Spoiler alert for the last volume of the popular novella “Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation”!


“Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation” is a very popular novella that takes the high road of otherworld reincarnation. It is one of the most popular works in the “Naro-kei” series, with multiple attractive heroines. In this article, I’ll be explaining all the chapters of “Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation” with spoilers, as the second anime season is eagerly awaited!

|Spoilers for Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation 5! Marriage information is also introduced.

Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation 5″ was serialized on the novel submission website “Shosetsuka ni Narou” from 2012 to 2015. It is a work that depicts the second life of an unemployed and NEET uncle. Although the original work was completed in 2015, it has been adapted into a book, manga, anime, and various other media.

In this article, I’ll be explaining “Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation” by “period” as the main character grows up, all the way to the last chapter with spoilers!

|Early Years

One day, he was hit by a truck and reincarnated in a medieval European-style world as a baby named Lourdes Grey Rat.

Determined to make the most of his next life, he reads books and works hard to train his magic. His parents hired Roxy Migurdia as a tutor to teach him magic.

After completing his training with Roxy, he had two younger sisters, but as they grew older, he began to worry about his own magical stagnation. He told his father, Paul, that he wanted to attend the College of Magic with his friend, the girl Sylphiet.

However, his co-dependent relationship with Sylphiet was seen as dangerous, and he was sent to “a place” by Paul.


■Home Teacher

The place where Lourdes was sent was the fortified city of Loa. He was hired as a tutor for the violent young lady, Elise Boreas Greylat, in order to earn money to enter the College of Magic and to keep his distance from Sylphy.

As time goes by, the two of them get to know each other and the three of them visit the open field together with Guillaine, Eris’s guardian swordsman. The next moment, the three of them are swallowed by a light that extends from the sky.

The three are swallowed up by the light from the sky, and the Fittor territory, including the three, is caught up in a disaster of unknown origin.

■An Introduction to Adventurers

In a dream, Lourdes encounters a god who claims to be a man-god, and is advised to turn to the nearest man for help when he wakes up. And when he wakes up, he finds Ruijerd of the Speld tribe, who is a little different from the rumors of his ferocity.

As the three of them, including Eris who was sent with him, try to escape from the magical continent, Lourdes learns about the sad past of the Speld tribe. In order to get rid of the stigma of the Speld tribe, he works as an adventurer and sets his sights on the Fittor territory.


After finally crossing the demon continent, Lourdes and her friends arrived at the port city of Wenport. In his dream, he meets a human god again and receives advice. He acted on the advice and was given a magical eye by the demon emperor Xirica, which allows him to foresee.

After that, he tried to board a ship, but Ruijerd charged him an exorbitant tax, so he had no choice but to board a smuggling ship. They then land on the continent of Miris, solving the problem of the smugglers.

■Reunion Edition

In the continent of Milis, Lourdes had a reunion with Paul. There, he learned the whole story of the Fitnah Incident. The number of victims of the annihilation of the Fitnah territory was countless, and there were people who were made slaves in the relocated areas. Paul and his team were working to free the enslaved people.

Even when he heard that the Fitnah territory was reduced to nothing but grasslands and refugee camps, he did not change his journey. He has a mission to send Eris home safely.

■Homecoming Edition

After rescuing the maidservant Li’lya and her sister Aisha in the Kingdom of Cirone, and engaging in a battle with a man who calls himself Orsted along the way, Lourdes finally returns home to the Fittor territory.

They express their gratitude and part ways with Ruijerd. After a long reunion, Guillaine tells Elise the shocking news of the death of her parents and grandfather.

Elise is depressed, but she wants to be able to help Lourdes in the future, so she sets out on a journey with Guillaine.


■Introductory chapter

Five years after the disappearance of the Fitoa territory, Lourdes is working as an adventurer to find her mother, Zenith. Then he receives a message that Zenith has been found. Roxie, who had received the magical eye from Xirica, had discovered it with her clairvoyance.

He was relieved when he received a letter of recommendation from the College of Magic. On the advice of the Goddess of Humanity, he applied for the Lanoa College of Magic, and had a mock match with a boy named Fitz. The boy, Fitz, turns out to be his old childhood friend, Sylphy, dressed as a man.

■Special Mastery Program

After entering the Lanore College of Magic, Lourdes is reunited with various people there. He is reunited with Zanova, the girl who was with Olstead, and the girl who helped him when he was trying to retake Lilya.

In fact, the girl, Nanahoshi Shizuka, is also a transplant from modern Japan like him. Using the alias “Silent Sevenstar,” Sizuka has been researching ways to return to Japan.

She approached Lourdes to return with her. He refused to return himself, but promised to help Shizuka return.

