Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online Announcement of the Official BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Program Delivery of a Wide Lineup of Information from New Titles to the Latest Information on Popular Series


NAMCO BANDAI Entertainment Inc. will be exhibiting at the Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online, which will be held on the official website from September 30 (Thu) to October 3 (Sun), 2021.
In addition, the “BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Official Program” will be distributed to deliver information on a wide range of lineups, from new titles to the latest information on popular series.
The official website was released today, so please check it out.

  • The official program of Bandai Namco Entertainment will be distributed!

In addition to the official “TGS2021 Online” program, the “NAMCO BANDAI Entertainment Official Program” will be broadcast on the official YouTube channel from October 1 (Fri.) to 3 (Sun.). In addition to the announcement of the latest information on new titles and popular series, the program will be delivered in a way that allows viewers not only to watch the delivery, but also to feel and share the experience.

TGS2021 Online Special Site / Streaming Program Exhibit Titles
【Tokyo game show 2021 online namco bandai entertainment special site】
Special Site URL:

【Namco Bandai Entertainment Official Program】

Distribution date and time: October 1 (Fri.) – October 3 (Sun.)
Distribution channel: Official YouTube channel *The URL of the channel will be released at a later date.

●The Idolmaster Starlit Season Starlit Report Special Edition – TGS2021 Business Trip Special

Distribution date: Friday, October 1, 20:00 – 21:30

Title: “The Idolmaster Starlit Season
“The Idolmaster Starlit Season Release date: October 14, 2021

Program content:.
“The Idolmaster Starlit Season” Starlit Report’s TGS special broadcast.
We will bring you the latest information. Look forward to it!

Asami Imai (Chihaya Kisaragi)
Marie Miyake (Nanako Abe)
Saki Minami (Tsumugi Shiraishi)
Wakana Maruoka (Rinyo Morino)
Rina Hidaka (Aya) *Video Letter

“The iDOLM@STER” General Producer Yozo Sakagami
Producer: Hayato Kutaragi

Some of the contents will be simulcasted on the official Tokyo Game Show program (20:00 – 20:50).

●The new Tensura app “Reincarnated as a Slime: The Demon King and the Dragon’s Founding Story” information release festival, TGS special live broadcast!

Distribution date: Saturday, October 2, 21:00 – 22:15

Tenseishita Tara Slime Nata Tachi Maou to Ryu no Kenkoku Tan” Distribution date: Scheduled to start service in 2021

Program Content
We will introduce the charm of the new app game “Reincarnation and the Slime: The Demon King and the Dragon’s Landing” with gorgeous guests! There will also be a public recording of the app’s original story! Also, the latest information of the world’s fastest is in full swing!

Miho Okazaki (Rimuru-Tempest)
Rina Hidaka (Mirim Nava)
Jun Fukushima (as Gavil)

Onishi, Producer, Maoryu

●DRAGON BALL Fighters World Championship  TENKAICHI Online Master Challenge JP

Distribution date: Sunday, October 3, 11:20 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (ends when the tournament ends)

Title: “Dragon Ball FighterZ
“Dragon Ball Fighters” Release date: Now on sale

Contents of the program
This is a special TGS program that will broadcast Namco Bandai Entertainment’s tournaments held in Japan from among online tournaments held in 11 areas around the world, with live commentary in Japanese.
The top 8 matches of the TENKAICHI Online Master Challenge will be broadcast over two days.

●Sword Art Online” TGS2021 Special Stage

Distribution date: Sunday, October 3, 17:30-19:00

Title: “Sword Art Online Alicization Blading
“Sword Art Online Alicization Blading” Distribution date: Now on sale
Distribution date: “SWORD ART ONLINE Integral Factor” Distribution date: Now on sale
“SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Licorice” Release date: Now on sale

Contents of the program
The latest news from the “Sword Art Online” series, including information on “Sword Art Online: Progressive The Movie – Aria of the Starless Night”, which will be released in October, as well as the latest information on the original work, anime, and games!

Teijo Matsuoka (Kirito)
ReoNa ( Artist )

Masami Niwa (Aniplex)

Sword Art Online Game Producer Takasuke Futami
Producer Tomohiko Takeuchi
Producer Yuta Fukami

●”Tales of Arise” & “Tales of Luminaria” TGS2021 Special Stage

Distribution date: Sunday, October 3, 20:30 – 23:00

Title: “Tales of Arise
“Tales of Arise” Release date: Now on sale
“Tales of Luminaria” Distribution date: TBD

Distribution details
Special information about “Tales of Arise” and “Tales of Luminaria” will be delivered.

  • TGS 2021 Online Namco Bandai Entertainment Twitter Campaign

Retweet the information about the distribution program and get the luxury prizes!
Campaign period
September 16, 2020 (Thursday) to September 28, 2020 (Tuesday) 23:59

How to participate
Retweet the information about the official BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT programs that will be posted from October 1 (Fri.) to October 3 (Sun.) on the official BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT Twitter ( @bnei876).
Once you retweet, you will receive a lottery number via direct mail.
Winners will be announced on each broadcast program and via direct mail on the official Twitter.

Target programs
(1) THE iDOLM@STER Starlit Season: Starlit Report Special Edition – TGS2021 Business Trip Special
2) “Tensura” new application “Tensura Shigeta Slime ni Tachi Maou to Ryuu no Kenkoku Tan” information release festival!
3) “Sword Art Online” TGS2021 Special Stage
4) “Tales of Arise” & “Tales of Luminaria” TGS2021 Special Stage

For more information, please visit the TGS2021 Online BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Special Site.

  • Little Nightmares” official goods on sale at Asobi Store and

A wonderful gift from the two stories of “Little Nightmare” and “Little Nightmare 2”.
Official goods such as T-shirts and LED lanterns will be available at Asobi Store and!

Period of interest: 9/30 (Wood) ~ 10/17 (Sun)

  • Asobistore EXPO 2021″ will be held with full of Bandai Namco Entertainment’s entertainment information!

TGS2021 Online BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment’s official program will also be simulcasted at Asobi Store EXPO 2021, which will be held from October 1 (Fri.) to October 11 (Mon.).


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