he has been addicted to fried shrimp to the point that he only eats fried shrimp at Nekoya. When I first came to Neko-ya, I ran out of the restaurant without hearing about the “once every 7 days” rule, so 10 days later, I went to the place where the door used to be and was stunned to find it was gone. Tatsugoro took me back to Nekoya, and after learning the information about once every seven days, I became a regular customer.


She looks like a cute and strong-hearted young elf woman ……, but she is actually already 121 years old. (She’s still considered a child among the elves.) She hates to lose as she looks, and when she ate a to-fu steak at Nekoya, she was so frustrated that she said, “How can a human make something like this? After that, he vowed to make a dish that would be as good as Nekoya’s, and left home alone to travel. After that, he came back to Nekoya to eat natto and other foods.

|The Red Queen

The first and most powerful customer of the film. When she comes to the store, she orders a plate of beef stew and takes home a skillet full of beef stew. For the Red Queen, who has countless treasures, a skillet full of beef stew is worth as much or more than her treasures. That’s why she originally prepared a large reward for the price of one gold coin of beef stew, but the previous owner of the store said that he couldn’t accept too much ……, so two gold coins were used to fill the skillet.

|Thomas Alfade, Sirius Alfade

He is the former head of the Grand Merchant Association, the grandfather who made a name for himself in the Otherworld by producing pasta sauce, and the grandson who inherited the door to Nekoya. He is not only a customer, but also a merchant who sells ingredients from other worlds to store owners. In fact, the pasta sauce he invented in the other world is a sauce that mimics the one he ate at Nekoya. Incidentally, the amount of money that Tomas receives from selling foodstuffs and medicines is insignificant to him, but he trades with store owners as a hobby.


A lizardman from the swamps who loves omelets. He has a huge body and a tough appearance, but he is actually only 8 years old. You can hear Gagampo’s real voice.


She is the granddaughter of “Croquette” who used to come to Nekoya. She was diagnosed with a lung disease called the “poor man’s killer” (similar to tuberculosis in modern times) and was recuperating in a remote palace when she came across the door to Nekoya. I had been to Neko-ya once before in my childhood, and I couldn’t forget the parfait I had at that time, so I kept ordering it every time, saying that I wanted to eat clouds. Incidentally, he was almost completely cured of “killing the poor” after about two years, but he has continued to stay in the detached palace and keep coming to Nekoya.

|Alfons Flügel

Adrift on an isolated island, Alphonse has spent the last 20 years alone. The only thing he enjoyed during those 20 years was eating curry at Nekoya. (Actually, he also appears in the first episode.) He is originally the strongest naval general in the Principality and a warrior who became a legend for fighting the Kraken, but he was unaware of Kuro’s strength and treated him to chicken curry.

|Victoria Samanak

While most of the customers kept asking for one of their favorite dishes without looking at anything else, Victoria ate all of the desserts and found the pudding a la mode to be her biggest favorite. This was because Victoria was the one who wrote the menu for the dessert, and she was tasting the food in order to explain it. Like her mentor, Artorius, she uses a magic circle to summon the doors of Nekoya to her laboratory.

|Shareef, Lanner.

A prince of the Land of Sand and his half-sister. Sharief, who is shy, falls in love with Adelheid at first sight and calls her “beautiful girl”, but she is reluctant to take the first step. On the other hand, her younger sister, Lanner, is usually the boxy type who says exactly what she wants to say. (In Nekoya, the first person is “watashi”.) In the anime, Lanner is frustrated by Sharief’s uncompromising attitude, but she struggles to make contact with her.

|Guillem, Garde.

Among the many noisy customers at Nekoya, two little old men were the noisiest. They drink as if they were at an izakaya (Japanese pub), and although they were eating fried seafood in the anime, they sometimes order other dishes to accompany their drinks, such as fried oysters and steamed clams. When he comes to Nekoya, he drinks and eats until he gets drunk, so he sets up a cabin where the door appears. A bed is also provided so that they can sleep as soon as they return to the other world. Later, Garud remade the hut into a strong building, and ordinary travelers began to use it as a resting place, but only the room where the door appeared was locked with a strong steel door that even the dwarves could not break, so that only they could enter.

|Tiana Silverio XVI

The queen of the fairies from the Land of Flowers, who loves crepes. She is still a young queen, but she is strong-willed, and when a door appeared in the Land of Flowers, she took the lead in going through it. When she had her first meal, she was the first to eat the crepe as a poisoner. In the anime, he came to Nekoya with about 10 of his men, but in the original story, he came to Nekoya with 200 of his men after the second time when he confirmed that it was safe. (The 200 people are chosen by lottery, but sometimes they can’t stand it and almost start a riot. ……) By the way, since his body is the size of the palm of his hand, one crepe can satisfy a lot of people.

|Iris, Arrius.

Two children of the Sirens, born on the same day, they are like childhood friends. Iris is the one who is full of energy and rushes forward, and Aryus is the one who is pushed around by her and follows her. We came through the Nekoya door from an island called “Chimera Killer Island,” which was the isolated island where Alphonse (Curry Rice) was adrift. After receiving Alphonse’s note and money on that island, the two visited Nekoya and ordered “raw fish”. They liked the tuna carpaccio that came out and decided to make a nest on the island of the Chimera Killer. Although they look human-like, they are actually both born from eggs.


The legendary Lion King who has been a gladiator for over 20 years and has been winning. Even before he became a gladiator, he was so skilled that it was said that he could have been one of the Demon Lords if he had been born in a different era, but he lost his confidence when he was slighted by Alexander, one of the Four Heroes, the God of Swords. At that time, he happened to pass through the door of Nekoya, where he was treated to a pork cutlet bowl by the former owner, which helped him recover and he has been undefeated ever since. Some viewers asked, “Doesn’t the katsudon contain onions, which are poisonous to cats? and “Isn’t the hot pork soup too much for cat’s tongue? But he seems to be eating it without any problem at all

|Alte, Lokay

Arte, a mermaid, and Lohkay, who was saved by Arte during a storm. They are a perfect couple, but the viewers gave Lohkay the tragic nickname “Saifu-kun” ……. When Arte rescued Lohkay, she said she would do anything to repay him and asked for 10 silver coins, which is how “Saifu-kun” started. This was the beginning of “Saifu-kun”. The first time the two of them came to Nekoya together, Arte only brought one silver coin, and when she saw that Lohkay had bought him another drink without knowing it, the name “Saifu-kun” spread even further (although of course Arte had no intention of doing so). Incidentally, in the original story, mermaids don’t have money, so Lohkay invites them to go to Nekoya with him in exchange for money (he’s totally Saifu-kun: ……)


He is one of the Four Heroes and the great-grandfather of Croquette’s father, Adelheid. He has been fighting on the battlefield for over 100 years. She has been fighting on the battlefield for over a hundred years. Her strength is overwhelming, as she is called the “God of Swords. Elves have an image of being skilled in magic, but Alexandre is so strong that he can defeat the Demon Lord with just his sword. (Lionel is treated like a child.) He is a confident and sexy man who loves women, but when he saw Kuro for the first time, he had a frightened look on his face, saying, “You must not make enemies with him.

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