Maid in Abyss is being made into a live-action movie in Hollywood! What will be the synopsis and cast?


Maid in Abyss”, a fantasy exploration tale set in the Abyss, a cavern of mystery and danger, is being made into a live-action movie in Hollywood. What are the cast and synopsis? Here’s the latest information on the live-action movie “Made in Abyss” with some predictions.

|Maid in Abyss” to become a live-action movie! To be produced in Hollywood!

Made in Abyss”, which has been the talk of the town for its gap between the cute picture book-like design and the harsh and fierce adventure story, will be made into a live-action movie in Hollywood! Akito Tsukushi’s cute but mysterious and dark worldview has been a huge success in the anime adaptation.

What kind of adventure awaits us in the live-action movie? We have made our own predictions for the synopsis and cast.

|What will the synopsis be?

The original story

The Abyss is a huge cavern of unknown depth with no visible bottom. Fascinated by the mysterious creatures that live in the Abyss and its many mysteries, people challenge the Abyss every day as “explorers” to recover valuable “relics”. Liza, the mother of Riko, a young girl living in an orphanage near the Abyss, was a legendary explorer, but she disappeared after leaving for the Abyss.

One day in Abyss, Rico, who is curious and dreams of becoming a explorer like her mother, is saved by a robot in the form of a boy. Rico names the robot Reg, and the two quickly become good friends.

A few months later, a letter arrives from Liza to Rico. Together they set out for the depths of the Abyss, Rico to meet his mother and Reg to find out who he is.

The deeper you dive into the Abyss, the more you will experience an upward load called the “Curse of the Abyss” upon your return. It is said that it is impossible to return alive from the sixth layer of the Abyss, but Rico and his friends gradually approach the Abyss as they experience encounters and partings.

Will it all come together in one movie?

The original story has not been completed yet, as it is updated irregularly several times a year. The major highlight of the story is the confrontation with the “Dawn Lord” Bondurdo.

Riko and Reg set off on their journey, and after many battles and encounters, they become friends with a girl named Nanachi. After that, they save their best friend Meity, which is Nanachi’s wish, and challenge the battle against Bondurdo. It’s a good ending, but if it ends here, it seems half-hearted without fulfilling the purpose of Riko and Reg.

If you want to wrap it up in one story, you can make the 6th layer of the deep world “The End of the Village”, which is related to Reg’s subsequent amnesia, the main story. I think it would be a good idea to reveal Reg’s past and then continue the adventure, so that it doesn’t deviate too much from the original story.

|Predicting the casting of the cast

Rico as Julia Butters/Mackenna Grace

The appeal of this film is that it is about the adventures of boys and girls. Therefore, the main character, Rico, should be played by a child actor.

Julia Butters attracted attention for her role as child actor Trudy Fraser in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019), a film about the Hollywood movie industry. In the same film, she played a role in a play with Leonardo DiCaprio and showed a presence that was hard to believe for a child actor. I think she will be able to play Rico, a beautiful girl who looks cute in pigtails.

Another candidate is McKenna Grace, who starred in “Gifted” (2017). With her passionate performance in “gifted”, I hope she will play the role of Rico in the harsh fate that awaits him.

Elias Harger as Reg / Augusto Maturo

A cute boy robot named Reg, who has a lot of fighting power but is also more scared and whiny than Rico. Elias Harger and Augusto Maturo were chosen by the ciatr editorial team as the cast.

Elias Harger is the boy who plays the role of Max in “Fuller House,” the sequel to “Full House. In the same movie, he plays the role of the boyfriend of Rose, played by McKenna Grace, who was expected to play the role of Rico. With the two of them playing a close couple, the tag team of Rico & Reg will be a perfect fit.

Augusto Maturo is best known for his role as Augie Matthews in the comedy-drama “Girl Meets World. His pure atmosphere will be a perfect match for Leg.

|Staff Information

Produced by Columbia Pictures, Inc.

The live-action “Made in Abyss” movie will be produced by Columbia Pictures. The most recent adventure released in recent years is “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” (2018).

Columbia Pictures is a production company famous for producing the 007 series and Spider-Man series. With a major company working on it, we can expect it to be a very spirited film.

Adapted by Kevin McMullin

Kevin McMullin, who will be adapting the film, is the man behind “Low Ride,” a coming-of-age thriller that won high praise in the competition section of the Tribeca Film Festival. He is also currently working on another Amazon produced monster movie.

The film will be a thrilling adventure and a fight to the death with unknown creatures, sometimes grim and sometimes refreshing, with friendship between boys and girls. He seems to be the perfect director for “Made in Abyss”.

Produced by Vertigo Entertainment & Masi Oka

The producers are Vertigo Entertainment, a production company started by Roy Lee, who produced “It” and executive produced “Godzilla vs. The film is produced by Vertigo Entertainment, a production company founded by Roy Lee, who also produced “It” and executive produced “Godzilla vs.

Masi Oka is also involved in Death Note (2017), the upcoming international drama The Promised Neverland, and is a manga enthusiast. He is also a manga enthusiast and has worked on “Death Note” (2017) and the upcoming international drama “Yakusoku Neverland”.

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