■Silfietto Edition

In the incident of the disappearance of the Fittor territory, Sylphi was sent to the garden of the King of Asura’s castle, and accidentally rescued Ariel, the second princess of Asura, who was being attacked by a demon. Having lost her relatives, Sylphi changes her name to Fitz and begins to work as a guard for Ariel, whose life is threatened by assassins.

However, Ariel and her group felt threatened by the current situation and defected to the Lanoa College of Magic to study abroad. There, they were reunited with Lourdes.

With the help of Ariel and the others, Sylphi revealed her true identity to Lourdes, and the two were united in love.

■Newlywed Edition

Sylphy and Lourdes were finally united and became husband and wife. However, in this world, there were no set procedures or rituals for becoming a married couple. He buys his own home to live in with Silfi, and invites his friends to the wedding party.

This is how they found their happy life together.

■chapter of a sister

Lourdes, who is living a happy life, receives a letter from Paul stating that he needs to take care of his sister as she is heading to the dangerous continent of Begarit. Aisha says she wants to work as a maid, and Norn says she wants to go to school. He decides to listen to both their wishes.

Just as he and Norn are getting over their differences, a request for help arrives from Paul. He really wanted to be with Sylphi, who was very sick, but he accepted the request and went to the Vegalit continent.

■Vegalit Continent Edition

Together with Elinariese, Paul’s companion from his adventuring days, Lourdes heads for the Vegalit continent. With the help of Shizuka, he landed on the Vegalit continent with a transfer device. Later, he discovered the Bazaar in the harsh environment of the Vegalit continent.

They then travel across the continent to the labyrinth city of Lapan, where Paul is waiting for them.

■Labyrinth Edition

After arriving at the Labyrinth City of Lapin, Lourdes and her friends heard from Paul that Zenith was trapped in the innermost part of the Labyrinth District and that Roxy, who was searching with them, had gotten separated. After that, they found Roxie and reached the deepest part of the labyrinth.

After a fierce battle, they won the battle against Hydra, the guardian of the labyrinth, and rescued Zenith, but Zenith had become a cripple and Paul was killed in battle.

Roxie comforts the grieving Lourdes and reveals her love for him. He takes Roxie as his second wife.

■Young Adult Period

■The Daily Edition

After a hectic day, Lourdes returned to her daily routine. Sylphi gave birth to a child and he named his daughter Lucy. Roxie became a teacher at the Lanoa College of Magic, and her water magic was upgraded from Water Holy Class to Water King Class.

Lourdes was taught water king level magic by Roxy and became a water king level herself. After that, Norn’s fan club was formed, and the rest of the day passed in an ordinary way.

■The Summoning Edition

With the help of Lourdes, Shizuka is able to make progress in his research, and as a thank you, he takes him to meet the hero of the human race, the Kouryu King Pergius. At that time, Shizuka came down with “Draine’s Disease,” a disease that was eradicated 7,000 years ago.

Lourdes learns that the only way to cure Draine’s Disease is to infuse a herb called “Saucus Grass” and make her drink it, so she visits the Immortal Demon King Atofe, who cultivates Saucus Grass. However, he ends up fighting Atofe.

It was Pergius, the Kouryu King, who suddenly appeared and defeated Atofe, putting Rudeus in a difficult situation. He obtains the herb, and Shizuka survives.

■Human God

When he was about to act on the new advice from the Man-God, Lourdes was stopped by herself who came from the future. When he learned that tragedy awaited him if he followed the advice of the God of Men, the God of Men told him that he considered the Dragon God Orsted and Rudeus to be in danger.

He asks the man-god not to put his family in danger, and the man-god demands that he kill Olmstead in return. He decides to fight to protect his family, but is defeated. He is saved by Eris in the nick of time, and in exchange for saving his life, he surrenders to Orsted’s service.

■Kingdom Chapter

He hears from Olstead that the man-god is using Olstead’s ability to see the future and Lourdes’ strong fate power to remake the future to suit him.

As a member of the Dragon God’s family, Olstead can see the history that the person is supposed to follow. Therefore, he and Orsted decide to protect the original history in order to stop the ambitions of the reincarnating demon god Laplace and the human gods.

Then one day, Ariel receives news that the king has fallen ill. Ariel returns home to the Kingdom of Asura with Lourdes, Sylphi, and Eris.

■Kingdom of Asra Edition

On his way to the Kingdom of Asra, Lourdes is told by Tristina, a former noble bandit, of the weakness of Darius, a senior minister who stands on the shoulders of the first prince, Gravel. Later, his revelation forces Darius to lose his position, but Gravel has already gained ground to become the king.

When Ariel invites the Kouryu King Pergius, the atmosphere leans toward Ariel’s side, but then an assailant appears. But Orsted, the apostle of the human gods, defeated the attackers.

Thus, Ariel was safely crowned, and Lourdes gained a powerful backing.

■Subordinate compilation

A year and a half has passed since Ariel succeeded to the throne, and Roxy gives birth to her daughter Lara. One day, Eris brought Linia, a senior student from the Lanoa College of Magic, to Lourdes. Linia had failed in her business and had become a slave.

He paid the slave trader and asked Linia to form a group to support him in his business to dispel the bad reputation of the Spells and the upcoming battle against the demon god Laplace.

■Zanova Edition

In the Kingdom of Cirone, Pax, a former student of Roxy and younger brother of Zanova, had succeeded in a coup d’etat and taken the throne. However, after Pax’s reign, there is constant strife in the country, and Zanova is called in to help. Sensing the shadow of the Man-God, Lourdes accompanied Roxie to Zanova.

They cooperate with Pax, who has met his beloved wife and changed, but history is changed by the machinations of the Man-God.

Thus, Zanova, whose brother was killed by the Man-God, decides to fight with Lourdes.

■Clif Edition

After graduating from Lanore College of Magic, Lourdes and Cliff, the grandson of the Pope of the Order of Milis, traveled to Milición, the capital of the Holy Land of Milis. He was summoned by the family of Zenith, who also resides in Milición.

While resisting the outrage of his grandmother, Claire, he gains the support of the Pope of the Order of Miris and the Divine Child. And he was moved to tears when he learned that Zenith had perceived various events through the Divine Child.

■Organization chart

In order to get rid of the apostle of the God of Man, Lourdes requests the cooperation of the kings and demon kings of various countries. In the midst of all this, Shizuka finally completes her device for reincarnation into another world. She hypothesizes that her mission is to “return people from modern Japan to the original world after the battle between Laplace and the human gods is over in 80 years.

Unlike Lourdes, whose mission is to be active at the present time, Shizuka’s role will be fulfilled 80 years from now. For this reason, she asks Pergius to perform a time-stopping spell on her.

■Decisive battle

When Lourdes heard that the Apostle of the Man-God and Ruijerd were in the kingdom of Biheiril, she went to the kingdom. When he met Ruijerd again, he was told that the Speltans were suffering from a plague and that the Apostle of the Man-God held the fate of the Speltans in his hands.

He shows them the true nature of the plague after eliminating the Dark Lord Bita, the apostle of the Man-God. After saving the Speldo tribe, he gets Ruijerd and the others on his side, and faces the final battle against the apostle of the man-god.

|Final Chapter Ending

Almost ten years have passed since the battle in the kingdom of Biheiril, and he is now thirty-four years old, the age he died before he was born. His three wives and children have grown up safely, and he visits Paul’s tomb for the first time in a long time.

Looking back on the battle, Lourdes says that after the victory in the kingdom of Biheiril, there is no movement of the human gods. He thinks that he can now enjoy the rest of his life in peace.

At the age of 74, Lourdes passed away from old age. It is said that he never appeared on the stage after the final battle with the apostles of the gods.

In the afterlife, Lourdes meets the Man-God for the first time in a long time. In his dreams, he had seen the Man-God defeated by his own descendants in the past. Although the Man-God dislikes Lourdes, Lourdes cannot dislike the Man-God because of the satisfaction of fighting against him.

He then walked straight past the man-god.

|What happened to Lourdes’ love life! Who did he marry?

The protagonist was a dull NEET before his birth, but after his reincarnation, he became an excellent adventurer named Lourdes. In the story, the hero’s love life with the three heroines is also described, and he ended up marrying all three of them.

Here, I’ll look back at the hero and heroine’s encounters and love affairs, one by one!


Sylphiet is the first wife of Rudeus. She became a good childhood friend when she helped Sylphy who was being bullied in her childhood. However, when they first met, Lourdes thought that Sylphi was a man.

Despite the twists and turns, such as being separated from her by Paul, they met again at the Lanoa College of Magic, and were united.

■Roxie Migurdia.

Roxie Migurdia is the second wife of Lourdes. Roxie is the master who taught him magic, and was a Water Saint-level sorceress at the time of his first appearance. She is also someone that Rudeus respects deeply.

Roxie used to see him as a child, but she fell in love with him when he saved her in the Labyrinth District.

■Ellis Boreas Greylat.

Elise is the third wife of Lourdes. She appears as a student whom he tutors, and when she first appears, she is portrayed as a violent and selfish young lady. Gradually, however, Eris opens her heart to him and begins to show favoritism toward him.

Eris, who later grew up to be called the Sword King, supported him in many ways.

|Read the spoilers for “Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation” and get ready for the anime to air!

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